Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 16

Life of Two Best Friends CHPT 15


Jerry was parked on the street. The music was blaring so loud that I could hear it as I walked towards the car. He just got a black dodge challenger for his birthday; it was his dream car. I believe, he believes, he has more game with it. Anyways, I pull open the door and I almost fall over from the stupid loud music. “Dude. Turn it down!” I yell into the car, as I sit down.

“What?” Jerry questions me. He finally turns down the music, “What did you say? I couldn’t hear you?” Once we were buckled up, he started driving towards school.

“Exactly, I said to turn the music down. I could hear it as I walked to the car. You are going to drown out your eardrums so much you won’t hear the starting beep at a swim meet. Well now as I say that out loud, it sounds like a great idea; you should definitely do that so that I can beat you off the start as well.” I say grinning to myself.

“Haha very funny, but no problem, Dude,” Jerry said as he put the music to a relative lower volume, “I could always turn on some classical music; that might be your style instead. I wanted to get into the mood for practice with the head banging tunes. It gets me in the mood to die.” Jerry said as he pulled into back parking lot, behind the gym. “You ready to die?”

“No, not really. My head is killing me. But knowing coach he won’t care; he will still expect one hundred percent from me,” I say as we gather our gear and head to the gym.

“Yeah, you don’t look so good. You feeling okay, Dude?” Jerry said as we head into the quiet locker rooms; we were usually the first ones to early morning practices.

“I’m good. Just a long night,” remembering Dad was hopefully still asleep at home, “let’s get changed and go talk to coach about his plans for today.”

Walking out onto the pool deck I almost trample a young girl. She looked about six or seven years old; she was pushing around a baby stroller with a small plush puppy in the seat.

“Daddy?” the little girl let out a sharp shriek. “Daddy!?!” She said again as she ran away from us, but leaving her stroller behind. She disappeared into Coach’s office.

“…Coach?” Jerry uttered but didn’t finish the thought.

I grabbed the stroller and walked quickly to Coach’s office; Jerry trailed close behind me. At the entrance of the office, we were suddenly stopped by Coach, who was carrying the little girl in his arms. He didn’t look so tough with a little girl latched onto his neck.

“Coach. We ahh…” I stopped speaking as the little girl lifted her head and look at me.

“Daddy, he almost stepped on me,” she said accusingly and pointing at me. “Look, he even stole my puppy,” she said as she instead pointed at the puppy.

“…Coach. We didn’t. I mean I did almost step on her, but I’m not stealing…” I was trying to form complete thoughts but end up letting go of the stroller so that it rolled towards Coach.

“Little Lily. George wouldn’t take your dog, and see he gave it back to you,” Coach sighed deeply answering the little girl clutching onto him.

Jerry had been quiet. I side-glance him and he is just dumbfounded. I was too, but I wanted to be somewhat sane, “we were going to ask about your plans for practice, but..?”

“Yes. We can still do that. Lily, Daddy has to speak to his swimmers a moment. Go sit on my chair and draw me a picture please,” Coach said as he let the little girl down; she skirted off to the desk chair. “Let’s step out a little bit.”

It was silent for a bit; we three just stood outside the office. “Coach. The rest of the team are going to start showing up,” not really wanting to be the one to break the silence, but I knew Jerry was not going to speak.

“Yeah…the little girl is my daughter. My leaving practices early was due to that little thing,” Coach sighed towards the girl sitting in his chair happily drawing. “Her mother didn’t tell me about her, but since Lily’s mom died in a car accident, I am the only one able to take her. Since I don’t know anything about parenting I decided to bring her to practice more; also, my babysitter couldn’t come. Look at me babbling like a idiot,” Coach said combing his fingers through his hair.

“So…Lily…?” Jerry finally spoke.

