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Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 17

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 16


My plan had been: to head home, grab a travel bag, and start driving up to them; but Dad stopped me.

“I’ll buy the tickets. Fly instead. So that you will have time to talk, but also time to get back,” Dad pulled out his phone to purchase the flights. “Do you want to leave now?”

I looked at Jeremy and he just nodded. “Yes, now.”

“I’ll book it. Go shower and then I’ll drive you both there,” Dad left the room, to probably use his laptop.

I didn’t move at first. ‘Jenny.’ “Go shower in the guest bedroom, Jeremy,” I dashed to the stairs to use my own bedroom’s shower.

“Jeremy,” Dad suddenly said on our way to the airport.

“Yes, Mr. Matthews?”

“Can you put in some ear buds. I need to discuss something with George,” Dad was focusing on driving but I could see a look of concern in his expression.

“Of course. I need a nap, anyways, after that practice. Dude,” Jeremy swatted at my arm before sprawling out on the back seat, “wake me when we are close,” and Jeremy was out.

‘What does Dad want?’ “What’s up Dad?”

Silence. Then Dad sighed, “I understand your confusion from yesterday. Finding out you have pretty much been living as a zombie, and also finding out about Jenny…” Dad paused. “But I need you to hide those feelings for this trip.”

It took me a minute to register what Dad just said. ‘Hide?’ “What are you talking about. This is the whole reason I’m going on this trip. The whole reason I am acting like a crazy person on a mission. What do you mean by hide?”

Dad pulled to the right, all the way to the slow lane, “Son…Jenny is still broken…”


“Brown called and told me that she was home, but that she was still hurt. He descirbed her as faking a smile. She is smiling, but he could still see the pain…” Dad grabbed the back of his neck. “I hope she will listen to Jeremy’s apology and hopefully it will help her to move past it; it was already a pistol to get Brown to understand that Jeremy is not to be blamed. That just his name was used to start the fire, and that he had no knowledge of this happening.”

‘I get it. Jenny needs to heal before her heart can accept anyone…’ “I understand. I’ll just be there to be the barrier between her and Jeremy. I don’t need Jeremy exploding at her if she triggers him.” ‘I understood, but I wanted an answer.’ “Dad…did you know that Jenny liked me? Did you ever suspect it?” We were pulling off
the highway. We were maybe fifteen minutes from LAX. ‘Big question to ask in fifteen minutes, idiot.’


‘Yeah?’ “Yeah, what? Yeah she likes me? Yeah you suspected it? What!?!”

“I knew she liked you,” Dad’s body seemed to slump. “I told her not to persue her feelings. It was that day I drove her home. You offered to do the dishes and I took the chance to talk to her.”

Shock. Disappointment. Anger. Everything I thought I would never feel for my old man came rushing forward. “HOW COULD…”

“Let me finish,” Dad pulled into the parking garage across from our terminal.

I glanced at the clock and we had arrived about thirty minutes early. “Talk.”

-Sophmore Year (Before Qualyfing Champs)-

“Thanks for the ride Mr. Matthews. I would have asked George for a ride, but he seemed quite determined to finish those dishes,” Jenny chuckled as she buckled her seat belt.

“No problem at all, Jenny,” Dad too buckled up and started towards her house. ‘How do I bring this up?’ Dad glanced at Jenny who was smiling while looking out the window.


“Yes,” Jenny’s head turned back, her expression was innocent.

“Do you have feelings for my son?” ‘Point blank is always the best option,’ Dad thought to himself.

…”I…uh…” Jenny’s face went flush, her complextion almost mimicked her hair color. “I…”

“Don’t worry. This is not an unhappy father. Whatever your answer you will always be my daughter in my heart,” was the truth.

Jenny turned back to the window, “I do. I…I love George.”

“Love!?! I asked if you liked my son, not if you loved him,” Dad exclaimed suddeny making Jenny jump out of her skin. “Sorry. But I think you are a little too young to know if you love someone.”

“I…I…” Jenny started to tear up, “I thought you would be happy?”

‘Great.’ “I am happy. Over the moon to be exact, but I am also conflicted,” Dad pulled into her driveway. “Wait a moment Jenny,” stopping Jenny from exiting the truck. “I am happy you like George. I hope your feelings can continue in the future, but also after this request. Know that it is a favor from a loving father,” I looked at
Jenny who seemed nervous about my request.

