Cuddling With A….

Imagine this:

It’s late at night and you are terribly tired but you can’t sleep. So you turn your light on, at the foot of the bed, so that you are not in full darkness. You decide to watch a tv show until you can drift into sleep. You feel something on your leg, but you assume it cannot be anything so you kick it off with your foot. Again this thing drifts up to your knee, but again it must just be some dust flittering through the air caused by the fans. You are slowly drifting off, but still cannot quite manage to sleep. This time you feel the “dust” on your face just above your eye brow. You swat it away with the your hand because it tickles.  Still sweet slumber does not come so you decide to change tactics. Maybe playing bejeweled on your phone will change the outcome, because you know it will be within minutes. You sit up and put your iPad away, reach down to turn off your light, and stop. There chilling on your calf is a…cockroach.

I jumped from bed screaming. I had been cuddling with a cockroach!! Remember time has gone by, it is now like 12:30 a.m. My sister had maybe been asleep for ten minutes  and she jolts awake to find me standing stiff and out of my bed. I cannot believe I had a cockroach running up and down my legs and on my face. She leans out over the bar looks down at me, and I explained my problem. She gets two looks on her face, one is eww! and the the other comes when I say I am going to go sleep in the living room. This look is, “don’t leave, because then it will come to me instead!” This whole time the cockroach is just chilling on my pillow; mental note change that pillow case.

I leave for a minute and bring back a wad of paper towels…enough to cover my hand and give myself enough cushion, so I don’t feel the cockroach crush under my palm. Then the chase begins, I charge at it on my bed, and it scurries away under my dresser. So, I kick at my shoes, and it scurries out and under our chair. Next, I try to get at it, and it FLIES at my face! My sister screams! from up in her bed though; I almost tumble over backwards. The thing makes its way over to my sisters dresser. It decides to snuggle under one of her shirts. To myself I try and decide what is best thing to do. If I just squish it with the shirt it will surely die; but I might also, because my sister will be angry. But if I lift up the shirt it will probably fly at my face again. I turn to my sister to beg for permission…and all she says is, “DON’T YOU DARE”. And she is still hiding in bed…so it’s option two. I find a stance that will let me move quickly enough to lift the shirt and hopefully squish it. I lift the shirt……..and it stays put and I do not waste one second. I punch the cockroach repeatedly. Every time I feel it’s body crush beneath my fist, but just to make sure, I do five more punches. Thankfully my sister was in bed, because of the mess it made, I am so happy it happened in front of her dresser. I clean up as best I can, and scoop up the cockroach within the paper towels. Then just to be safe I take it to the outside trash can.

I was so relieved, that I came back inside to go to sleep, and remembered  that usually cockroaches live in  groups.  I do not want to sleep in my bed if there are more under the bed; and now it’s 1:15 a.m. I just want to sleep. Now my sister, after the danger is gone, decides to come down and help me take everything out from under the bed, and make sure nothing is there.  So together we slowly pull everything out one by one making sure nothing flies out. We got everything out, and we found about a dozen….pairs of my socks. Cool! After we pulled it all out, we put it all back. I finally felt safe enough to sleep in my bed, and I had a feeling my sister was happy I was staying; because, if the cockroaches came back I would be their first target. By now it was 2:00 a.m. and I could not sleep again. My mind was still too wired. So I got out my phone and played bejeweled for about fifteen minutes, and then drifted into my sweet sweet slumber.

So there are lessons from this story


2) fortify your room with these roach traps and make it impossible for them to get to you. I almost used an entire pack on just our room. It comes with 12…

If you are unable to purchase theses amazing traps…

1) do not eat food in your bed

2) if you feel something on you, check and make sure it’s not something.

3) clean out from under your bed about every 2-3 weeks. You might find something you lost…

4) invest some money into buying these traps. They will save you sleep and stress.

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