“Her full name right now if Lily Rose Grant; I’ll be adding Brown onto the end as her legal name; we will call her Little Lily or Lily as her mom did. Anyways you don’t need to hear anymore about this. Instead, I need you two to be a little more aware of the team today; mostly because I need to keep an eye on my daughter. She gets into everything.” Coach said looking back at the small body in his office chair.

“No problem Coach, I would suggest though that maybe you look for an assistant coach or a student baby sitter; that way you could still Coach, but have your daughter around. On the other hand, before everyone else arrives what’s the plan today?” I wish I could help Coach more; he seemed at his wits end.

“I’ll write it on the board, and I’ll give them an explanation during stretching. Just go over to the stretching area and wait for your teammates.” Coach said as he walked back into the office. We watched as he walked up to Little Lily and began quietly talking to her. Lily’s face beamed with happiness, as she was held up her drawing.

Rest day…

No writing today. It’s our once a month shopping day!!! So it’s a full day of getting necessities from various stores. It’s way cheaper than buying it at our local supermarket. So we drive 45miles to our big city…

So sadly, all this means is I won’t be posting the next chapter of my story until tomorrow. I’ll edit it tonight and have it scheduled to post tomorrow morning!

Have a wonderful Saturday. May yours be filled with family time; just as mine will be today!❤️

Photo taken: Driving towards the big city…

Life As A Mama #22

You can probably tell from the title it’s going to be “good”…
Typing the story. I’m on a roll with inspiration…
Pause…what is she up to?
Queen Elizabeth is riding her mighty steed…
More typing!!!!
…I’m being too productive…
Oh no….
Candy wrappers everywhere…😔
It’s almost 9pm…bedtime won’t be until midnight…😩
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Moms out there…if you’ve experienced this you know…😓 She now knows how to open the pantry…all yummy foods must go up…

Life of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 15

Life Of Two Best Friends CHPT 14


I was just walking away. It felt like I was walking away from a part of me. What just happened. I just left, and now my mom is going to disown me. How could she selfishly divorce…Dad! No wonder Dad looked so strange this morning. He had been grieving from Mom’s stupid decision. I need to get home to him; but I suddenly remember I have no car. Looking down at my phone, dead. Of course, taxi it is. Hopefully Dad will be understanding towards the expensive taxi bill on the card.

‘Could this car ride be any slower?’ “Could you find a faster route?” I asked the driver who seemed to be taking the longest way possible.

“I can, but it will cost extra. I won’t be paying the bill for you kid. You got the green?” The taxi driver yelled over his shoulder not really giving a crap about me.

“Sure whatever. I’ll tip you twenty bucks if you get me there in twenty minutes or less,” I said because we are currently at snail speed; I was hoping the bribe would entice the driver to pick up the pace, at least to car speed.

“Your words, and I’ll hold you to them,” he said as he stepped on it.

Yeah, we got to my house in seventeen minutes; It was the most terrifying seventeen minutes of my life. I gave him twenty-five bucks in tip because he did, surprisingly, got me home in one piece and quickly. He tried to get me to pay more. Maybe, because he saw the house and thought I was one of those well of kids. I told him, ‘I can drop it back to twenty,’ at that he rolled up his window and darted off.

Remembering the purpose of all this, Dad! I pull out my keys and open the door.

Their wedding picture was laying on the ground, the glass shattered all over the ground. Mom’s face was scratched. Walking carefully around it, “Dad!? Where are you?” Continuing throughout the glass maze house, I search for him. All their pictures were all broken and shattered. A few empty bottles of whisky were scattered on the buffet; the same place where dad had been sitting when I left this morning. ‘Did he start drinking when I left.’ Hopefully that last thought was not true. I started up the stairs and there was strong smell of liquor.

“Hmmm, bghmmm, balaaaaa,” a mumbling voice came from my parent’s room.

Of all places why did he end up there? Opening their door, there sat the man I’ve always looked up to. My dad was sitting on the bed, close to the side table. He was hunched over looking at a family portrait. A half drunk bottle of whiskey sat next to the lamp.

