A Normal Day…Great…

Sun bathing on the beach in a cute new suit. I have nothing to do; I am now a carefree person. I just want to live in this exact spot and never move. I feel the warmth from the  sand as I trickle it through my fingers. It cascades back down onto itself. I hear the waves brushing against the coast. Its soothing sound makes me want to sleep forever. I am at peace…

“What time is it?” curious because I never have beautiful dreams. My hand stumbles around in search of my phone: my source of time, but it is also my alarm. I must have slept very well last night that I am waking up before it goes off. “That is awesome!” I think about giving myself a pat on my back.

Success, I found my phone. Pulling it close to my face as I gaze at it, I read…7:15 A.M….

“WHAT!?! My alarm didn’t go off. I am going to be late!” I push back the covers and sprint to the bathroom….but I can’t take a shower. I don’t have time. I have to be in class in twenty minutes. “Great. Today I will smell bad.”

Instead I head downstairs to waken myself with the best part of my morning…coffee…

“WHAT!?!” it’s all gone. “Why family did you need all the coffee?” shaking my fist at the ceiling. Thankfully they are all gone, because of this…”AHHHHHH!” I scream out of frustration. “Now I will have to make some. At least mom bought the pot that only takes six minutes to brew. Thank you Mom.”

My brain is cursing at me, because it needs its coffee. I am going to die…coffee…cabinets…must find coffee…coff…

“WHAT!?!” No grounds! No beans! No nothing. I want to cry….

Well screw this. Now I only have twelve minutes to get ready without my beautiful coffee. “This is going to be the worst day ever…”

Stumbling back upstairs to change clothes,“Well at least I get to wear a cute outfit with my new jacket at school. All my friends will be jealous. Where is it?” I was smart and prepared it yesterday, so I won’t have to think of what to wear. Destroying my room I pull up every piece of clothing more than once…”Where is it? I put in on my chair next to my bed…

Instead of my amazing jacket and outfit, there lies a paper…a note…from mom…

“Honey, I sent your jacket and clothes to the dry-cleaners because, don’t get mad, I spilled my coffee on them. So for it to not get ruined I rushed all of it there for you. I’m sorry my sweetheart. Mom.”

…”AHHHHH! WHY!?!” tearing up that paper with all of my anger so I don’t do something I will regret.

I throw on whatever, because I don’t care anymore. I smell terrible, no beautiful coffee, and now no cute outfit…great… I look like a nomad…with my sweatpants, striped shirt, crocks for shoes (because I can’t find my tennis shoes…), and a scarf swallowing up my face. Hopefully it hides my identity…

I have eight minutes to get to school, at least it only takes me six. “Oh right! I forgot!” recalling the new CD I purchased yesterday. “At least I get to listen to this great music on the worst day ever.” I gather up my backpack, my older brother’s puffy jacket (its cold outside, and the CD. Push the garage door open…

“WHAT!?!” my car is gone! I run to the front in search of my car. It’s nowhere to be seen. “The keys…they should be in the garage…” sprinting back to the door.

A note…from dad…

“Dear Lizzy, I am sorry for not telling you this before, but I need your car. The mechanic called and they accidentally put the wrong part in your car. I should have woken you up, but you looked so peaceful I didn’t want to disturb you. Love Dad.”

…”Nooooo!” I grab my gear together and I run towards school. Now with only five minutes to go I am for sure going to be late. “Whatever…”

I can’t breathe…gasping for air, but it seems like there is no air in my vicinity…Everything is blurry and now I smell like sleep sweat and sweat sweat…I’ll make sure to stay hidden today. I am late; therefore, I have to do the sad walk to the office to receive my pass to my class.

“I need a pass…” thankfully they were too busy to acknowledge my outfit and hopefully my smell. I trudge through the halls wanting to die. I don’t want anyone to see me. I should have just stayed home and “been sick”. However, I pull that door open and all the students are lined up awaiting…

Pictures… “IT”S PICTURE DAY!!! NOOOOOOO!” I want to run out of that room and make up my picture tomorrow.

Instead, “Oh, Lizzy you are here. Please come to the front of the line and take your photo. After you will need to write me an apology for your lateness.”

I very much dislike this teacher. But I do as she says and I make my way there. The whispers and giggles start and they continuously get louder. Not trying to be considerate.

I sit in front of the photographer, and his face says it all… “What happened to you?”

Great…this is the worst day ever. Slept in, No shower, no beautiful coffee, no cute clothes, no car, running sweat, and now picture…

“Okay,” the photographer says as he prepares himself for the worst picture ever, “One…Two…Three……….”

Nothing happens, and I stop my smile for a brief second to ask what’s wrong…

“Smile!” flash of light. “Next!”




Just Another Day

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