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Supposedly the happiest word is laughter…

The deed is done.

So you wait for it to grow.




The heartbeat is strong,

So you, of course, push on.



And love.

They see you for the first time.

Happiness comes to mind.

I decided today I would write a poem. It’s been a while since I wrote poetry but my style hasn’t changed. I needed some inspiration so I looked up the word of the day….and came upon The Happiest Word: Laughter. I understand their reasoning. But my happiest word would have to be birth.

Birth. Bring into life. The mom’s in the world…you understand. Even if there are days where you think you will lose all your hair you just need to remember that when they opened their eyes and saw you for the first time…they knew.

Elizabeth has been too much of a sweet sweet to draw…but knowing her personality, I will have something soon.

4-13-21 8:57am

Enjoy your Tuesday. ❤️

Life Of Two Best Friends CHPT 31

Life Of Two Best Friends CHPT 30


I had another out of body moment. I had held my breath the last lap so I was unable to see straight as I held onto the wall. I could hear screaming; however, I couldn’t tell you the tone. ‘Come on head! Clear up so I can see the result.’ I ducked my head underwater to clear my mind; surfacing I could see the guys hugging and dancing around behind the block. Jeremy was also hanging onto the wall, but he had his head down and was not saying anything. ‘That’s a first. Must be a good sign.’ Looking at the board it read, lane 4, 1st, and 3:15.00…

“What!?!” I was shocked. That is our best time by about five and half seconds. “Wait?…” I searched for Coach; two big thumbs up were waiting for me. ‘Wow’ I think that is the first time Coach showed any encouragement publicly. Jenny and Brit were hugging and and jumping behind Coach. Wow they were identical to the guys. ‘The guys.’

I dragged my body out of the water and into their laughing embrace. ‘Ouch’ I didn’t realize how bad my muscles hurt until this moment.

“Dude you did it! And almost by one and half body lengths!” Ken had latched onto my shoulders and was screaming in my ear.

“Really?” I knew we won but I didn’t know it was that much, “turning my attention back to the board and saw Mountain High’s time…3:16.89… Wow almost two seconds behind. “That’s awesome!”

Jeremy had pulled himself out of the pool; he teammates had already left him behind.

“A deal is a deal. You will uphold your end.” Talking to Jeremy’s back, because he was trying to leave and would not face me. “Uphold…”

“Whatever. Fine. Just later,” and Jeremy huffed out, still with his back to us, he walked off.

‘Oh he will be upholding it later. I will make sure of it,’ walking towards the cooldown pool.

I didn’t realize how much tension I had in my body until I jumped into that cooldown pool. Matthew and Ken only did about half of what Jerry and I did. I needed more. I was hurting. As coach said you cooldown until you don’t hurt. ‘I don’t think the pool will be open long enough for that.’

Jerry flagged me down, “Come on George. Brit just came and told us to hurry up. If we need more cooldown he said to do more at your house. Coach has to go get Lily; I guess she has been, as Brit said, ‘an angry pickle today’.”

“Okay. I will probably be swimming more when I get home. I am still so tense,” I said as we clambered out of the pool. “Is it like now? Or do we have time to shower off?”

“I think its now. I guess Mrs. Bailey is about to lose her marbles; and Coach doesn’t want to lose her as a back-up person who babysits. Since you are going to swim again, just skip the shower. Anyways we need to hurry to catch the apology.

“Right. Let’s go,” I was not about to miss my early reward.

I was going to include all the entire team to watch Jeremy’s pathetic apology, but Jerry stopped me, “He won’t apologize in front of many people. If he is humiliated too much he won’t be sincere. Let’s just wait until the rest of the team leaves, and I already told Ken and Matthew to get Jenny and Brit.”

“Why are you always right Jerry. Fine. But it would have been great,” gathering up my gear as we head to where the apologize would go down.

People reading, I wish you could be here to watch this. It is perfect. Jeremy was behaving almost identical to John. Cowardly standing in front of us; none of his buddies were present. They probably all left right after he lost the race.

“So you gonna talk? You were all talkative earlier?” Ken was the first to speak in the silence.

We all chuckled.

Jeremy looked up.