“Why’d you ta…ke ev..erything frommmm me,” Dad said sluring his words. “You,” he sobbed, “you…took my on..l..y preciousssss thing. Why did you…havvve to take himmmmm.”

“Dad?” No response. My dad had gone off the deep end. He was pouring his heart out to this picture. I finally knew why he was drinking. My mom must have told him some crap about me choosing to live with her. “Dad?”

“I must…be dr..uuunk. Thisss pictttuure iss talkingg to meeee nooww,” he said as he grasped the picture to his chest. “I lovvveee you sssson…”

He was out before I could get to him. He fell back onto the bed; still grasping the photo. “Oh, Dad. Don’t worry I won’t be leaving you anytime soon. You’re stuck with me. I love you too,” taking his shoes off and swinging his legs up onto the bed. I make sure he is sleeping on his side. ‘I know this from the movies; see teachers, movies can be educational.’ I tried to take the photo away, but I guess Dad is determined to sleep with it as he latches onto the frame tighter. Lastly, I cover him with a blanket, and I leave him to his drunken slumbers. I decide to leave the door cracked; just incase he needs me.

‘Shower?’ I decide to clean the house first. I don’t want Dad to worry about anything when he wakes up tomorrow. Before starting, I check on him and he needed to puke; yes, some of the puke got me, but thankfully most of it went into the toilet. Also thankfully I hadn’t showered before cleaning. Once he emptied his stomach, he fell back asleep soundly. As I cleaned up, I could hear his snoring. It was going to be a long night. Shower time.

I’ll do the homework tomorrow; I’m pooped. One more check on Dad; he was completely out of it. It’s two o’clock… sleep time for me. Hopefully I wake up on time for early practice tomorrow. ‘Goodnight those who are reading; I’ll talk more tomorrow.’

My alarm went off at some point, but I must have turned it off. The second one…off. The third…off. The fourth…”FINE!” I yell pulling myself into an upright position, as I turn off the blaring alarm. I have to get up. I have to go. Get up. Get up! ‘Yelling at yourself only works so much’; so I throw my body off the bed and into a standing upright.

Dad?! I ran to his bedroom; he was still out of it. Lucky him. I wish I could still be out of it. I close the door quietly, go back to my room, change, and grab my gear for practice. Heading downstairs, ‘Woops’, I forgot about the empty bottles. Initially thinking of throwing them out, I stopped suddenly. Instead, I line them on the buffet. I also put the half opened one from last night there too.

As I got my breakfast together, my phone went off; it was a text from Jerry saying he had arrived. With my current headache, I didn’t want to think about driving. Before leaving for practice, I wrote a note for Dad and quickly stuck it to a bottle. ‘No more of this. I am not leaving. You are my dad. So get rid of all of this. If you are awake by eleven-thirty come to the pool and pick me up. -George.’

Another bleep from my phone, “Cool it Jerry, sheesh.” I grab my gear and leave. I’m not going to discuss what happened, with anyone, until I talk with Dad.

Life As A Mama #21

15 degrees…means chilly but it was -30 a few days before…so now it’s a nice temp to play in the snow.
Mama on a mission for daddy and Elizabeth…🤨
Shovel the snow…shovel the snow…shoveling!
30min later…😎
She can now sled in the backyard…Mwahahaha
48 degrees…it was nice out. Sunshine. Slight breeze. Perfect day to be outside.
The snow is melting…her small hill is now like a frozen solid brick of snow…
Shoveling the other way…shoveling…
1.5 hrs later…only small puddles of water…she now wants to drive her car instead of sledding…
My muscles ache…the sun shine feels nice. The things we do for our children…🤪
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That was counted as my exercise for the day…shoveling is fun but I am done for now.

