Old to new…

I found this old present my mother gave to me, and of course it became another thing I didn’t finish…but it doesn’t mean I won’t finish it now.

It’s a great thing for an artist, because it stimulates your brain and makes you draw new and different things…


As the caption of the picture says…’Gum stuck under desk’ by emily2jane

Thanks mama 😊❀️


The glorious day of Friday is here 😊❀️!!

Things that happen on there marvelous day of Friday: I get to work about 5 hours of overtime; I get to go to my mother’s house and putter; I get to go home early with my mister; we take a long beautiful, but exhausting hike; lastly, we don’t have to wake up early Saturday morning! Even though that just means waking up at 6:30, instead of 5:30…but it does make a difference.

Enjoy your spectacular Friday, because no matter what mine is going to be wonderful. More than likely, I’ll spend it sitting, sleeping, or slightly moving; but most definitely, with a lot of smiling. 😁

Some art to start the smiling process…

Sunsets/ sunrises from different states. All photos taken and edited by emily2jane.❀️

Idaho Sunrise’ by emily2jane

‘Utah Sunset’ by emily2jane

‘California Sunrise’ by emily2jane