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Life As A Mama #39

Just a nice day full of family time!

Since it was such a warm day…we walked to the store , Elizabeth and Daddy got ice cream. She got messy of course!
(Mine was at the house already.)
I asked for a smile and I got her go to expression…stick out tongue.
She asked for my sunglasses. She wanted to match daddy. 😂
Oh so cool! 😎
And then the sweetest thing happened!!
Wait for it….!!!!
My first flower from my baby 🥰🌸
Mama is happy 😊
Finish the happy day off with daddy, while watching the train fly by.❤️
Original by emil2jane

It was a beautiful day. Hopefully more like that to come! Have a happy Sunday! 🤩

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Life As A Mama #38

These days do happen, but rarely…
Baby’s breakfast is prepared and looking yummy!!
Making our breakfasted has become just a routine…I can be done in less than 10min now. 😎 I decided to eat my peanut butter honey toast in the kitchen standing up.
As I finished my last bite…Elizabeth had finished hers…WOW!
She also…put her dishes in the sink and counter when she was done…
I was surprised but also quite proud…
Now this I think is the biggest surprise for me…!
Like always doing the dishes after dinner. When a sudden, “Mama!” told me it must be that time.
Potty time!! When she was finally done going potty and ready to go back into the kitchen…I saw this…😳
The hubby…was doing…the dishes…🤯
Almost exactly the face I had after I saw this…I took a picture when it happened. Just because I knew this would be great comic content.
Beware people…beware…
Original by emily2jane

Elizabeth now clears her dishes and puts them in the dishwasher. 🥰 It’s so cute!! Also whenever we are watching a movie while eating out ice cream on the couch, she will take our bowls and spoons and put them in the sink. She takes care of mama! 😍

And I really shouldn’t be so shocked about the hubby doing the dishes…but it’s been almost four years since I saw that sight…

I guess… husbands in the world… if you want to confuse your wife do the dishes one night without saying anything… She, like me, will wonder if the world is ending.

Haha 😂 well enjoy your day!

Life As A Mama #37

Today was a nice day, but filled with sadness…😅

Da Da Dunnnnnnn!
She was being such a sweet sweet this morning that I wanted a picture of her…
I guess it was too much to ask…I preceded to copy her; I sent that picture to my family.
Got her ready for church and she looked so cute! Will she smile for grandma…
Yes. Yes she will. Mama, no. Grandma, yes.
One of the foods that makes her a happy baby…applesauce. Meaning of life for her…
Now my turn!
I did everything for her first as always. Made her Mac n cheese, gave her applesauce, milk. So I turned my back a second and…
Her applesauce is untouched…whereas my apples have been munched upon…
She ate all the good parts and left me the peel part. She also gave me back all the bites that were not to her liking. 😒
Yes another black rain cloud. It was a rain cloud type of moment.

I still ate my “apple” I’ve gotten used to it. I guess the love of apples has been passed down to Elizabeth. I’ve always loved apples.

Random memory: In the first Harry Potter movie, the scene with the Halloween feast…you see all the meat, candy, desserts, etc. However for me, the first time I saw the movie I was with my sister and I yelled, “APPLES!!” when a basket of them came on screen. The love of apples is good. Haha 😂

Original by emily2jane

It was not a bad day. It was actually a very nice Sunday. I am just feeling some heart break for my apple.

Also, you should know Elizabeth continued, and ate all of her applesauce, and asked for seconds…

Enjoy your Monday. Have an apple 🍎😊

Life As A Mama #36

The woes of toys…all parents understand…

This is two days of not cleaning….it’s a mine field in our living room…
Big building blocks!!! OUCH!!
Plastic bears between the toes…!!!!
Impression of the lego on the foot…can you imagine the pain!?!
It was chalk time?…I was making lunch and she got too quiet. Which is why I walked through the mine field.
Daddy’s chair…😵 at least he was not home. I made her clean it off…
The rocking horse…😩 again she cleaned it.
The piano bench…I did not include the couch or another shelf…which again she had to clean. Her chalk has been taken away.
Enough was enough…Clean up time!!!
Just because I can!
Imagine angels singing a big, “Hallelujah!”
But not for long. The sound of blocks being thrown begins again…