Have a happy Wednesday❤️

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 14

Life Of Two Best Friends CHPT 13


Small party…yeah right. When Mom plans a “small get together” it never means small; her events are always extravagant. Because of her occupation of being a manager to celebrities, it gives her many connections; which in her mind must mean, parties must go all out. I’m more worried about what she has told these people about me; more than likely, nothing about my swimming achievements.

As we weaved through the herds, various people stopped us occasionally to say small hellos and quick goodbyes. However, one middle aged woman stopped us suddenly and would not let us pass on quickly, “So George, your mother has mentioned this is your sophomore year, any new discoveries in your academic studies?”

These are not my kind of people. Wishing I could vanish, “My studies have been steadily progressing, however, my swimm…” I wanted to share my actual interest but as I expected my mom cut me off.

“George has be excelling in his studies; he is just unable to pull one great lesson out because he has too many to choose from,” my mom answered frantically and ended her statement with a stern side glance at me.

“Oh, I am glad to hear it. Your studies are the most important for your future,” the woman interjects.

Again I’m zoning out from the conversation; I don’t want to hear it, and believe me, neither do you. Looking around, I spot a dark secluded space, somewhere I might be able to disappear. First I’ve got to slip away, “Mom I have to use the restroom. Please excuse me.” I add hoping my polite response will help reduce my scolding from interrupting the woman’s rant about education. I don’t wait for my mom’s approval and I make my way through the crowds to the restroom. I didn’t need to go but I thought it was the only way she would let me go without questioning me.

The dark space was vacant. I’ll just hang out here until the party disperse; I’ve probably got about two hours to kill. Napping sounds more inviting than this party. Mom is definitely going to kill me. Oh well, I lay down on a bench, next to the wall, in the pitch dark. I only planned to close my eyes for a few minutes, but that constant beat from the music is quite relaxing…


Well I must have been found out. There goes my quick napping. Opening my eyes, my dark corner was unbearably bright, causing me to quickly shut them again. Man that hurt!


It was my mom’s voice. Yep, I was in trouble. Slowly I opened my eyes and sit up; probably revealing my hiding spot.


“What!?” I said standing up. Realizing the party was long over, and my mom had been looking for me. ‘Great.‘ I wasn’t in trouble, but now I am; because, I have to reveal that I was hiding. ” Mom.” I said as I stepped into her eyeline.

“George Jacob Matthews!” Mom met my eyes. “What are you doing back there? Why weren’t you at the party? You have completely embarrassed me and yourself in front of your future friends. I had wanted to introduce you to some huge modeling managers. They wanted to recruit you, instead, you went a blew it. I can’t believe you are so selfish. Just like your father. I should have never married him. I should have divorced him long ago, so that you would not be influenced by him. You…”

“Wait… What?” I stopped her. ‘Did she just say divorce?‘ “Mom. What did you do?”

“Don’t use that tone with me. I did what needed to be done. Your father is a selfish man, and should not have a role in your life. He is only thinking about himself or children who aren’t even in our family. He would ruin your future, and he did not show me any respect. So I divorced him. I also decided that you will live with me. I am the far better choice, after all,” she spoke proud of her decisions.

“Are you kidding me? I’m not living with you,” I said as I grabbed my phone and keys, heading towards the exit.

Grabbing my arm, “George Jacob Matthew. You ‘will‘ be staying with me. Your life will be in total ruins if you stay with your father. Also I can help you, to be the better version of yourself. I have connections; without me, you will never accomplish anything.”

“Mom, have completely lost it? Why would I stay with a parent who doesn’t even know what I want in life. One who doesn’t know anything about me. I am a swimmer. A great swimmer. My future…do you even know my goals in life. Next year, I’m transferring to a school in Montana; a school that specializes in swimming achievements. Why would you even know this? You’ve never cared about what I want.” I remove her hand from my arm, “this…,” gesturing to our surroundings, “this is not me, and will never be; unless through swimming, I will never be part of this world.”

Stepping back and away from her, “Mom, I do love you, but I will live with the parent who knows and supports my dreams.”

