Of course! Emily Elephant

Do you remember your favorite book from childhood?

My favorite book was called Emily Elephant. She cooks, she cleans, she picks flowers. My mom actually saved me the book, and I have read it to my own daughter.

I can’t remember being read the book. But I do remember wanting to clean, bake, pick flowers, have a party. I still do all these things, but I don’t know if I would say I want to clean.

Now, my daughter wants to do all these things with me. She loves to sweep, mop, and vacuum. She helps me with the dishes. She loves baking and cooking. (Her croutons are amazing!!) She is an excellent flower picker. I get to enjoy the wild flowers both inside and out. And she is only four.

If you have a daughter or niece or granddaughter; try the book Emily Elephant. It teaches you the great skills in life that you will always use.

Have a happy Wednesday!!🌼

I Discovered Why…

I discovered why I’ve been so irritable and frustrated lately. I’m unhappy. My giving cup is empty.

Every person is some percentage of giving. I am 80% giving and 20% receiving. Example: 80% of the time I would rather give a gift than receive. But 20% of the time I NEED to receive.

So meaning being myself, my normal self; has not made me very happy as of late. I’ve just been stumbling around not knowing what’s wrong. Instead, I’ve been irritable. Short tempered. And unhappy. I guess I’ve been trying to figure out how to be happy, when being myself doesn’t make me happy anymore. Hence, my giving cup is empty.

So I’m just going to focus on myself. Normally I would focus on making those around me happy. Giving them what they needed. Focus on them; Focus on them! But none of my requests were being met. I was just either waiting or attempting to live without. Not even being big request, remember only 20%.

But now I’m to the point, I am going to make me happy. And I just won’t ask anymore. Not until my giving cup is full again or I feel happy. I don’t know how long that will take, but I want to feel like myself again. I want to be happy giving to others. And not feel drained and depressed at everyday life.

It’s going to be noticeable. Hopefully this will help me. Hopefully.

But on a happier note… Happy Birthday Mama!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

We love and miss you 🥰

The First Thing…

Jot down the first thing that comes to your mind.

Of course, when I read the prompt my mind went blank. Before opening up the app my mind was spinning….

‘What will today’s prompt be? Memories, school from the past, poem?’ But no when it came down to the prompt. “First thing that comes to mind.” Nothing. Even as I sat on the couch and straining to come up with something….my husband thought I was having an issue. Haha 😂

As I am writing, I am trying to come up with something. But I’m sitting in the living room, on the couch, feeding my son. My daughter is sitting at her small art table in a corner drawing thank you pictures. (Her friend just gave her some socks.) My husband is eating his breakfast at the table telling me about the various things that are happening in his friends lives.

And I am trying to think of something, while listening to all the voices.

I guess that would be my thing. Voices. I seem to be someone who can either sit in complete utter silence otherwise, I have to be enveloped by noise. Coming from a larger family it was never quiet. But now that we live states away my household can be quiet occasionally. On those days, where the hubby is out tinkering in the shop, my daughter is using her imagination to play with her figurines in her doll house, and my son is happily playing with a measuring cup and bowl; I have to turn on some music to fill the void.

But voices…I can often hear my mom’s voice when I’m pondering my options. God’s voice when I’m conflicted or worried. Husband’s voice when I’m doing something that he would give me the look of, “Really?” My own thoughts too; often when I’m trying to do several things at once. My siblings voices when certain topics come up in conversation; I can hear them chiming in as if they were actually there.

Voices. They all are a great comfort to me. Because I know no matter what, I am loved.

A picture just came to mind. Let me try and draw it. My son is currently asleep on my arm as I’m writing this post. Don’t know how my digital drawing will be.

Digital Art: “Stillness Within”
By: emily2jane

Even if it’s everything is happening at once…there can still be stillness.

Have a wonderful day.

Word Of The Day: Flounder 04-13-23

Synonyms: flounder, struggle, squirm, wriggle, splash, stumble, blunder, etc.



My eyes only flutter open,

When I hear the door creak.

She’s awake.


Brother lies still beside me,

Finally resting peacefully.

The night was a struggle.



My essences left my body.

I stand hollow and empty.

Yelling and chattering,

Never end with these two.


Food is out.

Why such a battle.

I squirmed and wriggled,

To get one meal done.

Please nap time come.



Chaos is constant.