I don’t know why his discomfort makes me so happy. He looked like he might start swinging before apologizing.

“Dude. Just man up and admit your mistake and apologize; or your wimping out might become the new gossip to talk about,” Ken interjected again. “Let’s imagine, ‘Did you hear about the captain from Mountain High who talked to much and chickened out when’…”

“Fine!” Jeremy walked towards Jenny.

I stopped him when he was close enough. “You can apologize from there.” I stepped off to Jenny’s side; the guys and Brit took up their places behind her.

Jeremy stopped right where I wanted him to. “Wow. Even now you are going to deny she is your girl? Man, I bet your real girlfriend is jealous of how…”

“Jeremy. This is not the time for your nonsense. A bet is a bet. Apologize,” I was done with him. ‘Why do I have to keep handling jerks who can’t apologize.’

“I’m sorry for what I said to you,” Jeremy said clearly.

‘Okay. At least it was loud enough to be heard.’ “Is that it? All that bluster for a pathetic apology.” Jerry called him out on it; thankfully it was not me.

Jeremy glared at Jerry, and then at me, “I should have never bet a… fine,” turning back towards Jenny, “I am sorry for my rude behavior and my rude words. I will be better behaved the next time we meet. You good?”

“Yes I’m good. I accept the apology,” Jenny finally spoke, but her stance showed that she wasn’t done; “however, I hope we never see each other again. As my friend says, ‘Ignore.’ Ignore me in the future. I want no part of your childish behavior to effect my swimmers.”

“Mic drop. Enough said,” Matthew said while Brit leaned against him giving an agreement nod.

Not waiting for more, “On that note, let’s leave. We should always ignore the people not worth acknowledging.” Jenny grabbed onto my arm and started walking away from Jeremy. “George do you think we can catch a ride? I realize Coach was my ride home.”

“No problem. But let’s head to my house for some celebration food. I’ll let my dad know,” pulling out my phone, letting Dad know what was up. I got a quick response. ‘Okay will have food ready!’ “We are all set. Let’s go. But it will be a tight fit,” pulling out my keys and unlocking the jeep. “Pile in!” Completely ignoring Jeremy’s presence.

Matthew who is the tallest claimed the front seat. The other four scrambled and squeezed to fit in the back. They finally settled with the idea of Ken sitting on Jerry’s lap while buckled. It was already exclaimed that this experience will never leave the jeep, said by both Jerry and Ken glaring, or we will have to eat our shoes. We all just laughed as we drove to my house. Looking in my rear view mirror, Jeremy was no where in sight. ‘Good. Hopefully he learns something this time.’

Life Of Two Best Friends CHPT 30

Life Of Two Best Friends CHPT 29


The meet went pretty much as planned. Our B and C relay teams did the first relay. They did as Coach said earlier, “Home Pride,” and defeated the B and C teams of Mountain High like it was nothing. Jerry and the guys were actually beginning to believe their sarcastic words from earlier; believing we would actually win. As individual events go, today’s meet was different than most; the events were our off events, because Coach didn’t want us to use up or great race at this meet. So Matthew and I exchanged events, while Ken and Jerry exchanged.

It was weird to be swimming a backstroke event, and it will probably be my last time based on what Coach said afterwards, “That was interesting? It’s a good thing that it is not your normal race.”

‘I am good never swimming it again’; Matthew is crazy for liking that race. Still, this exchange did make it well worth it, to see Ken struggle and die in Jerry’s normal five-hundred event. It was priceless.

Jenny and Brit were doing as I had suggested; they would help Coach in anyway he needed. This was the first meet where I’ve seen Coach so relaxed.

Our medley relay had been in the middle of the meet. That event was piece of cake to win. Even though Jeremy’s gang talks a big talk, they don’t have enough to beat us at our specialty strokes. But that wasn’t the relay that decided my fate; the four-hundred freestyle relay did. Each person, four laps, racing to the end. And naturally it is the last race of the meet.

