Day to Night

I tried to do the word of the day, but my mind was blank. Instead I just went with it. I don’t know if it will make sense to you…but it does to me.

Brightness streams,

Are never ending;

No matter,

The changes.

Time never ceases.

It’s busting at the seams;

Searching for eternity.

Morning blending,

Moments scatter.

Daytime exchanges,

Uncertainty releases.

Halt of all extremes.

Emotions descending.

Shimmers scatter.

Darkness creates ranges;

Shadows increase.

While vibrant dreams,

Bring diversity.


Mindless chatter.


Nighttime dangers,

Do as they please.

I tried to write about day to night, but it seems more like nonsense with a purpose. Haha! Nonsense has no purpose.

This is what I come up with after my sweet thing woke me up at 5am… I usually hide away from nonsense…but it seems to be my inspiration tonight.

Enjoy your Wednesday. Hope it is filled with purposeful nonsense!

Digital Art

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