“George Jacob Matthew. If you walk out that door you will no longer be my son. I refuse to have a worthless son who will not amount to anything. Think about your decision. It will be the deciding choice of your future,” she crossed her arms and sternly looked back at me. She just threw the gauntlet down…

I was stunned. She would throw me away. She truly believes if I reject her I will become worthless. Still…knowing all this, I know it is pointless to stay with a parent who could threaten their children with abandonment. Also, I know she would forever be trying to mold me into someone I will never be. I look back at a woman that I couldn’t recognize anymore, “Goodbye.” I turned and left. I left the building. I left the woman I had always called Mom. I left half of my family behind. I left.

Life As A Mama #20

She normally sleeps on her bed all night long, but some nights, like last night, she “snuggles” with mama and daddy…

Just in case people might worry. We have a heater on, and she likes no covers…I do cover her up when I wake up occasionally; however, every time it’s morning she has no covers…haha 😅

Sleeping peacefully…
There are pillows between the beds because of this reason…
As long as she is not dreaming she doesn’t kick…if I move her she wakes up. I’ve gotten used to it…
Midnight snack… baby toes anyone?
I guess mama is more comfortable than the bed…
Usually she ends up sleeping here between the beds…I usually wake up and cover her. It never stays though…🙄
Original by emily2jane

She cracks me up sometimes…🤣 Although , I do love the nights where she actually wants to snuggle. I wake up to a sweet baby thing snuggling her mama. So sweet ❤️

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 13

Life Of Two Best Friends CHPT 12


Weeks have flown by, since I told the guys about the Jenny news. My focus towards school, Jenny, and practice have changed. I’m focusing more on school and practices. I have had more time and brain space; now, that Jenny isn’t my main focus. Jenny…Jenny had taken a new role in my head and heart. She was now just my first crush turned good friend.

Believe me, a couple weeks ago I was not like this. Earlier, in the moving on process, the guys had to slap me a few times to snap me out of it. Classes and practice were my only escape from my crush depression. Which is why now, I have prioritized my focuses: Swimming, school, the guys, and then Jenny. After last week, of me still acting weird around Jenny, the guys insisted that I move on; as they said, ‘I was embarrassing them and myself.’ I spent a whole week focusing on keeping Jenny in the friend-zone. When she asked me to hang out I would answer ‘no’, and instead do something with the guys. Whenever she smiled, I would acknowledge but then quickly turn to someone else and start a new conversation.

Just like now, as I’m getting ready for school, I’m only worrying about what my mom will say if I don’t wear this tie today. She told me a few days ago she would picking me up today and that I needed to be presentable; so for no criticism, I will wear the tie. This is a new feeling for me; my first concern is not first what Jenny might say. I’m not even worried about what the guy’s will say. As I finished that thought, I realize I might have brainwashed myself into an emotionless robot.

Whatever I grab my homework, backpack, and phone, and then I rush into the kitchen to grab my breakfast. Dad is sitting on a bar stool, at the island, with his head in his hands; he didn’t look too great and he didn’t respond to my entrance. “Dad?” No response. “Dad, you okay,” I said placing a hand on his shoulder.

He jumped at the touch and quickly lifted his head, “Oh, George. Sorry I was lost in thought. What were you saying to me?”

He didn’t look so good; he looked like he had aged ten years since the last time I stopped to look at him. He wasn’t the carefree singer songwriter he was a week ago. Maybe since I had been in my funk of changing, I hadn’t been paying attention to anyone except myself. I’ll have to add family to that list from earlier: Family, swimming, school, and the buds. Oh, and Jenny. “You sure your okay, Dad? You don’t look too good. Have you been sleeping alright?”

“Yeah, don’t worry about it. You should be heading out. I’m proud of how you have been so focused on school and swimming; don’t let your efforts falter. Your old man will take care of himself,” Dad said, as if he mustered up every ounce he had, trying to seem okay.