Since my last race was not too long ago and the relay is coming up, I’ve been staying in the cooldown pool. Jerry and the guys had jumped in with me a moment ago, but they did a quick warm-up; now they were stretching behind our lane. Normally this was where the pressure would be beginning to build, but instead I know I cannot lose. My future, Jenny’s reputation, Coach’s pride, the guys, my dad, anyone I care about is depending on me. That pressure is motivation. ‘No one is stopping me. No one.’

I decided enough was enough, I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. Climbing out of pool, I see Jeremy and his gang were about to enter. ‘Good’ I don’t want to be anywhere near him; just because, he knows he is screwed and would try anything to stop me. ‘Ignore them. They aren’t worth it. Walk away.’

“So you really do believe that you will be winning?” snickered Jeremy as I walk by him.


“I don’t know what you see in her. She is just a mediocre girl. Is she really worth throwing your future away for? Are you so desperate to be her boyfriend that you will attempt to prove your feelings through trying to defend her.” This time is was Brian.

Fight the urge. Settle it in the pool. Ignore. But maybe walk faster.’

“Yeah maybe he likes girls like her. Maybe his type is…”

Turing around. Thankfully I was a distance from him, so I could not do anything damaging. “Shut up Jeremy. Let’s settle this in the pool. You game? Or afraid?” I turned away and headed to my guys. Not wanting to hear his stupid comeback. ‘It’s on.”

It’s time…The order was as always, Matthew, Ken, Jerry, then me. I was always last; the anchor. Which means I am handed all the pressure of winning. I like the pressure!

“Beep, beep, beep,” the ref blew his whistle to signal us to the blocks. Jeremy and his gang were in lane next to us. It was fitting that Jeremy was also anchor; I will be leaving him behind with only his bad attitude as company. Continuing to stretch and warm my muscles up, I search for Coach; finding him I see the nod of approval. That is what I must always see before a race. To his right stood Jenny; she looked hopeful but also worried. Hopefully my reassuring nod gave her some hope. ‘Don’t worry Jenny; I won’t be losing this one.’

The long whistle brought me back to the race. Matthew had stepped onto the block. We knelt around him. Silence filled the deck.

“Take your mark….BEEP,” Matthew was off!

Matthew did his job. He gained a small lead. Touch…and Ken was off. Ken was the one to be nervous about; he only swims freestyle on relays. All he had to do was keep up with our competitor or only fall a little behind…No…’Come on Ken!’ I yelled in my head conserving my energy.

Touch…Jerry left. Thankfully we were only two arm lengths behind, but that distance could be the difference. However, all the motivation I have built up inside me, no distance can defeat me. Stepping onto the block. ‘Come on Jerry. Catch me up.’

One stroke. Two. Three…touch…GO! I was only a smidge behind Jeremy when I dove in. One lap at a time. ‘I WILL win.’ At the fifty mark we are tied, but sadly for Jeremy I am not done yet. Time to leave Jeremy behind. ‘See ya after the race.’ Flip-turn. One lap left. This was no longer a race against him, but myself. One. Two. Wall…

Life As A Mama #35


Bedtime has been somewhat easier…she doesn’t expect me to feed her anymore…but there are days like this…
Daddy and baby were snuggling on couch so I decided to clean up so that I could relax tonight.
I told him not to let her fall asleep…😒
Mama is the bad guy…shower time.
It’s going to be a long night…
Finally ready for bed. Finally quiet!! sleep…??
Humming and singing books to herself.
Giving her giant teddy bear hugs while singing the daddy song.
I thought she might fall asleep under the teddy bear but nope…daddy came up after he heard the daddy song…
2hrs later…we have come full circle…they are asleep on the floor…
Original by emily2jane

I did wake up the hubby and he went back downstairs. I scooped up the baby and put her in her bed. Finally my alone time!!

So what should people take from this….

I need to change my schedule with her. I need to shower her around 7:30-8:00 and then if she falls asleep with daddy on the couch I can just carry her upstairs and it’s bedtime.

Also husbands in the world. When she says, “keep them awake“, do the easy job and keep them awake…thank you. 😊

Enjoy your Thursday!

Life Of Two Best Friends CHPT 29

Life Of Two Best Friends CHPT 28


“Dude!?!…what…?” Jerry yanked my arm turning me around, the morons had walked off, “Do you understand what you just did? You agreed to drop the race, that would for sure secure you a spot at the Montana school. What are you thinking?”