Never a moment of peace.

Questions spewing, toys flying, emotions rising.

Will it ever be done?



Screams of protest.

Anger developing.

Stumbles, fumbles, thrash, splash.

Silence follows all those blunders.



Regrets and upsets,

Fill my brain.

Retrace your steps,

To learn again.





Being a mama is tough. One child is different than two. Especially when your first child is intelligent and stubborn. She is determined to do it her way. He way or the highway. Except that doesn’t work when it’s supposed to be my way.

Little man is so mellow compared to her. He is smart too, noticeably for his age. My life will be interesting; calm way to put it.

But I struggle. I don’t know what I’m doing. I try my best and always some part of the day seems to be….Blarghbaaaaaaaaaa!!! If you couldn’t tell, that was me having a meltdown.

And I know it will continue to be difficult if we continue to add to our family. But hopefully I can find that flow…a current of productive moments.

I do have those moments. And I need to try and focus on the happy sweet moments of the day at bedtime. It’s difficult. But I know they probably outnumber the bad moments.

To all young moms out there. You are doing a great job. And all grandma’s now, you did amazing job raising your kids. Because they decided to continue the line of family. Your kids feel comfortable and confident enough to raise kids on their own.

Thank you to my mom!❤️

“After A Storm” Digital Art
By: emily2jane

I will starting to paint soon. And some of the art from my blog will finally be on canvases!! I’m excited to get my art out into the world. 🎊

The word of the day today might be a negative word. But it helps show you the good in life. Like the picture above. Always after something bad, the good will come into focus, and shine in your life. Have a wonderful day ❤️

Word Of The Day: Undulate 12-14-22

Synonyms: surge, wave, billow, roll, swell, ripple, etc.

Topic: From Hubby

Freezing air,

As he stares;

At the quest before him.


Mounting his might steed,

A sturdy breed;

Roaring to life.


Snow billows,

Causing rippling waves;

Swirling beside the beast.


Exhausting feat,

Hard cold seat;

The hubby sits firm.


Hours later,

Clearing greater;

Mounds of snow stand.


The ground is free,

I agree;

“Coco please.”


I asked the hubby for a topic. It’s a great word but my mind was blank on inspiration. Thank you hubby. I told him the synonyms and this was the phrase he came up with on the spot: “The wave of rolling snow, as I plow.” I thought that was a great line of inspiration!!

I’ve been having trouble writing or coming up with ideas. My son has gotten a cold and all of my focus has been on my family. It’s seems like we’ve been sick more often than not.

Stay warm!!

“Wishful Thinking”
By: emily2jane

My Lucky Twenty-Nine


My heart breaks every time.

Why the lies?


It’s not just you,

Can you understand I’m here too?

When I meet you will you be

As you said?

Or will another be a wasted day?

We shall see,


Do all guys lie?


Number one was older,

A goner was number four,

I walked right back out the door.


Seven was a liar,

Twelve was fatter,

Lying does not flatter.


Fifteen was younger,

A flirt was twenty-two,

Honesty is what I pursue.


Twenty-four was sadly a bore,

Twenty-eight was very late.

Is loneliness my fate?


This is my last one,

Walking to my final meet.

Preparing for failure,

Praying to my Savior.

I can’t take much more,

Will twenty-nine slam my door?


The man before me…

I see nothing to deceive.

Why can’t I speak?

Nervousness escaping squeaks.

He talks, I listen,

Stunned to respond.


He is the one.

God washes over me,


Our meet was not brief,

My heart still in disbelief.

Outside my home,

Ending unknown.

Side hug goodbye,

Glancing back at the guy,

My lucky twenty-nine.


It’s said to write what you know. So this poem is based on me meeting my husband. And I’m not exaggerating when I say I went on many first dates. Some I went on up to three-five dates, but they all ended up lying about something in the end. Online dating is already hard enough. Why lie on your profile. Yes personality is a big part of someone, but for me if you lie with a picture what else will you or are you lying about.

I guess, don’t compromise. And don’t be embarrassed if none of your dates are working out. Now you know there is someone who experienced twenty-eight bad ones before my right one found me.

God made me experience all the awful meets, so that I would know the right one when I met him. Also, so I would see all his great qualities, and see past the honesty of the handsomeness of his profile picture.

