Journey With Cookbooks #6

Well I felt super ambitious the other night. I decided to make the Sloppy Joe’s recipe from the, The Frontier Cookbook. I already have a recipe that I’ve always used, my sister found it. But I decided to branch out and try a new one…I also decided to make those “fluffy rolls” again!

And so it begins again my foe…

If you can’t tell I am taking this rematch seriously…😜


So it turns out…I killed the yeast last time. I thought my thermometer worked…nope. I had the water about 60 degrees too warm. We got a meat thermometer; I was able to use it for the water, it’s digital. 😎 Well must wait two hours…

Brown the meat.
Since I didn’t read the entire recipe again…😓😂 I didn’t realize I needed 2.5 lbs of beef, so I’m just making half of the recipe. Dicing!!!

Well my plan of making half went okay…except I forgot about cutting the garlic in half…at least my hubby and I like garlic.

I forgot to take pictures of the rolls…but the dough did double in size! I made bigger rolls because they are for the Sloppy Joe’s .

Don’t kill the yeast, best advice ever!…and I have to admit I didn’t wait the full 2 hrs. It was more like 1.5 hrs. Just because I wanted the rolls to be done around the same time as the Sloppy Joe’s.

All the spices and deliciousness! It called for chili powder and red pepper flakes. Which was different. We shall see. Simmer 20min.

Yep that’s right. I decided to be ambitious…French fries it is…but not only that, I’m going to fry them!! I normally bake them in the oven, but since the oven is being used and now I find frying interesting, let’s try it!

So because my knowledge of frying is still small I looked up a fries recipe on google. It was Chef John’s French Fries. I only referenced the temp of the oil and how long. Just because I wanted them to be plain because we already have enough salt… but also I plan to eat them with lots of ketchup!

So I don’t know if you are supposed to do this step when you fry the fries, but when I baked them, I would let them soak a min or two and then pat them dry.

I cut the fries a little thicker than when I baked them, because I like my fries to be crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside!!

I tried to use the meat thermometer again to figure out the temp but it would only go to 165…it showed 180, I just left the oil alone about 5 more min and then began.

This is the same oil from when I did the Spicy Asian Wings. So there is a little bit of flavor added because of the oil. It smells delicious!!

The fries on the left: Well I doesn’t look like much but they have one more round in the oil before the results!
Mwahahahaha! I have succeeded! I can’t wait to see what happens when I make it 100% correct…🤩 but I’m super happy with the result!

And this time I tasted it…as I said normally I don’t taste as I go. But I had a little nibble and it was delicious!! 😎

I decided to add a salad to the dinner. Everything was starting to seem a little heavy…

I try and keep the dinners somewhat healthy. Maybe I should say, I try to have one healthy thing to make it seem like we are healthy…haha.

Mission complete!

I will say it looks delicious, but it taste way better!!

Fries done! They came out exactly as I hoped! Crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside.

The hubby and Elizabeth are already eating. I had to finish the fries so I ate my salad first. Maybe two sloppy Joe’s is too much for me, but I’ll just exercise extra tomorrow!! I’m going to enjoy my hard work!!


Well I guess I will be saying goodbye to two recipes I’ve used for forever. “So long, my baked fries and sloppy Joe recipe. You have been great through my journey of cooking but I’ve found my perfect match.” So long!

Well, let’s start the grading!

Look like picture: 10! Except for the bun it looks the same!!

Taste: I guess through this blog post I gave my input. Maybe I was especially hungry this time…But I would also give it a 10! Definitely trying again! The hubby said, “Mmmmmm,” and “I love the fries!” Elizabeth proceeded to copy her daddy. So they would give it a 10 as well!

Easiness: The sloppy Joe’s: 10! It was super easy. Pretty much just prepare and then let simmer. The rolls: 8! I think when I’m less rushed it might even make it to a 10. The fries: 8.5. The time it takes to fry, but still have the fries hot to eat was difficult. But worth it! Baking is easier in that way…you just put in the oven 20min and can still do other things. But since I’ve tasted these French fries…never again…

So all in all a fun and delicious dinner!! It was great that I was able to be ambitious and actually accomplished my goals. I’m getting more confident in my cooking. A big thank you to my hubby’s friend who gifted us the cookbooks!! Cooking has become fun again!!

