Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 36

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 35


Finally home. I headed into the kitchen to grab a quick snack before the crack down on homework. “Dad? Are you still home?”

“I’m upstairs,” Dad’s voice echoed down the stairs, “can you come up here a moment?”

Heading upstairs, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to just start. “Wow! Dad you look good.” Dad was wearing a nice fitted navy blue suit. He must have had a haircut and beard trim. “Why are you so snazzy for the party?” heading to the bed to relax as we talk.

“I have a date.”

I hesitated before sitting. ‘A date?’ I look up and Dad is looking at me. “What?”

“Are you good with me dating again?”

I didn’t really know. I know my parents will never get back together, and I wouldn’t want me dad to do that anyways. But do I want him to date? I looked up at the man I admire. He was worried; it was all over his face. Remembering Dad holding Lily that day, I remembered thinking it would not bother me if I had a little sibling. To do that you need a wife. Realizing my answer, I stood and walked over to my still worried Dad, “I am good with you dating again. I want my old man to be happy, and if that means I get a new mom in the process I’m good.” I turned him to the mirror and draped my arm over his shoulders; which was difficult to do since Dad is considerably over six-foot. I could still sense Dad was hesitating, “I am good Dad. After seeing you with Lily I thought it wouldn’t be so bad to have a sibling. If you go that route; you won’t have to be worried about my approval.”

Dad chuckled, “You are thinking way ahead of me. But sure, I could always try to give you a sibling if it works out.”

This talk was getting weird. “Okay. So you good?”

“Yes. Thanks son for the approval. I am nervous. This is my first date in almost twenty years. I know you don’t have experience, but any tips? For dating in the modern world?” Dad asked as he fixed his collar for the third time.

“You kind of have a trump card. Just introduce yourself and she will probably be happy. However, I will say it might be better to find someone who doesn’t know you; because, then you know she likes you for you and not your fame. Just a thought,” shrugging not really knowing if that is actually a thing in the real dating world. Just things I’ve seen from movies. Still, all this dating talk was strange for me to be talking about with my dad; making it seem like roles are reversed. Still, I was happy to help him. “You should probably get going, it’s getting late. You can never be late to a date or you never live it down.” I started ushering him downstairs and to the front door.

“But…son…I…” Dad tried to talk.

“No buts. Just go,” throwing his keys to him and pushing him out. I stood by the door until I heard his corvette start and zoom away. ‘Good.’ “Now. To my homework.”

I finished my homework and was getting ready for bed. I was brushing my teeth; looking myself in the mirror and I saw my expression. I couldn’t fool myself anymore. It bothered me. Not the idea of Dad dating so much, just that to me it seemed too soon. I just lost my mom. I know Dad has been losing mom for a while. So to him it’s been a long time. Also, I really shouldn’t be feeling this way with a woman who left me. I want to be happy for him, moving on after his toxic marriage. I just don’t really know how to describe what I’m feeling. ‘If any of you reading understand, I wish you could tell me.’ Well I can’t keep thinking about this. My bed is calling me. See you all tomorrow.

Journey With Cookbooks #12

So I choose a meat first. I decided on beef…but for some reason I was having trouble finding a simple ground beef recipe that we haven’t had yet in the cookbooks…

Nothing…maybe it was because I was uninspired but I found nothing…
So I ventured into a few more…

Nothing…well that’s not completely true. I found a few in the casserole cookbook but none were sounding appetizing.

So I opted to one of my previous simple recipes…

It is a google recipe that I’ve edited, typed up, and printed into my goggle inspired cookbook.

So it says Korean…but since I didn’t have the right ingredients, when I first made it, I kind of Americanized it….so I apologize to the Koreans or foodies in the world that may cringe at some of my changes. Sorry. 😓

So first things first…defrost the beef…

It would take hours if I let it sit alone…so hot water, meet meat…

This is from the cow we bought…the meat doesn’t truly taste different to me, but when I cook it, it has a nice smell to it.

Rice maker…!