The living room looks worse than it did last night….so we will be cleaning again! All parents understand the legos…Whoever invented them did not think about the pain caused when stepping on them. If they had…

When the older kid legos become a big thing in my house…we will have to have a designated area…

Enjoy your Thursday!! 😊

Life As A Mama #35


Bedtime has been somewhat easier…she doesn’t expect me to feed her anymore…but there are days like this…
Daddy and baby were snuggling on couch so I decided to clean up so that I could relax tonight.
I told him not to let her fall asleep…😒
Mama is the bad guy…shower time.
It’s going to be a long night…
Finally ready for bed. Finally quiet!! sleep…??
Humming and singing books to herself.
Giving her giant teddy bear hugs while singing the daddy song.
I thought she might fall asleep under the teddy bear but nope…daddy came up after he heard the daddy song…
2hrs later…we have come full circle…they are asleep on the floor…
Original by emily2jane

I did wake up the hubby and he went back downstairs. I scooped up the baby and put her in her bed. Finally my alone time!!

So what should people take from this….

I need to change my schedule with her. I need to shower her around 7:30-8:00 and then if she falls asleep with daddy on the couch I can just carry her upstairs and it’s bedtime.

Also husbands in the world. When she says, “keep them awake“, do the easy job and keep them awake…thank you. 😊

Enjoy your Thursday!

Life As A Mama #34

This was a sad day. More for the hubby than me.

Self explanatory…
My crazy roller coaster of emotions…frazzled…
When will all of this end!!! Ughh…
When will the hubby be home. I am at my wits end…
Through all my stress I didn’t notice to constant puffy redness spreading on Elizabeth’s face…
We went out without the pup and Elizabeth’s redness went away…so she seems to be slightly allergic.
Once the hubby got home from taking the puppy back, he went to the park to distract Elizabeth.
I vacuumed…everything possible… that the dog touched. Then I put the house back to normal.
Like nothing happened…
I think that was the first time I smiled in almost a week.
Slowly my smile faded into sadness. What happens if Elizabeth notices the pup pup is no longer here…
Original by: emily2jane

My best advice. Don’t get a puppy when you have a 2 yr old. You are just asking for trouble and a frazzled brain. Also pay attention and try and notice if your baby is allergic sooner.

Elizabeth has not notice. Sadly this is not the 1st time we have brought a puppy home…more like the 3rd…

So when I say it is sadder for the hubby it is true; because it means it is his 3rd time to take a puppy back. The other times were because my allergies acted up severely. But this time around I kept them in check.

I must say that it wasn’t just because of Elizabeth’s allergies. It was the important reason, but it was also for our marriage. When you no longer want to be around each other and you just want to strangle your spouse, something has to change…

So again I reiterate, don’t get a puppy with a 2yr old. You are just asking for a roller coaster of emotions and a naughtier baby, than before the dog. 😓

Life As A Mama #33

I wanted to paint some…so I set everything up and…

So excited for art time!!
Well at least I was happy…but the Nooooo! Started as soon as I sat her down.
I compromised…
Painting…painting…painting! Baby sneakily running…???
(Yes I gave myself a dark rain cloud. Because that’s how I felt)
Someone found a sharpie…dad’s desk…😓
She felt bad about it. And she said sorry and gave me sorry kisses.

I at least got some more of my painting done. But her arms still have faded sharpie lines. One mark looks like she has barbed wire on her arm…

Just in time for Easter…hope most of it is gone. Because her dress has no sleeves.

This is when it happened…it’s now thankfully almost gone.
My painting so far.

Life As A Mama #32

Another day at our house…

Shocked, frazzled, and terrified all at once…
Due to the stress of 2 yr old and puppy…I took the night off of my mama duties…😳 why does it seem like we use every dish possible when I take a day off…
Adding to the stress…we payed extra because he was coming to us potty trained…all lies.
If you ever think this to yourself…it is going to happen…
Let the dog back in… Cleaning up his pee…and the pup decided to hold Elizabeth down by her hair…
😡 her screams caught my attention right away. Out went the dog.
Elizabeth doesn’t understand. The pup is trying to claim the top spot…what the pup doesn’t understand is Elizabeth fights her daddy for that spot everyday…She was okay. Just shaken.
Finally Daddy is home, and brought the goods. I’m so done…I want peace and quiet…
The piece of resistance…gloves…
I’m all good now. Daddy is in charge of pup and baby. I now have gloves for my dish washing. So happy and refreshed! Now to the dishes!!

