Concert in the Park


photo by. Emily2Jane- “Sunset in the Park”

I recently went to the Cal Phil Featival on the Green at the Santa Anita Race Track, and listened to some great music. It was by the Cal Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Victor Vener . It was amazing; I had a great time with friends. They played the Imperial March, the Jurassic park theme, a romantic tango, Russin music decribed to us like ” a grizzly bear on point.” For the Russin piece I kept imaging the Fantasia hippo scene, but with a grizzly bear instead.

The lead violinist was amazing!! He was creating art with just his fingers; he changed the way I see and hear instrumental music.  Now I see colors and hear figures dancing through the notes. I want to try listening to instrumental music and have a blank canvas and see what I come up with. Art comes in all different forms. Like drawing, painting, sculpture, dancing, creating music, doing digital art, and singing. I can do five of the seven. The other two will come with time.

Well while the music was going on I was creating digital art.  I have an attention problem. I tend to forget what I am listening to or my mind will wonder into a dream like wonderland. So to help myself, and like many other artists do, I doodle or create art as I listen. It helps me focus. So I was taking pictures and the changing the effects to create art. I will in the future paint from these prints because they are my own. But my inspiration comes from the amazing music by the Cal Philharmonic Orchestra. Thank you.

One of my pictures

photo by Emily2Jane- “Crystalized Candles”


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