Funny story about our rice cooker. My brother didn’t end up wanting this rice cooker when he went back for his second year of college…so I took it. 🤓 And it still lives!! It’s about 4 years old. When it eventually dies I will be very sad…😞

Anyways back on topic. Rice is cooking!!

The sauce and meat cooking pan is prepared…
A little bit of olive oil and start cooking the meat. Just until no longer pink.

Can you guess what I decided to do while I waited for the meat to cook?

Get the dishes prepared for after dinner…🥸

It is not my blog unless doing dishes is mentioned at some point…

I decided to add my always green bean recipe. It’s not really a recipe…

You know when you cook something so often that you no longer measure…that would be my green beans. Some butter, green beans, some salt, a little pepper, a lite sprinkle of garlic powder…and a five finger pinch of brown sugar. Mix it up and let it simmer until you are done with everything else…

Drain off the fat…
I changed my mind about the sauce…I wiped out the bit of fat at the bottom of the pan and added the sauce.

Yeah it means one more dish…but to be honest it was the same pot I used to boil Elizabeth’s noddles for Mac n cheese…so it was already used. Another confession…I just wiped it with a paper towel after lunch…But all it had was a couple stuck noodles. 🤪

Stir the meat. Add the flavor!!

Now I’m hungry. I wasn’t really hungry when I started. But now I’m a HUNGRY THING!!

The rice is done.

We get a sushi rice. It’s the best! Costco!!

The garnish…🤩

Green onions just add that extra yum! to certain foods. I usually add them to anything hat sounds remotely good.

My food!

I’ve been trying to be better at my rice consumption. I now measure out my rice. It also makes the plate look pretty and professional…but honestly it’s just for measuring purposes.

See this was a normal cooking process before I got the cookbooks. My google inspired cookbook is huge. I gave my siblings a copy for Christmas this last year.

Even though it’s a bit simple it was delicious!!

I guess I’ll rate them since this is a recipe after all…

Looks Like Picture: 10! I do remember the picture. It always looks the same.

Taste: 10! I always love this meal. It’s a little sweet, spicy, and salty. Everything you usually crave rolled into one recipe. In case you try it…if you do not like spicy don’t add the red pepper flakes. Or maybe just half… also my hubby wanted seconds but again I said no. Just because I knew ice cream was in the near future…

Easiness: 10! It’s pretty much an add everything together and wait. Also since I use a rice cooker it makes this meal extremely easy!

Also to give you an idea of amount of beef mixture it makes… I had about a small heaped 1/2 cup. The hubby…3/4 cup?? I think. And there probably 1 cup leftover. So for two people, it’s a one dinner and one lunch kind of meal.

Hopefully this recipe made you hungry. Usually I won’t post the recipe but since this one is a recipe I tweaked to work fo me I shared it.

Have a great dinner tonight!!

Is today the day?


Yes! Here I sit,

And wait…

Splash! Something?…



I see them…

Teasing me.

Splashing around,

Avoiding their fate…

I’m done.

Let’s leave.

Again not today…

Fishing must not be for me.

Today’s poem is inspired by my hubby. He has been trying to get some fish…but I think the fish can feel his wanting and are just trying to push him past his breaking point. He will probably give up for now, but just until his dad arrives this coming Friday. They are planning on fishing for the weekend.

We joke about the possibility of me trying fishing…and I would probably catch one within the first 15min. I really want to try and see if that truly does happen. 🤓 I will admit… I will be pretty happy if I can!! Mwahahahaha!

But I am hoping the hubby can have patience when he goes fishing with his dad… he said he almost threw the pole in the river…haha 😅 I suggested we get him a pair of those waterproof overall fishing pants; so that he can just walk out into the river with a net and try to catch a fish that way…

He was not impressed with my idea… I thought is was an awesome idea. Haha 😆

I wish you patience in whatever hobby you are trying out, that might not be going as planned. 👍

Digital Art by emily2jane

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 35

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 34


Silence. It was a different kind of silence. Like she wanted to talk, but was holding herself back… Maybe since this is the first time, it has been just the two of us in the jeep, since my almost confession. ‘Wow! That was so long ago.’ Or maybe she was uncomfortable? Which I don’t understand. We are now just good friends, even family; I don’t see the issue. “You good? You seem uncomfortable.”