Digital Art “Love”
By: emily2jane

Baby Brain

It’s a real thing. Other husbands out there, don’t worry it is a temporary thing….through pregnancy and maybe the next 2 years. Haha 😆 Pregnant women get forgetful, slower, and zone out. Some might not, (some women might be lucky.)

But I definitely experience the baby brain.

It makes doing anything twice as hard. Also the hubby has days where he can’t talk to me. Haha 😂

But I’ve gotten better. I now can tell him when I’m having a bad baby brain day. He usually knows before I say anything and responds with, “Oh, I know.”

My mom throughout my growing up told me that with each child we stole some of her smartness. My mom is super smart!!! I’m not saying otherwise, but now I understand what she means. I’m on baby number 2, and I’m wondering how much my new baby will take. My daughter is scary smart. (I know that’s what most parents say) but to me for a three year old she is too smart. Haha 😂

So if she is so smart she probably took a 1/4 of my smartness; meaning I’ll probably be giving away another 1/4. Because he is similar to how she was during my pregnancy.

We shall have to wait and see.

But that’s why I haven’t been posting. Because these last months have been major baby brain months. Only one more to go!!

I hope you have a wonderful day, today!

The cover photo: a snap shot I took out our dining room window. To me it looks like the typical screen saver screen. The lushest green, with the blue sky. This was the first day of actually warm weather. “Spring” but it’s been raining for almost three days. Over 500 gallons of water later, it’s sunny. (We captured all the rain we could to use it for watering the garden. We ran out of ways to capture water, all that free water gone. 😞)

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 37

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 36


As the warm water sprayed down my back, I thought about what had happened today. I swam my butt off in that fifty, and I really have no idea how I actually swam it. ‘Like the technique.’ After that fifty, I stayed in the same position; leading the third lane of the A-Strings. Thankfully practice was just an endurance day. Lots of kicking and pulling. Nothing too exciting.

“George?” Jeremy broke my thoughts.

“Yeah,” I came back to reality.

“I asked how did that fifty feel? You were flying!” Jeremy asked but Timothy’s expression showed interest as well.

“It felt amazing. But I have no idea what I actually did technique-wise, so I don’t know if I could actually do that again,” I didn’t want to admit that, but it was the truth.

“Well,” Timothy started, “you have done it once; you’ll do it again. Especially now that Coach Jones knows you can,” Timothy gave a concerned but encouraging face.

‘True. Now that Coach Jones knows I can, he is going to want that every time. Great.’ I sighed and just continued to shower off.

Thankfully Coach Jones stated after practice that if anything happens in the locker rooms he will deal with the situation accordingly. Meaning, none of the upperclassmen bothered me.

“Let’s hurry! Coach Jones wanted to say a few more things after we all change,” Timothy said exiting the shower, and quickly drying off.

As much as I wanted to stay in the shower, I followed pursuit of Timothy, and dragged Jeremy to follow.

“Everyone present?” Coach bellowed over the voices. Silence was his answer. “Good. Now I won’t be picking strings today, because of the situtation George and Kevin had today. I want everyone to be on an even playing field when I do.”

At the mention of Kevin’s name, I searched the crowd looking for him. No such luck. I returned my attention back to Coach Jones.

“For the first two weeks, I have chosen everyone’s roommates. Some new faces will be seen in rooms and some familiar. After the first two weeks, we will hold a mock meet to determine strings. However, do not be lazy during the first two weeks; I will be looking at your effort in those practices too, when I make my descion. My upperclassmen you may leave,” Coach looked to Bryan and nodded him to be the example.

“Head out team,” Bryan yelled as he swung his bag onto his shoulder and started for the exit.

I got several glares as the upperclassmen walked past me. Especially Bryan. ‘This is going to be a fun first two weeks.’

“Now my newest freshmen. You will all be rooming together. I have the lists hanging outside. We only seem to have five new girl athletes joining us this year, so I will be assigning the larger room to you five. All othe rooms will be of four people. If you have different prefrences for the arrangments I have made, tell Coach Steve.
He will be in charge of you lot until things are finalized in two weeks. Enjoy these two weeks while you can, everything will change. You may leave,” Coach looked to Coach Steve to intiate the departure. Slowly the bodies left.

Only the high school returnees were on the deck.

“You lot will have the toughest time,” Coach had finally looked up from his clipboard.

‘Nice upbeat start to the talk. Oh, Coach Jones.’ I shook my head.