I could tell Jerry was pissed. I also realized what I had agreed to. A second ago I had no hesitation if there was a possibility of an apology, but now I am slightly regretting making a bet with that jerk. But I wasn’t about to show it, “If we lose. Will we lose? No because all we have to beat is that lot. So don’t fight me on this; we will win.”

Before Jerry could pursue the topic, “Of course you will win,” Coach had come back to us, “but what was happening a moment ago? George?”

“Nothing Coach. It was handled, and without a possibility of being thrown out of the meet,” lying my butt off to Coach but I didn’t want to explain what was just said about Jenny. ‘Jenny?’

Coach interrupted my thoughts before I could think about anything, “Good. I can’t have any of my swimmers being labeled as a bully. And you three,” Coach said turning to Jerry, Ken, and Matthew, “do you have so little confidence in yourselves? In your team? George believes it, and so do I. What about you?”

“Of course Coach! We will be on top. No one can beat us,” Jerry laid the pep on a little thick. Ken and Matthew came to Jerry’s sides and draped their arms over his shoulders in agreement.

“Kiss up…but keep that mind set. Let’s head back to the rest of team and relay details. The meet will start soon,” as Coach walked away Jerry and the guys followed. Brit next. Then I fell into step with Jenny.

“Are you okay?” we were a distance from the others, but close enough that they wouldn’t stop to see if we were following, “We will be there soon. If you don’t want to discuss it now we can wait. We only have a few minutes.”

“Why did you do it? Was what he said really that awful? Did you have to risk your future for my reputation?” Jenny stopped us and spoke as quietly as possible.

I kept us walking, “Yeah, Jenny. It was bad and, as I said to that jerk, I stick up for my friends. Don’t worry too much about it. They have no chance, they are just hoping to scramble us in hope they could beat us. But they have nothing.” I was adamant about it now. I was no longer worried about my decision to stand up for her; it was the right thing to do, “I’m also a bit excited to see him grovel out an apology. Don’t expect much, but he will be giving you one.” I wanted to keep this upbeat vibe up, but I needed to know, “did you hear him?”

“No. Thankfully. Seeing how you reacted it was probably awful. Should I know?” Jenny stopped me.

“No. It’s not worth repeating. But we should really keep going; I don’t want you to be the center of everyone’s attention again. Also don’t worry about it again; I will tell Coach what happened tomorrow,” I started to pick up our pace to catch up to the group. “I will be focusing on beating their butts and making him regret talking. You will just follow Coach’s instruction and help him.”

“Sounds like a plan. Thanks George,” Jenny said as she held my forearm as we walked.

“No problem. It’s what I should do as a Captain, but also a friend. Let’s go,” gently shaking her hand off as I increased my speed to a speed-walk; finally catching up to the group just as they reached the rest of the team.

“Here are the details,” Coach rambled off rules and changes to some events schedule.

Life As A Mama #34

This was a sad day. More for the hubby than me.

Self explanatory…
My crazy roller coaster of emotions…frazzled…
When will all of this end!!! Ughh…
When will the hubby be home. I am at my wits end…
Through all my stress I didn’t notice to constant puffy redness spreading on Elizabeth’s face…
We went out without the pup and Elizabeth’s redness went away…so she seems to be slightly allergic.
Once the hubby got home from taking the puppy back, he went to the park to distract Elizabeth.
I vacuumed…everything possible… that the dog touched. Then I put the house back to normal.
Like nothing happened…
I think that was the first time I smiled in almost a week.
Slowly my smile faded into sadness. What happens if Elizabeth notices the pup pup is no longer here…
Original by: emily2jane

My best advice. Don’t get a puppy when you have a 2 yr old. You are just asking for trouble and a frazzled brain. Also pay attention and try and notice if your baby is allergic sooner.

Elizabeth has not notice. Sadly this is not the 1st time we have brought a puppy home…more like the 3rd…

So when I say it is sadder for the hubby it is true; because it means it is his 3rd time to take a puppy back. The other times were because my allergies acted up severely. But this time around I kept them in check.