“Favor?” She inquired but I stopped her.

“I need you… to keep your feelings… to yourself,” the last words stung Dad as he said them. ‘How could I ask such a thing. Of a girl I saw as my own daughter.’

Jenny was shocked. Stunned. She didn’t answer. Didn’t move. She just stared at me, mouth gaped open, in shock. “Keep it to myself,” she was confused. “How is that even

“George’s life is at a critcal stage right now. He has poured everything into his swimming. He has changed drastically after his mom’s and I’s divorce. He seems to be hiding his pain from that by becoming an emotionless zombie. I know you have seen it,” Dad dug some tissues out of his door, because tears were starting to stream down her face.

Jenny accepted the tissues and wiped away her stained cheeks.

All the color was gone in her face; Dad could feel her defeat. “I just want my son to thrive in his goals. His dreams. I…I’m sorry for interferring in your feelings.” I…‘I don’t know how to explain how I felt in that moment.’

“I understand,” Jenny cleared her throat and whispered out those words. “I want him to thrive as well…” Jenny wiped away her last tear. “If that means I need to just
be a friend to him and motivate him to his goals…I can do that,” Jenny faced Dad once again, the color and radiance began to glisten from her. “My feelings won’t falter. I will be your daughter at some point in the future; just you wait,” Jenny giggled as she gathered up her belongings and quickly exited the truck.

“I’ll be looking forward to that day, Jenny,” Dad yelled from his window. Jenny turned and waved before she entered her house. ‘I pray to God, that her feelings will stay strong. God, watch over her.’

Presents For My Family

I am the worst about giving gifts. As you know for my brother I painted that red umbrella painting for him. And his girlfriend an impression of a Leonid Afremov painting…

Well I finished all the other ones for my family. Originally they were supposed to be Christmas gifts…but I don’t know if I can wait that long. It’s been almost a week and I can’t handle it.

So I might just make them another gift for Christmas. I really want to make my nephews some custom shirts. Throughout their childhood I’ve drawn shirts for them. When they were younger it was different Disney characters. Now since they are older I will do my own creation. I already have all the fabric paint. I just need to make the stencils.

So I might just make one for each of my siblings too! I think that will be fun. Haha!

Mostly because I want them to open their paintings now! NOW!

Here they are!

Impression of Online Art

This is for my sister and brother-in-law.

Purple Memories

This is for my older sister.

Glacier National Park

This is for my older brother. My hubby wanted to steal it…

This painting is 100% mine. I took the photo and now I’m painting it. Amazing to know that this beautiful scenery is still untouched!

Hope your day is filled with color! 🎨

A Gift Made Through Words

:-:-:-:-A Poem, for you two-:-:-:-:

Light tomorrow,

With what you do today!

Love can be displayed.

Let him feel useful;

Even if,

You could do it better.

“Can you bring me a sweater?”

There will be moments,

When it is better to remain silent,

Over being right.

But always solve it before night.

Don’t forget,

Be goofy sometimes.

Filled with puns and rhymes.

When asking a spouse,

Don’t demand, say,

Hey, do you want to do something for me?”

Better results,

This way!

Communicate with each other.

One day’s trouble,

Will hang over to the next,

Until resolved.

But only with the parties involved.

Don’t go to sleep…mad.

Or morning will come,

And you’ll wish you had.

Life is long,

Don’t stress,

You won’t remember it in a year.

All bad fights disappear.

Don’t sweat the little things,

It’s almost all small stuff.

Just let go of your gruff.

You are both fearfully and wonderfully made.

Remember that,

When you are sick and stink.

Your love won’t shrink.

Have fun together and be silly.

Laughter is key, really!

Make time for each other,

Be as geeky as possible.

Live like Ron Stoppable.

Periodically review and check your relationship,

Communication, does your bodies good.


Never eat shredded wheat,

Unless you really like it.

Good advice,

I must admit.

This poem is rather long… My sister is renewing her vows. Because of COVID she was unable to have the grand big wedding last year. Anyways, I was in charge of games at the bridal shower; One of the games I chose was more sentimental than anything.

I had the guests write one piece of wisdom for my sister on an index card. Then I proceeded to make a poem out of them, for her, that I would frame.

I actually really enjoyed this! I want to do this again for various occasions. Birthday wishes, miss you cards, maybe song requests…I don’t know. But it was a lot of fun.