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 27

Life Of Two Best Friends CHPT 26


Some days have passed; I’m not the best at keeping up with my thoughts. I guess I should summarize…Our lawyer took care of everything. Dad gave me a short recap of what happened: Dad is my only legal guardian now, and it is on record that I do not wish to see my mom until I decide otherwise. Jerry did not receive a ticket for driving my jeep, incase any of you were worried; and he was not late to the practice. However today, we as a swim team have died. Coach told us we would be doing a long recovery before our final big meet; which means we would back off in practices and slowly be well rested before our finals. Instead, he recanted that statement, after remembering we had our one last duel swim meet with our rival team. Which happens to be now.

It is a home meet. Which means home pride is a must, especially against our rival school. We are currently in our stretching area preparing for warm-up. Jenny and Brit are in Coach’s office discussing with Coach what to expect; these past few days they have been nervous about their first meet being coaching assistants. Mrs. Bailey agreed to watch Lily; knowing Coach needed one less distraction at this busy meet. Jerry and I were leading the stretching routine as our competitors showed up.

There he was. The star jerk from Mountain High, Jeremy Michaels. He was a real piece of work. I’ve been racing against him since my childhood club days, and he is still the same stuck up moron he has always been. He was with his usual gang. Our rival relay. All those guys are jerks. If I’m calling someone ‘jerk’ know that they truly are. As if hearing me, Jeremey looked in my direction and gave me a “slice your throat”. ‘Yeah. Sure,’ I gave him a confident nod in response to his idiocy. Jeremy just scoffed at me and then they all walked off to the opposite corner of the pool deck to get ready.

“When will that moron ever learn? If he couldn’t beat me when we were young, and he hasn’t won since, what makes him think I will be intimidated by the stupid slice the throat gesture?” I say to Jerry who just snickered in response. “Okay everyone. Let’s begin our normal warm-up. Lower lanes stay away from the other team. Don’t give them any of our space, but don’t let them “accidently” beat you up under the water. Remember what happened to Geoffrey last meet with them?” reminding them, even though it is not hard to forget.

Everyone nodded in agreement. Geoffrey is no longer on the team. At our last swim meet against Mountain High, he was given a black eye and a severe concussion. Nothing could be proven because swimming can occasionally be a contact sport in warm-up situations. Geoffrey’s parents removed him from the team afterwards.

“Okay then, let’s begin,” I jump into the cold water, knowing that this meet will be different than the rest.

Thankfully no one was hurt during our warm-up. When we were on our interval quick sets, the other team got into the pool with us. At least they stayed in their lanes, and didn’t try to bully the slower swimmers into moving. Coach was behind our lanes waiting for us to get out and start our dives. Jenny and Brit were there behind Coach; they looked stunned and also confused. Swim meets are a completely different type of crazy than practices. There are almost double the amount of bodies in the pool and probably twenty more people behind the blocks preparing to be the stopwatches. It is mad chaos if you don’t know what to expect.

I climbed out of the pool first, “Get out! Let’s go! Everyone needs to do at least three individual dives and those doing relays, practice two relay exchanges.” I knew what Coach was going to say, and since he was “babysitting the co assistants” I just took over. Everyone followed my lead and began their dives.

The teammates who were not doing relays needed to do a short cooldown and were done. They exited and the rest of us lined up for our relay exchanges. There is a logic to lining up; you have to be in the order of your relay race. Everyone’s exchanges are different; you have to get accustomed to your person as much as possible. Because in a relay if you leave the blocks before your person touches the wall, you disqualify the entire relay. Which sucks! We did that twice in Freshman year; never again after Coach gave us an earful, and non stop relays for two hours.