“Yeah. I’m good. Just trying to adjust to my new…title…but I’m fine. Really.” She answered while looking out her window.

‘Sure.‘ “Okay, good,” is all I could think of to say. So once again, silence began. Thankfully my phone started ringing bringing some noise into the jeep. “Can you hand me that?”

Jenny laid back to reach my bag behind me and dug out my phone.

Seeing the name as my dad I answered, “What’s up Dad? I am driving at the moment; I’ll put you on speaker,” placing the phone into the hands-free stand. I looked to Jenny, but she was already staring out the window. ‘Nevermind.’

“Son. Would you like to accompany me to a music party at my company? Some people I know have been asking about you, and I would like to introduce you to them if possible?” Dad paused.

“I would, except I have a mountain of homework. Also finals is in two days. I wish I could though; I would have liked to meet new people.”

“No problem Son. I must confess, one of my coworkers has a daughter, and they wanted to introduce you to her,” Dad chuckled.

“Oh. So now you are a matchmaker for me,” I laugh, “I know my dating life as been a bit nonexsistant, but I didn’t realize I needed a blind date.”

“I’m always looking out for you, Son. Maybe in my future I can expect to receive a daughter-in-law?”

Hopefully dad was not expecting one soon. Still, he did seem to use a honest tone. “Not now, and not today. Sorry, I’ve got to keep my grades up for my transferring. But please extend my apologies to my expected date. I’m almost to Jenny’s house; I was pretty much told by Coach to take her home,” laughing and turning onto Jenny’s street.

“Okay. No problem Son. I’ll relay your excuse. Bye Jenny. Bye Son,” and he hung up before either of us could answer.

Silence. ‘Silence is so boring…’

Putting an end to it, I pull into her driveway, “well, here we are; ask anytime, if you need a ride. You aren’t out of my way. See you at school tomorrow,” I had tried to say when she was in the car, but she exited as quickly as possible. ‘I wonder how much she heard?’

Jenny turns and smiles through the windshield and then walks towards her front door.

I was about go in reverse, when I noticed Jenny had stopped and was starting to walk back towards my window. Rolling it down, “You forget something?” I search the seat she was just in.

“No. Are you…really…are you…?” Jenny mumbled and then she let her head droop down looking at the ground.

Huh?’ “I didn’t get any of that? What’s up?” I reach out and touch her shoulder trying to get her to look at me. Jenny’s head raised and met my eyes; there “was” something bothering her, but I had no idea what. “You…”

“It’s nothing. Thanks for the ride George,” she stepped back letting my hand fall, “I’ll see you at school tomorrow,” and with that she walked to her door and went inside without looking back.

‘I still don’t understand girls. I don’t know if we guys are ever supposed to?Whatever…’ “Homework here I come!” pulling back onto the street and heading to my house.

Life As A Mama #38

These days do happen, but rarely…
Baby’s breakfast is prepared and looking yummy!!
Making our breakfasted has become just a routine…I can be done in less than 10min now. 😎 I decided to eat my peanut butter honey toast in the kitchen standing up.
As I finished my last bite…Elizabeth had finished hers…WOW!
She also…put her dishes in the sink and counter when she was done…
I was surprised but also quite proud…
Now this I think is the biggest surprise for me…!
Like always doing the dishes after dinner. When a sudden, “Mama!” told me it must be that time.
Potty time!! When she was finally done going potty and ready to go back into the kitchen…I saw this…😳
The hubby…was doing…the dishes…🤯
Almost exactly the face I had after I saw this…I took a picture when it happened. Just because I knew this would be great comic content.
Beware people…beware…
Original by emily2jane

Elizabeth now clears her dishes and puts them in the dishwasher. 🥰 It’s so cute!! Also whenever we are watching a movie while eating out ice cream on the couch, she will take our bowls and spoons and put them in the sink. She takes care of mama! 😍

And I really shouldn’t be so shocked about the hubby doing the dishes…but it’s been almost four years since I saw that sight…

I guess… husbands in the world… if you want to confuse your wife do the dishes one night without saying anything… She, like me, will wonder if the world is ending.

