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Word Of The Day: Pulchritude 08-01-21

Synonyms: adorableness, allure, attraction, elegance, etc.


True desire;

I burn for you,

I’ll die for it…

Well maybe not,

But it needs me!

The shine,

The glam.

I know you agree.

I feel on fire!

What a pretty hue.

No better fit.

You know it’s true.

We’ll look smokin hot!

Shall I write a decree?

The design…

Oh, yes ma’am!

Don’t know really what my topic was. But pretty obvious the path. The allure of something…usually if I get that desperate need of something it is either food or something I will never actually use…

I have so many shoes that spoke to me in the store but never were worn…🥺

Haha! But to be honest when I was writing this…my mind kept thinking of a McDonald’s cheeseburger…those are the best!

I don’t get to eat them often…which I know, is good for me but…sometimes I just want a #7!! 🤣

My baby is asleep on the floor and I’m sitting here thinking about cheeseburgers…it’s going to be a long day…

Have a great Monday!

Think before buying it… say to yourself, “Will I actually wear this?” If the answer is yes, put it in your basket and continue shopping. Then before you go to checkout, ask again, “Will I wear this?” If the answer is still yes, then ask, “What Will the husband say?” Haha 😆

By emily2jane

Word Of The Day: Urbane 07-26-21

Synonyms: suave, sophisticated, elegant, civilized, etc.

Flash, snap, clap!


Always in the spotlight.

Fame desired.

Leaving a large gap,

And constantly grows.

A beautiful sight.

Leaving all inspired.

Color following them;

No matter where they end.

Glisten like a gem.

We can only pretend.

Well this poem took some turns for inspiration as I wrote it. First I was thinking of a poodle… To be exact I thought of the poodle from Oliver and Company.

But then it morphed into celebrities. Which I’m sure, that is what most people will think is my main topic. But then I thought of the celebrities that you could look up to. Role models.

This is just my personal opinion. But I feel like there are only a handful of celebrities that I would actually like to meet, because they seem like genuinely nice people. Sad to say, a lot of people I wish I could have met have all passed away.

But anyways…everyone can label themselves urbane. Because everyone has their own hobby or skill that makes them special.

Have a fabulous day today!

Digital Art

Word Of The Day: Expropriate 07-22-21

Synonyms: seize, take away, take over, etc.

No longer yours.

Indefinitely mine.

Try to grasp?

Yank away.

Forever endure.

Did I hear a whine?

Pathetic sap.

Just watch as it decays.

I mock at your distain.

And relish in your pain.

The green eyed monster,

Now clings to you.

Enjoy the view.

Hope your world turns blue.

As I wrote this poem I was really starting to get bugged by the person doing the stealing. Man, they sound like a pain.

But it could be anything. Love, job, life, family, etc. When I first read “take away“ I thought of being the person having it taken away… But then I thought of the person doing the taking away…and went with it.

Hope your Friday is filled with you keeping whatever is yours. HOLD ON TO IT!! Whatever it may be!!

Happy Friday!!

By emily2jane

I drew this picture a few years ago. It is one of 5. They tell a story all together. I hope to paint them in the future!

Word Of The Day: Parry 07-17-21

Synonyms: ward off, fend off, deflect, hold off, block

It’s a constant battle,

You are always at war.

They claw and scratch;

Ripping at your soul.

Your insides are rattled,

Chaos to your core.

Ruthlessly they attach;

Demanding control.

Fight against them!

Fend them off!

Be firm;

He is on your side.

As they latch on your hem;

Point and scoff.

Don’t allow any squirm.

Help is always provided…

God thrives inside.

Quite obvious the topic choice. After reading the synonyms my first thought was… what lurks in the darkness. They come in many forms; we constantly fight them off. But for me I don’t fear them, because I have the light of God inside of me. Don’t fear because God loves everyone!!

Whenever I think about battling darkness, I think of that intense novel, This Present Darkness, by Frank E. Peretti. I love that book! But a piece of advice…don’t read it at night. I stayed up until 4am when I read it the first time.

Have a strong and faithful day!! ❤️

Digital Art: My Guardian Angel
By emily2jane

That’s someone darkness does not want to mess with. You are toast, if you do dare.

Word Of The Day: Nonplus 07-12-21

Synonyms: confused, bewildered, puzzled, perplexed, baffled, etc.

A word that rhymes,

A phrase that sings.

This puzzle…

Does it need to chime?

Should this be here?

And that go there?

This baffling challenge stings.

Unable to express,

I feel the suffocating muzzle,

Quite clear.

I no longer know,

And way less aware,

Creating a confusing distress.

Why is it so unclear?

Nothing flows,


So ironically I wrote a poem, about being unable to write a poem. Haha! I liked this idea. Also I was actually having trouble writing a poem about something baffling to me…so…I decided that would be my topic.