After a short cooldown we were finally done. I looked over to the other team, and they were sitting there watching us. ‘Lazy’ is all I could think. ‘Whatever. If they want to slack off that’s their deal.’ “Let’s go guys. We should relax before our races,” I beckon to Jerry, Ken, and Matthew who were still floating in the water.

“A swim meet is completely different from practices. Is it always this chaotic?” Jenny said as we came towards Coach.

“Jerry and George, make sure to be at the captains meeting at the beginning. Make sure to be respectable. Even if your opponents are not,” Coach said as he turned to look at the group of swimmers goofing off in the pool. “GET OFF THE LANE LINES!” Coach screamed at Jeremy and the others, and they begrudgingly removed themselves from the lane lines. “Ugh. I really dislike this team. Home pride,” looking us in the eye, “Remember…Home Pride,” Coach said before walking off to his chair.

“Sorry about that, yes Jenny, they are always like this. But I would say this one is probably the worst, because of them,” I thumbed behind me to the other team, “they are notorious for being rowdy and jerks.” Jenny attempted to look around me, “Don’t give them the time of day. Just give all your attention to your team,” blocking her view with my body, “they will just try to make your life miserable if you let them.”

“No problem. I am an expert at ignoring people,” Brit said quite proud of herself. “Well if you think about it…all the idiots at school; I’ve gotten good at ignoring them. So much so, that they think I am snooty.”

We all laughed with her. “We should head back over to our area and relax, the meet will be starting soon,” I said trying to usher the group away from the blocks. Jerry helped me by instigating conversation with the girls to get them walking. Once more I looked back towards “the enemy” and they were looking past me; following their gaze, they were staring at Jenny and Brit walking away. ‘Great.’ I knew the girls would get the jerks’ attentions. Turning my gaze back to him, Jeremy switched to me and smirked. Finally giving me a sarcastic salute and then engaging in a, probably awful, conversation with his gang of friends. ‘Whatever. If they try anything we’ve got the girls’ backs. Plus they are on the coaching staff. I they do anything they could be in huge trouble for disrespecting a coach.’ I, do as Brit said, “ignore them” and turn to catch up to my gang. The better gang.

Life As A Mama #32

Another day at our house…

Shocked, frazzled, and terrified all at once…
Due to the stress of 2 yr old and puppy…I took the night off of my mama duties…😳 why does it seem like we use every dish possible when I take a day off…
Adding to the stress…we payed extra because he was coming to us potty trained…all lies.
If you ever think this to yourself…it is going to happen…
Let the dog back in… Cleaning up his pee…and the pup decided to hold Elizabeth down by her hair…
😡 her screams caught my attention right away. Out went the dog.
Elizabeth doesn’t understand. The pup is trying to claim the top spot…what the pup doesn’t understand is Elizabeth fights her daddy for that spot everyday…She was okay. Just shaken.
Finally Daddy is home, and brought the goods. I’m so done…I want peace and quiet…
The piece of resistance…gloves…
I’m all good now. Daddy is in charge of pup and baby. I now have gloves for my dish washing. So happy and refreshed! Now to the dishes!!

Yep. You all were probably expecting some grand gift…but to me the gloves are a grand gift.

Our water is harsh and this is what my hands have been like for a while.

They are redder and more painful looking in person. Lotion does nothing…

So truly the hubby got me exactly what I wanted!! He knows me so well!! Thank you Hubby!!😍

Enjoy your Monday. It is super windy here and we lost power, a moment ago, for about 20min.

Journey With Cookbooks #5

Sadly I don’t have a new recipe to post about. Because with the Italian Meatball Soup and Tortilla Soup recipes, have lasted a long time.

Also I was correct in my statement in my previous post…my hubby got bored with soup after one day of leftovers… He had leftovers one day and wanted something new.

So I made an old recipe I had found on google. Google was my source for recipes before I got the cookbooks.

The recipe is Asian Mini Meatloafs. You make it in a muffin pan. It made a total of twenty-four mini loaves. Enough to last the hubby through his work shifts.

They might not look so great, but they taste delicious! 🤩 (this muffin is one of the best presents I’ve ever received…thanks sister!)