I must say that it wasn’t just because of Elizabeth’s allergies. It was the important reason, but it was also for our marriage. When you no longer want to be around each other and you just want to strangle your spouse, something has to change…

So again I reiterate, don’t get a puppy with a 2yr old. You are just asking for a roller coaster of emotions and a naughtier baby, than before the dog. 😓

Life Of Two Best Friends CHPT 28

Life Of Two Best Friends CHPT 27


The captain meeting was as expected. Jerry and I were respectable to the coaches, refs, and the rude competitors. Jeremy and Brian, the breaststroker of Mountain High, were as usual not respectable. Which really shouldn’t be a shock, since their coach is a real piece of work as well; he would be labeled as a screamer. Still, as our coach directed us, we were on our best behavior. After shaking hands…if you could call it that, it was more like a slap than anything, we walked over to Coach to relay the details before his meeting. Jenny and Brit were behind Coach, but they would not be going to the Coaches meeting.

“Stick with these two, will you both?” as we approached, “I don’t need them getting lost, or being tormented by their already fans.” Coach turned and looked towards Jeremy and his gang hovering off to the back of us. Thankfully, Ken and Matthew both walked up to us at that moment, “Good more people will help keep the idiots at bay. Once my meeting is done we will go back to the rest of the team and distribute the details,” at that Coach headed over to the meeting.

I quickly explained to Ken and Matthew what the deal was. They nodded in agreement and took up their positions in front of Jenny and Brit, creating a wall between the jerks and us.

“I’m sorry we are more of a problem than being helpful,” Jenny said as she moved to hide behind Matthew’s body.

“Don’t worry about it,” I said touching her shoulder, “those jerks are always awful; they have been that way since Freshman year. Just do as Brit said, ‘Ignore them’.

“I like it that my advice is being used!” Brit said with a smirk, but then folded her arms in front of her, as I assume extra layer of protection.

I guess the ignoring was getting to them, because Jeremy, Brian, and the other idiots were coming towards us. ‘Great. Coach won’t be done for another ten min. A lot can happen in that amount of time.’ “Get prepared,” I said stepping in front of Ken an Matthew, taking my stance in front of everyone. Jerry also stepped in front of Jenny and Brit sending them to the back of the half circle barrier.

“So, I see you have some new helpers on your team. Hot ones at that,” Brian was the first to speak, “Are they for your pleasure or are they for us as eye candy?” his group snickered.

“Shut up, Brian. They are coaching assistants,” cutting him off before more lued words would come out, “show them some respect.”

“What’s it to you, George? I heard that you beat up a guy for her. Is she yours?” Jeremy paused a moment but not actually allowing me to talk; “but on the other hand, I heard that she rejected you. So you must not be her type; maybe I am,” Jeremy snickered and stepped in Jenny’s direction.

I just held up a hand to stop him in his tracks. Of course the news traveled to this school. I was annoyed that Jeremy thought he had something over me, but more so that he will probably taunt Jenny with her baggage. “What’s it to you? She is one of my good friends. I will always stick up for my friends. Just drop it,” stepping directly in front of Jeremy. “Just walk away and prepare for the racing.” Secretively, I waved behind my back telling the guys to step away and keep the girls at the back. They did.

“Yeah. Maybe you are right. I don’t see her as my type anyways, seeing as she is a…”

I grabbed Jeremy’s jacket and brought him closer to my face. “Apologize! Now!” I was furious. Jerry and Ken rushed towards me trying to pry me off of Jeremy. I was glued to Jeremy’s pretentious smile, this was his goal all along. To get me to react, to his foul mouth, and punch him; then be thrown out of the meet. I let go of the moron , but still allowing Jerry and Ken to hold me back. I look behind them and see Matthew keeping Brit and Jenny away from it all. ‘I hope she didn’t hear what he called her.’

“Well seeing how you responded for your girl,” Brian hollered behind Jeremy, “…”

“She is not my girl! But you should still show some respect for other people,” I was all riled up now.

“Dude. Calm down,” Jerry was continuing to hold me back, probably because he knew I definitely would be riping Jermery’s smuge smirk off his pretentious face.

“Fine!” I huffed and shruged off Jerry and Ken’s restraining arms. “Apologize.”