Writing a poem about being unable to write a poem. (I know I pretty much just reiterated what I said previously, but it is so funny to me that I needed to be said again.)

Have a fun, and hopefully a non confusing, baffling day! 🤩

Digital Art
by emily2jane

Pretty much what I looked like racking my brain trying to figure out what I was going to write…

Word Of The Day: Cataract 07-10-21

Synonyms: waterfall, cascade, rapids, torrent, downpour, etc.

Dark blue.

Marks the start,

Of the the chaos.

The sky blue hue,

Means all sanity departs.

The sea foam green,

Shows it’s fits of anger,

Cascading down.

The mix of grey,

Only drifts between.

The white…

Might leave a frown.

But still you stay.

To see if danger,

Entrapped another stranger.

A cascading waterfall is beautiful, but also dangerous. So many colors, but also so many unknowns. It is it’s own beautiful chaos.

Just my thoughts after writing this poem.

Have a great Sunday. 💙

Digital Art
by emoly2jane

Word Of The Day: Mulct 07-08-21

Synonyms: forfeit, defraud, trick, swindle, penalize, fine, deceive, punish, etc

Is this true?

How can it be?

Was I not the only one?

No; way more than two.

I was never set free,

Our life had just begun.

Did he ever try?

While I was flying high…

My love was deceived;

It was tricked, twisted,

Even swindled from my heart.

All was accepted and believed;

And yet,

It probably never existed.

I thought I was clever;

I thought I was smart.

Instead I’m left upset.

Was it not for forever?

I sit here,

My love slipping through my fingers,

The uncertainty fear,

Just lingers.

Everyone has experienced that relationship that you had full trust in and ended up being all a lie. I did.

My mom saw red flags, but I chose to believe it was right. Instead in the end, I was left questioning myself. At the time it hurt but looking back now, it was a great life lesson. Which for me, made me more picky and less gullible. Then I met the hubby! God made the hubby be the last one; so, that I knew he was perfectly made for me.

Those in the world who has experienced this. It is not the end. Everyone has that person. It will just take some time. I went through almost thirty, first dates…😳

Don’t give up. Just take it as a life lesson. Watch for the red flags. Also at least acknowledge, when you parent or friends around you makes a comment. 💙

Digital Art
by emily2jane

Word Of The Day: Gormandize 07-01-21

Synonyms: binge, devour, gobble, gulp, guzzle, overeat, stuff, wolf

Can I devour it all?

Stuffing myself to the brim.

As I desperately crawl,

In search of… nothing.

Why do I feel grim?

Everything is dumping,

Into my brimming gut.

It’s greasy or slimy,

Still I swallow it whole.

Am I in a rut?

My skin feels grimy.

Full is always my bowl.

Should I go for a stroll?

Overeating…everyone has done it at one point. I’ve done it with various foods. Recently…spicy fried chicken… chocolate chip cookies… ketchup with fries… all the non healthy foods.

For me it is spicy, sweet, or salty. So the normal categories of the occasional overindulged person.

I know it’s different for others, but I always feel awful afterwards. The worst part about overeating recently, is I’ve been trying to lose my extra weight. Not too much, but just a bit….but I will binge food. Makes no sense. My goal and bad habits contradict each other.

But enough about the negative…But did you overeat on the 4th? I know I did.

Digital Art
by emily2jane

Word Of The Day: Hale 06-29-21

Synonyms: healthy, well, fit

Unknown conditions,

Can cause great fear.

Sending the heart on missions,

Desperate to hear,

“All is fine, all is good.”

Still you wait,

For the all clear.

There you stood,

Tall, strong, and straight.

You still have love;

You still have cheer,

And many you know as dear.

So wait until it passes,

Find that second gear.

Health and well-being,

May seem casual and free.

But many struggle often,

Looking for that key.

Diving into peace and bliss;

Will be dismissed,

For ones who live with uncertainty.

I know the word of the day is hale; meaning healthy. But I thought about all the people in the world who have to constantly live with the fear of unknown. Personally, not knowing is worse than knowing. At least when you know you have options. Yes, sometimes you might find out something that may seem to be worse to know, but in the long run it is better knowing.

So those of you in the world…living healthy and free. Enjoy and live to the fullest. Because, possibly that someday might come, and you will want to have no regrets. Complete that bucket list now!

Digital Art “Second Gear”
By emily2jane

Word Of The Day: Harry 06-17-21

Verb. Synonyms: attack, assail, assault, devastate.

Never truly knowing.

Always glancing behind.

Fear constantly growing.

Walking almost blind.

Drenched with tears,

Sending up urgent prayers.

Desperate state of mind.

Constantly searching for peace.

Where will I find?

My much needed release.

Until that day,

Dread and terror,

Will consume me…


That day will come.

Continue. Even if it is hard. Continue.

Digital Art
by emily2jane