The italicized lines are my addition to help the poem flow. If it seems quirky and a little funky…it is because it’s not just my words. It’s thirteen other people too.

Just a fun thing to give to the bride as she begins her new chapter of life. ❤️

The complete gift.

Enjoy your weekend! 🌸

Word Of The Day: Tribulation 09-15-21

Synonyms: misfortune, grief, misery, woe, distress, worry, blow, etc.


As we know it…

Is over.

Lava cascades down,

Fires blaze,

Panic is here.

Piercing with a knife.

Bodies in a fit.

Can you feel lower?

Chaos all around,

Where is the exit,

Of this life maze?


Help me please,

In search of ease.

This poem could be anything…it could be some big event or even the smallest. For me I thought of my two year old when she behaves like the world is ending. Being two is so hard…

I’m currently on vacation. So I’ve been really bad about posting. I’ve just been enjoying time with family. Currently, for me, life is peaceful. Some stress here and there, but pretty much easy.

One more week of this and I’m good. I’m good! ☺️

Enjoy your Friday! 🌷

The Misunderstood

He painted them,

Greens, browns, and reds;

As if a gem,

Meant to cheer,

But multiply instead.

They crawl on the ground,

Blend surroundings.


They possess wings.

Taking flight,

Leaping into the air.

Without a care,

That they will create a scare.

Poor misunderstood,

Wishing to be beautiful;

Only seen with fear.

Desires to be good,

Instead panic is suitable.

Come hop here,

To appear.

The grasshopper. I know it seems ridiculous to fear grasshoppers, but you see them flying and you think, “what an interesting looking moth.”

Nope! Not a moth! And when you least expect it, they charge your face.

I live where you step in your lawn and it seems like the grass comes alive and creates wave motions.

But every time I’ve seen one I always think they are the misunderstood insect. I’ve actually had this idea, for this poem, for months now.

Enjoy your Sunday! Try and find another one of God’s creations that is misunderstood. It’s actually quite fun.



It Is Finished!

I am finally to the point where I am happy with my completion. Now I want to paint it again for myself on a larger scale.

Hopefully my brother will like it!

This is the process…from start to finish. Took approximately 5 days. So happy to be back in my painting bubble.

The sketch
First layer.

Day 1 done.

More black!

Day 2. Baby started yelling at me. Done.

Just keep painting, just keep painting, what do we do…we painttttttttt!

Haha 😂

Add some red!

Day 3 done.

Buildings on one side.

Day 4 done. Again, baby determined my painting time.

Other side of buildings.

Next was to redefine red…and….



I’m actually really happy with the result. After not painting for about 2-3 years, I’m still happy I have retained some skill.

I just hope my brother doesn’t read my blog…haha that would be funny.

Enjoy your Saturday!! Weekend!! 😎

Word Of The Day: Doff 09-02-21

Synonyms: take of, remove, raise, lift, touch, etc.

Without her

I am no one.

She raised me,

Nurtured us,

Cherishes our lives.

Love as if were,

Just begun.

Care of the greatest degree,


All she gives,

Deserves the highest praise.

Mama I love you ❤️ All your children would not be who we are today without you. I hope this poem gives you some happiness. We will see you soon!

Today’s topic was my mama. Reading through the synonyms i was having trouble, but I got to raise and I instantly thought of her.

Just a short poem for her. Give your mama a hug today, or at least think of her. She gave you life. ❤️

Have a wonderful Friday! 🌸

Hug Her
by emily2jane

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 14

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 13


Finally…Home…I sat, more like fell, down on the porch. My eye sight was blurry and my limbs stopped working. ‘Jeremy the jerk has a nice ring to it.’ I will never bet that idiot ever again. This was too much. I tried to pull my body back up, but I was stuck. ‘No. like actually stuck.’ I couldn’t move anything. I also couldn’t feel anything. I really didn’t want to do this, but I really had no choice. I pulled out my phone and tapped the name. “Dad?”

“Hey son. Jeremy told me you are running. Did you get home yet? I don’t see you,” Dad’s voice rang in my head like he was screaming at me.

I could hear Jeremy, Mom, and a few more voices in the background. “Dad. Could you come help me…I…” the humilation will begin in, “can’t get up. I’m on the porch out front,” three…two…one… Dad threw open the door, but there stood Mom, Jeremy, Matthew, Ken, and Jerry. Mom and Dad looked worried, but the rest of them were all trying to contain their laughter. ‘Jeremy is so dead.’