I finished the Italian Meatball Soup on Thursday. I’m still eating the Tortilla Soup….But I’m getting fed up with it too. 😔

I realize this post is not as much fun, but I will be making a new recipe tomorrow! I think I’m done with soup; there is about one serving left…maybe I’ll “make” my hubby’s lunch and serve him the last serving of soup today…🧐

We shall see…Well enjoy your Sunday. Enjoy your day with family or friends. ❤️

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 26

Life Of Two Best Friends CHPT 25


Finally clean and looking somewhat human, I head to the kitchen. To find Jerry scarfing down some cereal and a banana. “What’s your deal, worried your food will be stolen?”

“I got a text from coach this morning, telling me I have a short but intense practice before school today. Since I slept in late I’ve got to jet,” he said gulping down the milk and placing his dishes in the sink. “Oh. Crap.”

“Now what,” startled by his sudden outburst?

“Ummm…can I borrow the jeep? I had planned to go home last night, but you know…” Jerry stopped, probably because he didn’t want to drag me back to last nights events.

“That should be okay. Do you know where my Dad went?” I ask as I get up to find my keys.

“He took a call as he was making his breakfast. Do you need to ask him first? I could always call an Uber if it doesn’t work for you,” Jerry quickly pulled out his phone in response.

“Don’t worry about it Bro. Just drive somewhat carefully. If you get a ticket we’ll deal. You better head out. Coach will be harder on you if you are late,” throwing my keys to him and pretty much ushering him out the door.

“Thanks du…” all Jerry got out before the door was slammed behind him.

He will thank me later.’ I’ve only been late to an early morning practice once; because, once was enough torture to last me a lifetime. ‘Cereal sounds good. Cereal it is.’ I grab a bowl and the cereal from the shelf and sit my butt down to enjoy my breakfast.

Dad somberly walked into the kitchen, phone in hand. He didn’t look so good, “Dad? What’s going on?”

“Nothing for you to worry about Son,” Dad said walking past the kitchen into the living room.

“You are kind of terrible at deals, if you go back on your word the next morning. We agreed to talk about everything. This divorce is not only happening between you and Mom; I am apart of it,” I sighed and headed into the living room, while sitting on same couch from last night’s occasion.

“You are right,” Dad rubbed the back of his neck, “I apologize Son. I just didn’t want a repeat of last night,” gesturing to where I was sitting. “Okay. I got a call from our lawyer. He received the finalized report from the police early this morning; he rushed them a bit. He says with this report it will allow me to gain full custody,” Dad stopped speaking and looked at me.

I tried to hide my true reaction but I failed. Sadness and relief is probably what Dad saw. “Don’t get me wrong I am happy that I won’t be an object to be fought over. I just…I’m…”

“I know Son. I know,” Dad raked his fingers through his hair.

“Continue Dad.”

“Okay. Well he mentioned you will be the deciding factor of visitation rights. Since you are older, you may decide for yourself. He did specify that if you change your mind in the future, and want to switch to a new agreement you can. So to put it simply, your choice is not life sentencing,” trying to be clear and precise with his words.

I get it. I now understand why Dad didn’t want to discuss this with me. I have to decide on my future with my mom. Me. “I’m not sure. I know one hundred and ten percent I want to live with you. At this moment, the thought of running into Mom…that woman…what do I call her?”

“She is and will always be your mom. Just call her Mom. Until you figure out what you want to call her,” Dad answered me blantly.

“Okay. Mom. The thought of running into her at this moment makes me annoyed. So I assume for the time being I would rather no visitation, but I don’t know if I want it indefinitely,” Knowing right now, I would probably walk away if my mom came anywhere around me; meaning I answered correctly.

“Sounds good Son. I’ll let the lawyer know. Once you turn eighteen, things will change anyways. You will be a legal adult and you could just choose to not see her without making it legal. But Son, it is almost school time. You heading out? Don’t forget the project.” Dad paused and grinned, “I feel accomplished now; Jerry specifically told me to remind you, and I just did,” he gave himself a pat on the back.