“Okay, but you have to agree to a deal; more like a bet. If your measly pathetic team wins the relay, I will apologize for speaking the truth.”

Jerry grabbed my arm before I could begin my punch. He just shook his head.

“But if we win, you have to give up swimming the hundred freestlye at finals. Take it or leave it,” Jermey held out his hand.

Without hesitation, “Deal,” and I shook the jerk’s hand.

Life As A Mama #33

I wanted to paint some…so I set everything up and…

So excited for art time!!
Well at least I was happy…but the Nooooo! Started as soon as I sat her down.
I compromised…
Painting…painting…painting! Baby sneakily running…???
(Yes I gave myself a dark rain cloud. Because that’s how I felt)
Someone found a sharpie…dad’s desk…😓
She felt bad about it. And she said sorry and gave me sorry kisses.

I at least got some more of my painting done. But her arms still have faded sharpie lines. One mark looks like she has barbed wire on her arm…

Just in time for Easter…hope most of it is gone. Because her dress has no sleeves.

This is when it happened…it’s now thankfully almost gone.
My painting so far.

Life Of Two Best Friends CHPT 27

Life Of Two Best Friends CHPT 26


Some days have passed; I’m not the best at keeping up with my thoughts. I guess I should summarize…Our lawyer took care of everything. Dad gave me a short recap of what happened: Dad is my only legal guardian now, and it is on record that I do not wish to see my mom until I decide otherwise. Jerry did not receive a ticket for driving my jeep, incase any of you were worried; and he was not late to the practice. However today, we as a swim team have died. Coach told us we would be doing a long recovery before our final big meet; which means we would back off in practices and slowly be well rested before our finals. Instead, he recanted that statement, after remembering we had our one last duel swim meet with our rival team. Which happens to be now.

It is a home meet. Which means home pride is a must, especially against our rival school. We are currently in our stretching area preparing for warm-up. Jenny and Brit are in Coach’s office discussing with Coach what to expect; these past few days they have been nervous about their first meet being coaching assistants. Mrs. Bailey agreed to watch Lily; knowing Coach needed one less distraction at this busy meet. Jerry and I were leading the stretching routine as our competitors showed up.

There he was. The star jerk from Mountain High, Jeremy Michaels. He was a real piece of work. I’ve been racing against him since my childhood club days, and he is still the same stuck up moron he has always been. He was with his usual gang. Our rival relay. All those guys are jerks. If I’m calling someone ‘jerk’ know that they truly are. As if hearing me, Jeremey looked in my direction and gave me a “slice your throat”. ‘Yeah. Sure,’ I gave him a confident nod in response to his idiocy. Jeremy just scoffed at me and then they all walked off to the opposite corner of the pool deck to get ready.

“When will that moron ever learn? If he couldn’t beat me when we were young, and he hasn’t won since, what makes him think I will be intimidated by the stupid slice the throat gesture?” I say to Jerry who just snickered in response. “Okay everyone. Let’s begin our normal warm-up. Lower lanes stay away from the other team. Don’t give them any of our space, but don’t let them “accidently” beat you up under the water. Remember what happened to Geoffrey last meet with them?” reminding them, even though it is not hard to forget.

Everyone nodded in agreement. Geoffrey is no longer on the team. At our last swim meet against Mountain High, he was given a black eye and a severe concussion. Nothing could be proven because swimming can occasionally be a contact sport in warm-up situations. Geoffrey’s parents removed him from the team afterwards.

“Okay then, let’s begin,” I jump into the cold water, knowing that this meet will be different than the rest.

Thankfully no one was hurt during our warm-up. When we were on our interval quick sets, the other team got into the pool with us. At least they stayed in their lanes, and didn’t try to bully the slower swimmers into moving. Coach was behind our lanes waiting for us to get out and start our dives. Jenny and Brit were there behind Coach; they looked stunned and also confused. Swim meets are a completely different type of crazy than practices. There are almost double the amount of bodies in the pool and probably twenty more people behind the blocks preparing to be the stopwatches. It is mad chaos if you don’t know what to expect.