Yep. You all were probably expecting some grand gift…but to me the gloves are a grand gift.

Our water is harsh and this is what my hands have been like for a while.

They are redder and more painful looking in person. Lotion does nothing…

So truly the hubby got me exactly what I wanted!! He knows me so well!! Thank you Hubby!!😍

Enjoy your Monday. It is super windy here and we lost power, a moment ago, for about 20min.

Life As A Mama #31

My earlier post about my frazzled brain. This comic will explain why…

All drawings are from actual interactions between the two…

What you expect when getting a puppy. Not the complete truth. And you have to know we got him 2 weeks earlier than expected…I was not mentally prepared yet.
Elizabeth gives him super hugs. She does love him ❤️
Hubby and Elizabeth only saw the happiness of getting him early…the hubby had work the next day…😒
Elizabeth has a buddy to chase around and to be chased now…she gets all her giggles and wiggles out when we go outside now!
Usually while cooking dinner I have two things behind me snuggling on the floor.
However, puppy + 2 yr old is somewhat of a nightmare for mama.
Elizabeth got really mad when all of her toys disappeared. She doesn’t understand that when she runs around with her toys it’s teasing him. She also doesn’t understand he will destroy anything he can get.
I was dealing with a naughty baby. Then suddenly I heard his howling. Look out the window and his head is stuck in the gate. 😓
They do snuggle behind me while cooking dinner, but sometimes he wants to nap and she was to super snuggle. So sometimes the snuggling turns into fighting.
And it continues under the couch as well…😒
As it says…she loves him so much.
Snuggling on the couch watching a movie at night.

Unless he is outside going potty she is always with him. When he sleeps on the floor under the table…when he chills on the couch…when he hangs with me in the kitchen…

But still a 2 yr old and puppy do not mix well. Also you have to know that Elizabeth has been in the terrible 2s even before 2. And he is not fully potty trained…😖

So saying, “pray for my sanity” you will now understand why…

My sweet sweet and her’s. ❤️

Life As A Mama #30

A typical day at church…

She has become the new unofficial greeter. She says hello to everyone, and some lucky people get hugs.
Elizabeth dashes quickly through the rows of chairs saying her hellos.
In the indoor gym area she attempts to play with the older kids. She does not care if they are playing rough; she just laughs and runs with them. 😜 The only way she can play basket ball is if the hoop is all the way down and someone lifts her up.
As worship begins…the running around giggling does too…😓😂 I find it so embarrassing to have to chase her up front. But the congregation thinks is cute and funny so they laugh; so she laughs and thinks she is acting perfectly fine.
After she runs away once, she must be held; which starts the, “Noooooos!!!” She does not like being in mama’s arms. She wants to be free…😓
So while worship is continuing, I am singing and humming along while I keep Elizabeth happy with doodling with crayons.
Then she notices her favorite buddy is sitting behind us. So she takes her crayons and shares with him by his family. I feel so bad for letting my naughty child influence the boy…😖😑
Calm down mama…what?….really!?!
Sunday school begins…
And mama’s time to relax starts…enjoy the small amount of worship left, listen intently to the sermon. Mama’s alone time in God’s house…❤️

Every Sunday is not like this…occasionally I get a well behaved baby… which scares me. Because I know that means once we get home all craziness will be unleashed.

But I can’t complain. It makes me so happy that church is her favorite place to be. She never wants to go home. The “Nooooooos!!!” happen again once I say we have to go bye bye.

Also since Elizabeth is such a social person, church is her once a week day to interact with everyone. Even people who want alone time will get a smile or a sweet, “Hello.” They have no choice.

It is Tuesday, which means Mom’s group…at the church. Elizabeth loves Mom’s group as well, she had oodles of space to be a crazy little ball of energy. Enjoy your Tuesday!! 🥰