“Right… about that Dad. I let Jerry borrow the jeep. He had to get to school quickly, and it was my fault he didn’t make it home yesterday.” I totally forgot to mention Jerry and the jeep earlier.

“Oh. Okay. Next time let him borrow my truck. Since your jeep is in your name, and you haven’t had your license long…just next time my truck.” Dad grabbed his keys and headed towards the door. “I’ll get the truck going. Grab your stuff and let’s get going.”

“No problem,” running through the house to grab everything, including the project; ‘Jerry would kill me if I forgot it.’ Then I was out the door and into the truck.

Life As A Mama #31

My earlier post about my frazzled brain. This comic will explain why…

All drawings are from actual interactions between the two…

What you expect when getting a puppy. Not the complete truth. And you have to know we got him 2 weeks earlier than expected…I was not mentally prepared yet.
Elizabeth gives him super hugs. She does love him ❤️
Hubby and Elizabeth only saw the happiness of getting him early…the hubby had work the next day…😒
Elizabeth has a buddy to chase around and to be chased now…she gets all her giggles and wiggles out when we go outside now!
Usually while cooking dinner I have two things behind me snuggling on the floor.
However, puppy + 2 yr old is somewhat of a nightmare for mama.
Elizabeth got really mad when all of her toys disappeared. She doesn’t understand that when she runs around with her toys it’s teasing him. She also doesn’t understand he will destroy anything he can get.
I was dealing with a naughty baby. Then suddenly I heard his howling. Look out the window and his head is stuck in the gate. 😓
They do snuggle behind me while cooking dinner, but sometimes he wants to nap and she was to super snuggle. So sometimes the snuggling turns into fighting.
And it continues under the couch as well…😒
As it says…she loves him so much.
Snuggling on the couch watching a movie at night.

Unless he is outside going potty she is always with him. When he sleeps on the floor under the table…when he chills on the couch…when he hangs with me in the kitchen…

But still a 2 yr old and puppy do not mix well. Also you have to know that Elizabeth has been in the terrible 2s even before 2. And he is not fully potty trained…😖

So saying, “pray for my sanity” you will now understand why…

My sweet sweet and her’s. ❤️

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 25

Life Of Two Best Friends CHPT 24


Echoing nothingness…I can’t hear anything. My vision is blurry, but also clear. I was like a ghost watching my body stand in front of me.

“………..” Jerry standing beside me, “……..Du….de….?”

What was happening? Dad was sitting on the opposite couch with his head in his hands. Jerry was motioning to my Dad to get his attention back on me. Now Dad was looking at me, a look of panic was glued on his face. Dad was shaking…me…I could feel it, but more like an after shock. Then somehow I was sitting on the couch. Dad was pulling out his phone and was urgently calling someone. Jerry was pacing in front of me. Mentally I was stretching out a hand and stopping Jerry, but my arms didn’t move. My vision was beginning to blur and I felt like closing my eyes… should probably go to my room…laying down would be nice…

Opening my eyes, I am blasted with brilliant ceiling light. Moving my head slowly looking around, I see a Jerry asleep in a seated position on the table, and Dad was sitting on the floor next to the couch I was currently laying on. Blinking and looking around I finally realize I am still in the living room. ‘What happened in this living room was just an awful dream right? It didn’t actually happen?‘ Wow, my limbs are burning; I twitch trying to move my stiff shoulder muscles.

Dad jumped at my movement, “Son? Are you okay?”

Jerry had also sat up startling and rushed towards the back of the couch, “Yeah you good Bro? You almost gave me a heart attack collapsing in front of me. You suddenly were standing, and then wanted to lay down in the air!?!”

“Yes, thankfully Jerry was by you; he caught you mostly and placed you on the couch. Are you feeling alright? Doctor Mark came by and said, due to emotional stress and shock you fainted,” Dad was gripping my hand.

‘I fainted? Emotional stress…shock?’ “What are you talking about? Why would I be emotionally stressed?” Completely confused at what Dad and Jerry were saying.

