Life As a Mama #5

I’ve found a new motivation. I’m going to better myself for myself.

A few days before I said something to my mom that is the wrong mindset; I said, “What’s the point of bettering myself if I am the only one doing it?” Referring to my husband…

Because you should do it for yourself: Eating healthy, getting fit, losing weight, feeling beautiful, accomplishing things. All these things should be for you; I want to feel confident again, and to begin that I must first start with me.

I know this sounds like a motivational speech; it kind of is. I have an 17 month baby, I gave up on my appearance, and I have been battling depression. So instead of falling deeper I’m going to start now and slowly become my old self, but plus a baby.

Now to end this motivation with some humor…I got up today and decided to try a new daily routine. At the end of it I decided to weigh myself to see how I am…203lbs!!!!!! WHAT?!?

I jumped off the scale in confusion. What did I eat last night that made me gain over 20lbs…?

Then I looked to my left and realized I was holding the baby…I laughed so much (scared the baby). So I put down the baby for a split second, weighed myself, and was relieved.

I wonder if any other moms have experienced this. It was hilarious.

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