I climbed out of the pool first, “Get out! Let’s go! Everyone needs to do at least three individual dives and those doing relays, practice two relay exchanges.” I knew what Coach was going to say, and since he was “babysitting the co assistants” I just took over. Everyone followed my lead and began their dives.

The teammates who were not doing relays needed to do a short cooldown and were done. They exited and the rest of us lined up for our relay exchanges. There is a logic to lining up; you have to be in the order of your relay race. Everyone’s exchanges are different; you have to get accustomed to your person as much as possible. Because in a relay if you leave the blocks before your person touches the wall, you disqualify the entire relay. Which sucks! We did that twice in Freshman year; never again after Coach gave us an earful, and non stop relays for two hours.

After a short cooldown we were finally done. I looked over to the other team, and they were sitting there watching us. ‘Lazy’ is all I could think. ‘Whatever. If they want to slack off that’s their deal.’ “Let’s go guys. We should relax before our races,” I beckon to Jerry, Ken, and Matthew who were still floating in the water.

“A swim meet is completely different from practices. Is it always this chaotic?” Jenny said as we came towards Coach.

“Jerry and George, make sure to be at the captains meeting at the beginning. Make sure to be respectable. Even if your opponents are not,” Coach said as he turned to look at the group of swimmers goofing off in the pool. “GET OFF THE LANE LINES!” Coach screamed at Jeremy and the others, and they begrudgingly removed themselves from the lane lines. “Ugh. I really dislike this team. Home pride,” looking us in the eye, “Remember…Home Pride,” Coach said before walking off to his chair.

“Sorry about that, yes Jenny, they are always like this. But I would say this one is probably the worst, because of them,” I thumbed behind me to the other team, “they are notorious for being rowdy and jerks.” Jenny attempted to look around me, “Don’t give them the time of day. Just give all your attention to your team,” blocking her view with my body, “they will just try to make your life miserable if you let them.”

“No problem. I am an expert at ignoring people,” Brit said quite proud of herself. “Well if you think about it…all the idiots at school; I’ve gotten good at ignoring them. So much so, that they think I am snooty.”

We all laughed with her. “We should head back over to our area and relax, the meet will be starting soon,” I said trying to usher the group away from the blocks. Jerry helped me by instigating conversation with the girls to get them walking. Once more I looked back towards “the enemy” and they were looking past me; following their gaze, they were staring at Jenny and Brit walking away. ‘Great.’ I knew the girls would get the jerks’ attentions. Turning my gaze back to him, Jeremy switched to me and smirked. Finally giving me a sarcastic salute and then engaging in a, probably awful, conversation with his gang of friends. ‘Whatever. If they try anything we’ve got the girls’ backs. Plus they are on the coaching staff. I they do anything they could be in huge trouble for disrespecting a coach.’ I, do as Brit said, “ignore them” and turn to catch up to my gang. The better gang.

Life As A Mama #32

Another day at our house…

Shocked, frazzled, and terrified all at once…
Due to the stress of 2 yr old and puppy…I took the night off of my mama duties…😳 why does it seem like we use every dish possible when I take a day off…
Adding to the stress…we payed extra because he was coming to us potty trained…all lies.
If you ever think this to yourself…it is going to happen…
Let the dog back in… Cleaning up his pee…and the pup decided to hold Elizabeth down by her hair…
😡 her screams caught my attention right away. Out went the dog.
Elizabeth doesn’t understand. The pup is trying to claim the top spot…what the pup doesn’t understand is Elizabeth fights her daddy for that spot everyday…She was okay. Just shaken.
Finally Daddy is home, and brought the goods. I’m so done…I want peace and quiet…
The piece of resistance…gloves…
I’m all good now. Daddy is in charge of pup and baby. I now have gloves for my dish washing. So happy and refreshed! Now to the dishes!!

Yep. You all were probably expecting some grand gift…but to me the gloves are a grand gift.

Our water is harsh and this is what my hands have been like for a while.

They are redder and more painful looking in person. Lotion does nothing…

So truly the hubby got me exactly what I wanted!! He knows me so well!! Thank you Hubby!!😍

Enjoy your Monday. It is super windy here and we lost power, a moment ago, for about 20min.