Newest Painting

Since I’ve been on a roll I’ve decided to start my brother’s girlfriend’s present.

She, like me, loves Leonid Afremov’s artworks. So again I did an impression of one of his works. Not too difficult since I already like to paint in this style.

This is the original I’m going after.

I think that oil paints would work better, but since my two year old has control over me…I will be using acrylic paint. Also my canvas board is 8×10…I think.

Place my colors.

I did sketch it out…somewhat. I figured out the direction of the path…and where the light posts would be. Also the tree.

Pretty basic

Slowly becoming something.

If I hadn’t had put the light posts,..I probably would have just gone with my layout and painted something completely different. But nope. I’ll do that next time!

My colors are not as vibrant as the original. I might use some yellow oil paint to bring that brightness to it.

I love painting with the globs of paint technique.

It is one of my favorite ways. I really want to try it on a bigger scale and do the “dot” technique, but still with this similar way. I think that would be fun.

Painting again is getting my creative juices flowing!! I’m having a million ideas a minute…!!

Done for day one.

The first picture was taken at 12:57pm. And the last picture was taken at 2:57pm! This only took me two hours. Which keep in mind. That was a few potty breaks for the baby, and occasionally getting her food to consume. (I have to feed my baby; even if my mind is elsewhere.)

But I’ll post my finished painting separate or on this post. Whichever happens first.

Well it seems like it will be h to us post!


I think I personally liked it better before…but I’m doing an impression of someone else’s work…I still like it. It just seems less me. Which happens when you paint other’s works; you notice differences.

I’m starting my sister’s painting present next. I might bring a twist to the original though, maybe take the concept but the execution will be all me!

Have a wonderful Tuesday! 🌷

(I think what is making me not like the finished painting is the lighting I used to take the photo…) That must be it….let me take another one…


Yep now that’s better. I like it again!

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