“Okay, I’ll be heading out. Don’t forget. Mom is taking me somewhere after school today; I’ll be late because I will have to drive the jeep home,” I saw a small hint of something flash over my dad’s expression, but I am unable to name it.

“Thanks for the reminder. Don’t worry about driving home; I’ll go over to the school later and drive the jeep home for you. You, uh, just enjoy your time with your mom,” he talked as he got up to search for the spare key. “Got it!”

“Okay Dad. See ya later,” I said as I grabbed my keys and headed out the door. That was weird. Dad is acting strange today. Wanting to stay, I instead jump into my jeep. My mind was still on Dad as I pulled into the school’s parking lot; after spending time with Mom tonight, I’ll make sure to check on him when I get home. First school and practice, second Mom, and third Dad. Begin list now.

Where is she? Mom was supposed to be here close to thirty minutes ago. I was standing in front of the school lobby doors. The school door were locked. Dad had already taken my jeep home; or I would taken just driven myself to wherever my mom was.

Well, I guess I’ll recap the day with this new found time: Jenny was absent today; the rumors hadn’t gotten any better; instead, the rumors were morphing into horrible gossips. Midterms are coming up so teachers let us self study today; which entailed most of the students to mess around and not study. Coach did a ‘you choose‘ day; we choose the stroke and he chose the yardage and intervals. I thought I was clever and choose breaststroke. ‘Yeah, Coach saw through my idea, three thousand breaststroke straight. All you non swimmers, one hundred and twenty laps non stop.’ I shudder still feeling the burn in my muscles. Never again. However now, I’m waiting for my very late mom…speak of the devil, she just pulled up.

“I’m so sorry my sweetie. I was getting our evening event ready and I lost track of time,” Mom said frantically.

“No problem mom. Just next time, I’ll drive myself to the venue. What do you mean our evening event?” Realizing what she meant and rolling my eyes, “not another party? I thought it was just going to be the two of us.”

Mom didn’t hesitate, “Don’t worry sweetie its only a few people. You should know most of them. I see you are wearing a tie; thank you so much for dressing up. I know you are not a big…”

I stopped listening to her for myself, but also your sanity. It’s difficult to listen to my mom when she begins her various rants. She is still going. I’ll just summarize the key points for you.

‘You look so handsome, which comes from my beauty genes… I have great sense of fashion; at least my son knows I choose great clothes… The people at this party are on the upper level of success; you should try and use these people to replace your old friends… Your current friends will never be on our level… etc.,‘ directly from my mom’s mouth. I’m sorry, but I can’t listen to her nonsense or comments anymore. Instead we will ignore her and sit in silence; as we drive towards a night filled of people spewing their own opinions, and everyone else fighting for the spotlight. ‘Great. Wish I had stayed home.’

Life As A Mama #19

This happened last night…

I had told the hubby for Valentine’s Day I would make him some apple strudel!! And homemade. 😎
The triple D’s. Haha but there were lots of dishes from dinner…I now believe that the sink area is my domain…
Ready!! And you can’t have strudel without vanilla ice cream…unless you are me and you have no lactose free ice cream made…
Happy Hubby and happy baby!
Sneaky baby hand…understand that as her hand came over the Hubby started to silent laugh…which caused me to laugh…
Hubby continued to laughed. I continued to laugh. Which caused Elizabeth to find it funny and shove a huge bite of mama’s strudel in her mouth…

I was only sad for a split second. Because honestly I had eaten about 10 Oreos yesterday, so she was saving me from gaining more weight.

Also strudel is better with vanilla ice cream, and how could I stop my hungry thing from eating. I’m sure all moms have experienced the days where your child doesn’t really eat a lot during the day…and you worry about them…

I was having one of those days yesterday. So for her to want to steal mine and eat it all, made me super happy. Her belly was full!

Enjoy your Thursday!! ❤️ And if possible have some apple strudel and vanilla ice cream! 😊

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