“Yep. Geroge’s reaction is correct. It is wrong that you all will be bullied and pushed around, but I know it will happen. I do not approve of hazing, but know that whatever you exprerience is less than what your upperclassmen experienced when they were in your positions. Earlier when I said give the respect they deserve I meant it. The respect they deserve! If they don’t deserve respect because of their actions do not give them an inch. Those of you who cower in front of them now will never be out of their shadows until they graduate. Stand your ground,” Coach Jones’ voice changed from informative to engouraging towards the end.

‘Better. He is getting better.’

“If anything be like George,” Coach Jones pointed to me amoung my teammates, “He did not back down when I put him on the spot. He swam his heart out, even though it meant that all the upperclassmen would target him directly after. Maybe not all this year, but I expect several of you to knock some A-String swimmers out of their spots this year! Do not let your Coach down,” Coach started to pass out a paper. “These are the rooming assignmments I chose. You can make changes for these first two weeks, but then
several of you will move. George, Timothy, and Jeremy, stay; the rest of you leave.”

Jeremy, Timothy, and I watched as our fellow teammates made their way through the doors we had entered only two hours ago.

“So Timothy,” Coach interupted our thoughts, “where is Antonio?”

“He last minute said he needed to head home urgently. I’m assuming something must have happen to his family. He wanted to continue but family came first, I suppose,” Timothy answered.

I draped my arm over Timothy’s shoulder; I know he wasn’t showing it but he was hurting since part of his swim family was gone.

“I understand. Antonio told me that someone in his family was sick, and that he would have to leave aburptly if their health declined. I understand, but I am bummed that his career is probably over. He was an amazing Breaststroker. Well, now on to current things. You three will be roommates these first two weeks. I want there to be no possibilities for problems while you three are trying to figure out college life with swimming. Get into the rhythm, but don’t get too comfortable. Once morning practices start your daily lives will seem like a blur until you get on track. Especially when you move rooms,” Coach looked at me when he finished.

‘I knew it was going to happen.’ I would have to room with upperclassmen when the Strings are determined. I understood it, but I was hoping for at least one year of peace before being thrown into the chaos. I still nodded to Coach Jones to show I understood.

“Good. Now you will have one other athlete in your room. He is in the last place of the A-Strings. I wanted you three to be able to pick his brain about college life; that is, if the upperclassmen allow him to do so. He might be a friend or maybe a foe. You will have to determine for yourself. But it will prepare you for new roommates. Be strong you three. I truly hope to see you in the A-Strings at the end of these two weeks. If not, we will do another mock meet in the middle of the year. Nothing is ever set in stone. Now get out of here,” and Coach Jones walked off and into his office.

‘I knew this year was going to be hectic, but what Coach Jones just described is more than I imagined as a freshmen. Oh well, it’s the swimming life.’ “You guys hungry? I’m hungry.” I dropped my arm off of Timothy’s shoulder and scooped up my bag.

“I’m always hungry,” Jeremy swung his bag up too.

We looked at Timothy.

“What athlete is never not hungry?” Timothy must have thought our questioning looks were rhetorical.

We started walking out the doors of the pool. Our turf. And there in our path stood a guy, maybe our age; red hair, tan skin, and posture that suggested annoyance.

“You are?” Jeremy questioned the guy; he seemed like he would not be moving out of our way.

“I’m Charlie,” the guy answered, “I’m your new roommate.”

Happy 😊

Today must be a happy day.

I woke up and found my little sweetness still asleep. I selfishly woke her up for some snuggles. She whispered a, “Mama” as she climbed in beside me.

Must be a happy day.

We decided to not to get up, but instead we decided to nibble on each other’s sweetness. Haha! She said I tasted sweet.

Must be a happy day.

We got up with giggles and hugs; as I carried her to the kitchen to fill our bellies up with good food.

Must be a happy day.

My breakfast smiled back up at me. My little sweetness is eating her food. I’m enjoying some delicious leftover cut up strawberries.

Must be a happy day.

The sun is shining. It’s supposed to be a nice 70° day. With all the rain we have been getting it looks like Ireland here. I feel blessed.

Today is definitely a happy day. ❤️

Have a wonder day;full of sweetness, giggles, and hugs.

The honey made a smiley face. I caught it before smearing it. Haha 😂