I got so much grief from the guys. Jerry asked Dad if this was similar to that day in Sophmore year where he had to help me out of bed. Dad did not look worried anymore; he laughed and told everyone about that day, like it was the best piece of new gossip. Remembering that day I couldn’t help but laugh along with them. I was feeling better now. After food, and a hot shower; I am beginning to feel my limbs again. ‘Tomorrow will be a whole other story.’

Jeremy told me that when he got back to the house Jerry and Ken were both there already and relayed my offer of the pool. So with his Dad’s permission he picked up Matthew and took the three of them to the office to get their names on the list.

But I also found out that they saw me on their way back to the house, and had no intention of stopping. “It was the best kind of revenge,” Jeremy chuckled as he relaxed into the sofa.

‘Pushing it.’ I glared in his direction.

“George,” Mom yelled from the upstairs. “George…”

“Yeah mom. I’m downstairs with the guys. Do you need something?” I walked over to the stairs. ‘If I don’t have to climb these stairs I am not going to.’ I could hear murrmering coming from my parent’s bedroom.

“Oh, right,” Mom said suddenly. Mom’s body rushed out of their bedroom and she almost skipped down the stairs, “I forgot all about you being sore. I was just going to tell you that I have a last minute baby shower party to go to tonight. Will that be okay, or should I just cancel?”

I knew mom really hoped to go because she already looked stunning. “All good mom. Is Dad going too?”

“No. He is going to be in his studio though. He has just a few more things to fix on his newest single. Will you five be fine?” Mom was attempting to put up her hair while standing in front of me.

I turned Mom, and started to push her back up the stairs. ‘Man these stairs hurt. I don’t know if I will be able to get back down.’ “No problem Mom. We’ve got stuff to talk about anyways. You just go back upstairs and finish getting ready. Your…umm…hair looks a little crazy from the back…” I was trying to be helpful.

Mom giggled as I helped her back up the stairs, “thanks for the input George. I will fix it before I head out,” Mom scurried back into their bedroom.

Dad exited the room at the same moment. “What are you doing up here? Do you need help back down?” Dad offered me his arm to lean on.

“No I should be good…” I took that first step and it felt like…I don’t really know what it felt like. Instead I latched onto my dad for support, “On second thought, I do need help.” It was going to be a slow decent. I was only able to move a leg at a time. “By the way Dad, thanks for taking care of Jenny while I was away,” I thought
I might as well bring this up while I had a chance alone with him. “The guys told me what has happened, and I am so happy you took care of her.”

Dad stopped. He sighed before talking. “I wish I could have done more. When the rumor continued to grow and be manipulated, I wanted to crush everyone who said anything.
I also…” Dad stopped.

I waited for him to continue…”Dad?”

“I was surprised that you had invited Jeremy to our house. I never believed anything they were saying about Jenny, but after your sophmore year I assumed Jeremy was like the rumors. But since you had decided to bring him; I realized that I had been misjudging him. My son would not be friends with someone who would do those things to Jenny.”

Dad’s grip loosened on my arm; I could feel his guilt. “Don’t worry about it Dad. You like the guys only had one side of the story. Jeremy has forgiven the guys so I am sure he would for you as well.” We both stopped and looked at the guys sitting in the living room. Jeremy was laughing with the guys, “I actually feel bad for Jeremy. He already had a crappy childhood, and now he is having to defend himself against being labeled as a bully. He is in the same boat as Jenny. They both had to leave home.” Thinking more about this made the whole ordeal more frustrating.

We had been standing on the stairs too long, because here came Matthew and Jerry.

“Do you need some extra help for the broken one,” Jerry pointed and smirked at me?

“Yeah, Mr. Matthews. We can help relieve you of your current duty,” Matthew started up the stairs to me.

“No thanks. I’m good with my…” I started, but Jerry and Matthew seem to not be listening to me; because they each grabbed an armpit and lifted me down the stairs. It
wasn’t so bad; but seriously the jokes and mocking is going to be unbarable.

Dad just chuckled and walked down the stairs into the living room; he pulled Jeremy aside as Jerry and Matthew finally made it into the room. ‘I know he is doing. He is
probably apologizing.’
“Thanks guys. you can let me down now.” THUD! ‘Ouch. They just dropped me on the floor.’ “Maybe next time aim for the couch. Geeze,” I crawled to the nearest couch.

