Word Of The Day: Urbane 07-26-21

Synonyms: suave, sophisticated, elegant, civilized, etc.

Flash, snap, clap!


Always in the spotlight.

Fame desired.

Leaving a large gap,

And constantly grows.

A beautiful sight.

Leaving all inspired.

Color following them;

No matter where they end.

Glisten like a gem.

We can only pretend.

Well this poem took some turns for inspiration as I wrote it. First I was thinking of a poodle… To be exact I thought of the poodle from Oliver and Company.

But then it morphed into celebrities. Which I’m sure, that is what most people will think is my main topic. But then I thought of the celebrities that you could look up to. Role models.

This is just my personal opinion. But I feel like there are only a handful of celebrities that I would actually like to meet, because they seem like genuinely nice people. Sad to say, a lot of people I wish I could have met have all passed away.

But anyways…everyone can label themselves urbane. Because everyone has their own hobby or skill that makes them special.

Have a fabulous day today!

Digital Art

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