Jerry and Dad exchanged worried glances. “Son, your mom was just here and she…” Dad finally answered me.

It wasn’t a nightmare. It actually happened. I actually said those words to her; I thought it was just something I dreamt up. No, it actually happened…

Opening my eyes, I realize I am in my bedroom. Last night was crazy. First my mom tried to forcibly make me stay with her and ruin my dad’s life in the process. Now, realizing our exchange of words were real, I feel empty. Like my mom was actually gone; I felt partly hollow now. My dad’s terrified and worried expression is still drilled into my brain; I never want to see that expression again. Also after realizing I was okay, Jerry went to the guest room to finish the project himself and let me rest; Jerry is awesome like that.

“Son? How are you doing?” Dad was standing in the door frame.

“I’m better. What aboout you?” I sat up in bed, my muscles were not as sore as last night.

Dad came into the room and sat on the bed, “…are you really good? You scared me half to death when you fainted. I was already shocked from your mother’s selfishness, to then meet your collapsing body.”

Dad looked haggard. As I really look at my dad, I see the worry lines in his face. Since the start of the divorce process, Dad hasn’t aged well. Unexpectedly Dad grabs my shoulder and then brings me into a big bear hug. “Dad…”

Still squeezing, “I know you can’t, but I hope you can not be stressed about anything. I really do hope you can just forget what happened last night and focus on your swimming and school. Do you think it’s a possibility?”

“Dad…I…ugh…” Dad probably didnt notice he was sufficating me.

“Oh sorry,” Dad said letting go of me, “I guess I don’t know my own strength,” then sarcastically showing off his muscles.

“Haha, sure Dad. But I don’t know if your request is possible. To be honest, I feel partly hollow. Will this emptiness ever go away?”

“Son. I too feel the hollowness. I assume overtime that hole will be filled with something new. Our hearts will heal and become whole overtime.” Dad began the statement confidently, but as he continued it wavered to uncertainty.

“Well…I will try. Because knowing Coach, if I am not giving practice my everything he is going to kill me. I think it will be best if you tell me everything that happens; because, I think it would be better for me to not be surprised anymore.” Looking up into my Dad’s face, trying to believe my own words.

“Okay Son. Well, we should start the day. Jerry is still asleep in the guest room. He stayed up late finishing the project. I helped as best as I could; Highschool science was a while ago for me. I’ll make sure to write you a note for your teacher. But let’s get going,” Dad stood up from the bed and stop just before the door, “and you might want to shower before school; you look awful.”

“Thanks,” rolling my eyes and swinging my legs off the bed. “But Dad…”

Dad paused in the hall and came back into veiw, “Yeah?”

“You too. Don’t stress too much. I also want my dad to focus on what makes him happy. All things will work out in the end. Also, let’s be up front with what we are dealing with. Let’s not be stereotypical guys and keep it bottled up. I will promise to tell you what’s up with me, but you have to do the same. Deal?” Giving Dad the ‘no crap’ stare.

“Sure thing Son.” Dad said smiling, “You’ve grown into a great young man. Thank you Son,” Dad left and continued down the hall.

Getting up and walking to the bathroom, I look myself in the mirror; for once, Dad was not lying to me; I looked awful. Laughing to myself, I begin my shower.

Journey With Cookbooks #4

Well the warmth left Montana, so I wanted something warm to eat!! Soup. Soup is always nice on a cold day.

Again I had to choose a recipe from my cookbooks but this one was not marked. Chicken Tortilla Soup.

Still going through the Frontier Cookbook

Reading through the recipe this one will only take 50min cooking time and only 20min prep. So not too bad!!( in the prep time i always add extra time incase Elizabeth wants to help)

Elizabeth helped mix the spices. My big helper!!
Chicken olive oiled and seasoned. I like it that the chicken will be baked…less time I have to watch. More time to make sure baby is not being naughty.
All the diced ingredients! I like to dice…Mwahahahaha 😂
Cooking the veggies. This recipes is super easy. It’s a lot of adding and waiting. I like this recipe 😎
The hubby had to taste it…it was approved.