Haha 😂 well enjoy your day!


All day yesterday I thought it was Friday. I thought I would have one more day to pep myself up before going to church. But alas no…I woke up today, looked at my phone, and read Sunday.

Elizabeth will be happy. She loves going to church and greeting everyone. I just wish I had a day before being social to wake myself up.

So in my last post I said have a happy Friday…sorry to all of you…I have cut your weekend short.

Have a happy Sunday. I will try. The weather here is gloomy and gray.

I wonder is Spring will come this year…

So I’ll just say Elizabeth’s drawings is my Spring today…❤️

So pretty!!

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 34


Monday again. Two days until finals. I know, I know, I skipped over way too much, give me a break. But there was really nothing to report. I guess I’ll recap the highlights. Thursday after returning to school after the burritos, I didn’t notice the so called ‘change‘ to Jenny. Sure, she was quiet and wouldn’t be around me, but as I had said, that is how she acted after the John incident. I wish the guys had not mentioned it; it really isn’t something to worry over. Still, I had hoped she would have been more confident after how she held herself in front of Jeremy, but maybe with time she would be confident once again.

Dad has been pretty much living in his recording studio; he has been in a tornado of inspiration; which I am happy for him. School is normal as usual; some days we learn, some days we are used to vent at about: the cruelties of teaching the youth. I explained to Coach what had happened to Jenny and my actions; Coach was not impressed that I almost started another incident, but he was impressed that I controlled myself and not hit the guy. Practices have been excellent. We have occasionally been training with Ken to work on his freestyle for the relay, but mostly it was been long distance recovery sets.

Oh, right I forgot to say, there have been no more morning practices. It has been so great to turn off my four-thirty alarms. Sleeping in has done wonders for my muscles. Finals is going to be sweet.

Today’s practice was again chill. We have done about twenty-four hundred yards for warm-up; though we would be doing a short sprint set soon. Coach was working with the lower lanes while Jenny and Brit were watching our lane and the two below us. Watching us swim is probably boring. We have broken all our bad habits because we have Coach usually staring us down if we make a mistake; so we now just swim and swim and swim. Lily was at the Bailey’s again; I’m guessing Coach has grown accustomed to having someone to watch his daughter.

Everything was going smoothly. After our last two hundred Jerry and I pulled ourselves up and onto the deck to cool off and enjoy the Gatorades Jenny had brought to share.

“How do you guys just keep swimming without stopping? It seems like it would get boring after a while,” Brit questioned as she threw Gatorades to Ken, Matthew, and the other two lanes.

“Slow days like today,” Michael, a swimmer in the lane next to us, said as he sipped the Gatorade, “make us appreciate these easy days as much as possible. They don’t come often, especially that lane,” thumbing toward us.

“Yep. I am soaking up the easy!” Jerry sighed and gulped the remainder of the gatorade.

Just as we were almost completely relaxed, “Well. I see you all are finished…what shall we do next?” Coach had walked over gripping his hands in a similar manner he does when we are about to die. The lower lanes were already getting out of the pool.

‘Lucky.’ “Okay,” I put the cap on the bottle and slip back into the pool. Jerry follows pursuit. “What is next?”

“These two lanes divide into your normal freestyle relays, and be one lane apart.” Coach waved them to other lanes.

‘What’s Coach up to?’ We stayed put.

“As you know…relays…but the catch is…” Coach smirked, “swimming backwards. George demonstrate.”

‘He knows Jerry is better at it than I am…’ “Okay.” Leaving the wall feet first and trying to attempt to look correct. Popping my head up Coach is laughing…actually laughing…I swam normal to the wall.

“That was almost as good as your backstroke swimming,” Coach sputtered between his deep belly laughs. “Be happy you don’t have to do that competitively.” Coach stopped finally, “Follow George’s example. Each person has four 50s each. Treat this as your cooldown. Let’s begin.”