“Sorry dude,” Jerry was rubbing his arms, “you are just a lot heavier than I remember. Right Matthew?”

“Yeah. What are they feeding you at that school?” Matthew rubbed the back of his neck.

‘Haha. Serves you right.’ Jeremy walked back into the living room. I caught his eye and gestured towards Dad, “you good?”

Jeremy nodded. He relaxed into the recliner, “Could you recap and tell me what all I missed from last night’s discussion. All I remember was…Derek and Trevor on the floor. Nice job Matthew with the smack down.”

Matthew’s head snapped to Jerry and Ken, who completely ignored his eye line. “Yeah, well my parents let me have it after that day. Even though I did not reiceve a blemish on the school record; they saw it as a red flag from a college’s points of view. So they have tried to keep me on a tight leash until now,” Matthew collapsed
into the arm chair behind him.

Matthew looked like he just gained ten years of exhaustion. ‘His parents are super strict; I am surprised he is still allowed to be my friend.’

“Okay George. I am off,” Mom came down the stairs.

She looked stunning. ‘Dad picked a good one.’ I got up from the couch and walked over to grab Mom her coat and purse.

“Thank you,” she kissed me on the cheek. “Your dad in his studio?”

“Nope. I’m right here,” Dad came around a corner, “I’m not about to let you leave without saying goodbye. Dad kissed Mom on the forehead, “Love you. Have fun, Hon.”

Mom smiled and she sweetly giggled, “I will. You boys don’t have too much fun. There is ice cream in the freezer. Bye,” she yelled as she closed the door behind her.

‘My mom is great.’ I looked over to Dad, and he was still looking at the front door. He smiled, but I could see the longing for her to be back. ‘I want that. A love like my parent’s have.’ Relizing what I was think I shook my head to clear it of non current issues. “You hanging out with us, Dad? Or are you going back to the studio?”

“Oh,” Dad seemed to jump and my talking; he must have still been thinking about mom. “Yep. Going back to the studio, but first,” Dad walked to the kitchen, “I’m going to
have some of that ice cream she mentioned.” He opened the fridge and pulled out the tub of Chocolate Brownie Fudge. “Since your Mom is no longer here, I am going to
serve myself a normal sized bowl. And no one here,” he pointed the serving spoon at each of us, “is going to tell her. Right?”

‘That’s Dad.’ I laughed but still nodded. The guys followed my example.

“Should I leave it out?” Dad pointed to the carton on the counter.

I looked at the guys and I could see their answer, “Leave it out. Also take all you want. I don’t know if there will be any left when you leave.”

Dad laughed and shoved the serving spoon back into the tub, “No worries. I’m already having way too much. Your mom would kill me if she knew,” Dad picked up his bowl and walked past the living room, into the hallway, and to his studio. “All yours,” Dad walked away without seeing the mad dash to the kitchen.

Art Today #2

Well I think my days of painting by myself are gone. I have a little buddy now.

Our new set up!

No longer am I in the carport with a huge tall table…nope. Instead the table is maybe 2ft tall. And I now share my work space.

This was two days ago. I finally added the base red.

I still probably have about 3-4 days to go before I’m done.

Baby has no trouble painting. She keeps asking for more. Her first painting looks like a waterfall. We will be keeping that one. The others I might gesso over them again, so that I don’t run out.

Running out is a definite possibility. Haha 😂


I’m such a proud mama! I just desperately hope those sticky painted fingers don’t come near my painting…or my brother will be getting a surprise… (later she decided to finger paint)

This was yesterday.

It’s coming along. I decided to let the red dry more and do the buildings in the background.

But I sadly only had enough time to do one side. She got bored with painting and started to throw gravel…😑

Probably only 2 more days! I want to give this to my brother is September. Because it’s his Christmas present; and I don’t think I will see him after. At least not for a while.

Well enjoy your Monday! May it be productive! Hopefully mine is too!

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 13

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 12


‘I think Jeremy died.’ He was breathing, but it seemed like he would stop soon; I should say he is wheezing and gasping for air. ‘Haha. Is it a bad thing that I am happy?’ I was tired too, but I think after that run, Jeremy’s legs are gone.

“You okay? Do I need to call 911?” I said tossing a gatorade to him.

