Life As a Mama #6

Okay so this might be TMI but some moms out there might be able to relate…

Normally throughout the day my munch will let me know when she is hungry for milk. She will run over to me, and try and shove or pull me away from whatever I am doing. Sprinting away, she will the run over to the chair that I always feed her in and slap it. Commanding me to sit down.

If I am not paying attention to her or purposely ignoring her she will attempt to pull me down to her level. Once I squat down she will come into my embrace and point at my chest and say, “Dis dis.” (Meaning this, this) It is really cute.

Leading up to my main point…I woke up today at 7:30am, but she was still fast asleep next to me. So I just laid there scrolling through Pinterest…

Suddenly she squirmed and rolled away from me. In her sleep she must have been dreaming about food, because what she did next was so adorable. She made a pouty face and started to poke the bed in a pointing manner. Then with her sweet little sleepy voice she said, “Dis dis.” Then made noises like she was eating and the sweet, “Mmmmmm” of a happy baby. Within her sleep talking she knows what she wants.

Hopefully my special memory helps mothers remember their kids as tiny things that only cared about food. She is going to grow up so quickly so I am cherishing she sweet moments now.

Have a wonderful Friday! ❤️

Life As a Mama #5

I’ve found a new motivation. I’m going to better myself for myself.

A few days before I said something to my mom that is the wrong mindset; I said, “What’s the point of bettering myself if I am the only one doing it?” Referring to my husband…

Because you should do it for yourself: Eating healthy, getting fit, losing weight, feeling beautiful, accomplishing things. All these things should be for you; I want to feel confident again, and to begin that I must first start with me.

I know this sounds like a motivational speech; it kind of is. I have an 17 month baby, I gave up on my appearance, and I have been battling depression. So instead of falling deeper I’m going to start now and slowly become my old self, but plus a baby.

Now to end this motivation with some humor…I got up today and decided to try a new daily routine. At the end of it I decided to weigh myself to see how I am…203lbs!!!!!! WHAT?!?

I jumped off the scale in confusion. What did I eat last night that made me gain over 20lbs…?

Then I looked to my left and realized I was holding the baby…I laughed so much (scared the baby). So I put down the baby for a split second, weighed myself, and was relieved.

I wonder if any other moms have experienced this. It was hilarious.