Streams flooding.

Rivers gushing.

The mind is oozing,

With creative energy.

No telling when I’ll stop…

Why should I?

Fill it to the brim.

Push it over the edge.

Don’t give an inch!

Always strive for more.

Imagination is vast,

And never ending…

I wrote this poem after jotting down all my ideas for my story that I’m writing. I started at 4pm and I just stopped at 8:40pm…the storyline just flowed out of me.

I’m excited to write all the new chapters. But my hand is killing me. I even had to get another notebook…

When you have the creative bug just let it be the boss. I feel quite accomplished right now. 😎 But I decided to give my mind a break and write a poem.

I’m liking the writing my feelings into a poem. It’s clear and simple. It also refreshes my mind and emotions.

Have a crisp refreshing Thursday. 😎

Digital Art by: emily2jane

Journey With Cookbooks #11

The chuck roast recipe…😎 and a surprise…!

Shredded Barbecue Beef…🤤
Four pounds of yummy!!

As I said in #10’s post that it had to marinate for 24hrs.

Spices ready!!
Meat prepared!! See you tomorrow morning!

So it’s not the most exciting process…and I also tweaked the recipe. The recipe called for using a barbecue to grill the meat in a foil container…I didn’t want to break the hubby’s grill while he was out so I made do with a crockpot. I looked up various crockpot chuck roast recipes and they all said similar: Low 8-10hrs. 😎

You can’t really see the progress, but it smells delicious!!

At this point we have about 3hrs to go…

Okay so at this point we have eaten lunch and I have been skimming through this new cookbook and come upon…churros…😳

Churros it is!!

Who can skip the churros recipe…

The batter did not seem correct but I just went with it expecting it to fail…
I didn’t have the correct nozzle so I just made them like this…
Well I got creative with the shapes as the rounds went on, but you see that empty plate…that means they are being eaten as I finish them. 😎

They might have looked strange but they were yummy!!

The cinnamon roll shaped ones came out the best!

Okay back to the roast. It is almost ready!!

It just fell off the bone…actually I thought I was going to be able to pick it up by the bone and the bone just slipped out. 😎

I didn’t realize the recipe was going to have me make a BBQ sauce, but I am happy it did. Costco has not been selling our favorite BBQ sauce, so we’ve been pretty limited.

Made with some of the juices and other varied ingredients, I followed the recipe!

Well I kind of followed it. When I was reading the ingredients my brain change cider to white. So I added 1/2 cup of white vinegar. I realized after I pour it in, and decided to try and ladle some out. I then added about 1/4 cup of cider vinegar. Nobody in my household will know! 😎

Hopefully I am making you hungry!!

Removing the fat this is what remains!! Enough for a few dinners!!

I had to taste it at this point…Yum!

Add some sauce…and…
Hubby’s food.
My food.

I know I always say be healthy but we do occasionally eat other veggies besides salad, I’ve just been too lazy.

So…this recipe is a must for anyone out there that loves meat and barbecue…A MUST!

Look Like Photo: Chuck Roast: Maybe an 8. Since I didn’t smoke/ grill the meat it didn’t take on as much color….I think. I’m not really sure; I’m still new at cooking big chunks of meat.

Churros: 0…it did not in the slightest look like the photo…😒

Taste: Chuck Roast: 10!!!!!!!!!!! I would say 100! But it is out of 10 so 10!!!!!!! The hubby would have had seconds but I said no.

Churros: I would give a 9! It tasted amazing but I think I will follow a different recipe. The dough seemed more like funnel cake batter…that probably would have worked better.

Easiness: 10! Because it was cooked in a crockpot it was super easy!! I think the churros were harder; giving churros a 7.

So overall I had another busy day! Hopefully this drive to cook continues…I love food! I have been exercising…I exercise to eat food!! Mwahahahaha! 😎

Husbands in the world…if you want some new varieties give your wife a cookbook. But make sure she knows you aren’t saying her food is awful. So maybe give her some flowers too!