The gatorade landed directly in front of him, bobbing in the pool.

I didn’t know if he was going to grab it, or if I was going to have to swim after it. “…Dude? You going to grab that or…”

Before I could finish; Jeremy grabbed the bottle, swung himself up on the deck, and downed the entirety of the bottle. “I’m okay. But did we really need to do that awful kick set? You do remember I ran fifteen miles this morning, right?”

Jeremy chucked the empty bottle at me; I ducked just in time as the bottle sailed over my head. “Just think of it this way,” I chuckled and slipped back into the pool, “you are in better shape than me. Coach Jones would be proud.” I muffled my laughter because of the death glare I was receiving. ‘I guess Jeremy is not accepting my resonings.’ “Okay. Fine. Let’s race an all out fifty. Whoever wins gets to choose the other’s next workout. Deal?”

“Sure. But you have to do butterfly,” Jeremy winced but still smiled.

‘What are you up to?’ Jeremy would never easily accept a chalenge; especially being so dead. “Why? Are you assuming…”

Jeremy cut me off, “Are you afraid you will lose to me?” Jeremy gestured to himself. Then he slowly pulled his body out of the pool. “You never used to question Coach Jones. Are you worried you won’t be able to beat me this time?”

“Oh shut it Jeremy,” I pulled myself up out of the pool. I started to actively jump, waking up my limbs. ‘There is no way I’m losing to him; he looks like he is about to fall over.’ “So, you good on the terms of the bet? Loser does whatever set the winner chooses?”

“Deal.” Jeremy extended his hand to me.

We shook on it. Digging my phone out of my bag on the bleachers behind us, I prepared a ten second timer. “When the sound goes off we go; got it?”

Jeremy nodded. He got up on his block and took his mark. I started the timer and also went to the stance.

……..Beep, beep, beep! We dove into the pool.

“You…big…liar,” I was hanging onto the wall gasping for air. I didn’t realize how much my limbs were hurting before that race. But what I more importantly didn’t realize was that Jeremy was perfectly fine. Once we dove in, I expected an easy win, but instead off went Jeremy. It was a catch-up race for me. He only won by maybe a hand, but he still won. ‘That liar.’ Jeremy was gasping for air as well, but he was also dying of laughter. ‘I didn’t know that was possible.’ “What do you…have to… say for…yourself?”

Jeremy was still chuckling, “I’m good. It’s your fault you trusted your competitor. Remember what Coach Jones always says, ‘Always assume your competitor is faster.’ You just failed. This is my favorite practice so far,” Jeremy slipped back into the pool and started to float away on his back. He lifted his head suddenly, “Let’s start our cooldown. I’m starving after today’s workout,” he laid back enjoying his victory.

He was enjoying it a little too much. ‘He deserves this.’ I left the wall, swam under him, and popped up just in front of him. With his body facing away from me, I shoved his shoulders down and submerged his head underwater. Then instantly after, I swam back into my lane and continued with my cooldown. Swimming away, I lifted my head just enough to hear Jeremy spewing and coughing out water; while he was attempting to talk.

“You…idiot. You…are…the only…one in the…pool. I…know it was…you,” Jeremy just put his head back down in the water, sometimes that is the only way to stop choking on water, and he started his cooldown.

‘Probably not the smartest thing to do since he gets to choose my next workout, but it was so worth it.’ I laughed and continued the cooldown.

“No way! I said next workout. As in next day,” shaking my head at what Jeremy was saying.

“Nope. You said next workout. You never specified the date. Give me your gear and get to it,” Jeremy was standing by the driver side door; extending his hand out for the key.

“You…” Jeremy’s choice was I run the fifteen miles home. ‘What a…’ I dug out my running shoes and ear buds, and threw the bag at Jeremy; I also tossed him the key. “Next time, remind me never to make a bet with you. Was this your plan all along?”

“No. I was actually not really thinking of anything. If anything I was going to save it and use it later in college; but then you shoved me underwater, and I had a change of heart. Also I had time to think during that long cooldown,” Jeremy unlocked the door and threw my stuff in the back seat.

‘Now I’m regretting my descion from earlier… only a little bit. Let’s be honest, I’m not regretting it. It was awesome!’

“I’ll leave the door unlocked at the house for you,” and Jeremy drove off.

‘That punk.’ I shoved my ear buds in and started the long and grooling run. ‘Man, this is going to suck.’