I feel like every time I’m cooking something new, the hubby has to taste it. Which I guess is good; because I don’t like to taste test as I cook…It’s just a mystery when it’s done…🙃

Once again. Add rest of ingredients, chicken, broth, water, extra seasonings, and salt. Then let it simmer 20min. More waiting.

I think waiting is my favorite kind of cooking. I will be doing this recipe again….waiting…🤓

Last step was to add the corn tortilla strips.
Finished soup. Topped with sour cream, red onions, and cheese. Yummy!

As I said simple recipe!! This blog seems more relaxed than previous cooking posts because it actually is. It was so easy and chill.

And the family said yum! Elizabeth actually liked the soup this time!! To me that is an accomplishment in itself.

Look like picture: 8…it actually looks similar.

Taste: 10! Hubby went for seconds!! Elizabeth ate her whole bowl; the table had some too….

Easiness: 10! Sweetest and easiest recipe! 😎

I will definitely make this recipe again!! Especially when I am in the mood to be lazy. However next time I might fidget with the recipe and make less of it. It makes 8 servings. The hubby will get bored with eating soup before it is gone…so I guess I’ll be eating soup for the next few days.

Enjoy your Wednesday. Hopefully the snow is gone for good. I’m tired of the snow….🙃

I wrote this last night. Update on weather…no snow, but everything is froze outside. 😱

Life As A Mama #30

A typical day at church…

She has become the new unofficial greeter. She says hello to everyone, and some lucky people get hugs.
Elizabeth dashes quickly through the rows of chairs saying her hellos.
In the indoor gym area she attempts to play with the older kids. She does not care if they are playing rough; she just laughs and runs with them. 😜 The only way she can play basket ball is if the hoop is all the way down and someone lifts her up.
As worship begins…the running around giggling does too…😓😂 I find it so embarrassing to have to chase her up front. But the congregation thinks is cute and funny so they laugh; so she laughs and thinks she is acting perfectly fine.
After she runs away once, she must be held; which starts the, “Noooooos!!!” She does not like being in mama’s arms. She wants to be free…😓
So while worship is continuing, I am singing and humming along while I keep Elizabeth happy with doodling with crayons.
Then she notices her favorite buddy is sitting behind us. So she takes her crayons and shares with him by his family. I feel so bad for letting my naughty child influence the boy…😖😑
Calm down mama…what?….really!?!
Sunday school begins…
And mama’s time to relax starts…enjoy the small amount of worship left, listen intently to the sermon. Mama’s alone time in God’s house…❤️

Every Sunday is not like this…occasionally I get a well behaved baby… which scares me. Because I know that means once we get home all craziness will be unleashed.

But I can’t complain. It makes me so happy that church is her favorite place to be. She never wants to go home. The “Nooooooos!!!” happen again once I say we have to go bye bye.

Also since Elizabeth is such a social person, church is her once a week day to interact with everyone. Even people who want alone time will get a smile or a sweet, “Hello.” They have no choice.

It is Tuesday, which means Mom’s group…at the church. Elizabeth loves Mom’s group as well, she had oodles of space to be a crazy little ball of energy. Enjoy your Tuesday!! 🥰

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 24

Life Of Two Best Friends CHPT 23


It is currently Thursday; only a few days have passed since my last talk with you all. Nothing exciting has happened for me or report, mostly school, practice, school, etc. I guess the only new thing is Coach has been “happier” at practices, now that he has help with Lily and the lower lanes. When I say “happy” I mean he is happy while we are unhappy; more personal time with Coach means harder practices for us. At least our big meet is about two weeks away. We do have a meet with another school coming this Wednesday, whereas our final meet, of the season, is two Thursdays from today. Jenny and Brit have been really great for Coach; as we get closer, it has been nice to have Coach’s complete attention.

Since our barbeque, this will be the first Thursday that Mom will not be picking me up to go somewhere. I haven’t been noticing the absence of Mom, but today it catches my attention as Jerry and I head to the Jeep; we have a Science project due tomorrow. Finishing touches only left.

“You just missed your street dude,” Jerry quizzically said as we drove by another street. “You good?”

“Yeah. Thanks Bro. Just lots on my mind,” quickly coming back to reality. “Just, this is the first official Thursday where I won’t be seeing my mom. It hasn’t been bothering me, but it is today,” I say flipping a U-turn at the next crossing.

“Yeah. It is weird. I’ve grown accustomed to your overbearing…ummm…your mom being how she is,” coughing realizing what he had said. “Sorry dude. I didn’t mean…”

“No worries. I am bugged it is not my choice to have an opinion about her; she decided for me, by disowning me. Just something I am going to have to get used to,” finally turning onto my street, after a few wrong turns finally home. We had to park on the street because there were two cop cars in my normal spot. “I wonder if there have been more robberies?”

Getting closer to the door, “Is there a woman shouting inside?” Jerry asked as we approached the door.

“What?!” I put the key in and open the door to a horrifying site. My mother’s back was towards me, while two officers were across the room holding…down…Dad! “What is going on?” I yell into the chaos.

Silence. My mother’s body tenses in front of me; Dad’s face shows concern, and the officers regard my presence. Jerry begins to slink away; I wish he would stay.

“Stay where you are young man,” one of the officers called to Jerry, who was almost away, “we will need a witness.”

Wish granted. A little more controlled, I ask again “What is going on?” Mom’s shoulders tense again. She must have done something she should feel guilty about; since she has yet to turn and look at me.

“We were called about a parent kidnaping their son from their spouse. We are currently holding, I assuming, your kidnapper away from their distressed spouse. Please, young man, stay back, and we will deal with him legally. You are safe now,” the same police officer who had stopped Jerry was speaking to me now, but it sounded more like noise. Complete utter nonsense….

“What are you talking about? Is this her doing,” I point at, the still faceless Mom standing in front of me, “whatever nonsense she spewed about my dad is all false. I personally decided to live with my dad during their divorce. I decided to live with the parent who respects me,” as I spoke I pushed by my mom, not looking at her, and then standing beside Dad, I turn towards her.

Mom was fuming, but also nervous. I expect she didn’t want me to be present for this gathering because she knew I would call her on her lies. “Officers, please release my dad; he has done nothing wrong.” Jerry had also came into the house, but he stood off to side, but on my side of the living room.

The officers let go of my dad’s arms and help him to a standing position again. Turning to Jerry, the officer previously asked, “Look only at me, is what he said true?”

“Yes, officer. What he said is the truth. I have all knowledge of what has happened between this family,” Jerry said confidently, but then looking down turning red at his statement of knowing all our secrets. However, he lifts his head again, keeping his head high.

I give him a slight nod to let him know, ‘Thank you bro.’

“Thank you. We apologize for actions towards you, Mr. Matthews,” the officers offered their hands to my dad; my dad accepted their hands and apology easily. “Whereas for you Madame, you need to come to the station with us. Lying to an officer is a legal offense,” they went towards Mom, grabbing her arms to escort her out of the house.

I was shocked. I really shouldn’t be. I shouldn’t be surprised at what my mom is capable of. I stood with Dad watching Mom be dragged away from us.

“We will be filing a report. Don’t quote me on this, but after the report is finalized you should be able to use it to gain full custody,” the younger officer chimed into the conversation.

Mom stopped suddenly, throwing the the younger officer off balance, causing him to almost fall. She forcibly turned around to look me in the eyes, “You will never be anybody. When your life is dull and you need help, I will not be the one to help you. We are through.”

Silence rang through the house. I was not about to let her have the last word, “You will no longer be anyone to me. When you get to a point in ‘your’ life that seems meaningless and lifeless don’t come looking for me. Because you have become a stranger to your own son,” I turn my back on a now complete stranger.

As it became silent once again, the younger cop regained his balanced and dragged that woman out of our house for the last time.