A Story: Part 11

A Story: Part 10

Warmth…always warmth comes when I drift into my dreamland. This time however, my body lays upon a heated, hard stoned surface; the large stones dig into my spine sending currents of pain through my body.

“This is new. It’s not the normal beach.” mumbling to myself, more curious if my voice would work.

Opening my eyes, cobbles tones arch above me, under me, and behind me. I lay in a window, overlooking the stunning beach. The vast ocean stretches as far as my eyes can see. The wind echoes through the stronghold building attached to the window, tosses up my hair, and travels towards the sea. It intertwines with the palms, stirring up a rustling song in their branches. The sun is still high enough to catch my skin. I am leagues away from the coast. The sea looks like a giant puddle, stilled but vibrant. This time I am wearing a boat-necked dress. It hangs perfectly off my shoulders, the bodice fitted snugly, and the skirt flowing down to the dark hard ground. The gown is orange, like Liam’s eyes.

“Liam?” a squeak leaves my throat. I look around hoping I am alone and no one heard my embarrassing outburst. But yes, my dress begins at vibrant red and trickles downwards into oranges and yellows; I am walking sunset.

A slight chill surges through me; the smallest hairs on my legs spring to life causing static with the fabric. I need more warmth. Looking down there lies Danny’s blanket. The worn comforting brown material folded perfectly next to the window. As I lift the fabric and open it for a welcoming embrace, the wind swiftly takes it up and sends it soaring out the window towards the sea.

“No! Danny…” the next moments were a blur, but I find myself dashing through the palm trees after the blanket. The wind stops suddenly and the blanket drops to the sand inches from being completely submerged in the ocean break. Bending over I see the dress. It is no longer beautiful, it looks to be an old, moldy rag. The lovely sunset colors are no longer there. The reminisce of Liam is no longer evident. I stand disheveled and small. My hands shaking in fear, but grasping the half wet blanket.

The sun has set and the wind is bitter. The blanket, I desperately wished to protect, can do nothing for me now. I am alone again on this beach…

“David? Are you there?” I whisper into the void.

Even if he kills me, I can’t be alone anymore. My dreams are depressing and heartbreaking. At least with David I can have a chance to see someone.

“DAVID!! I know you are out there. You never would leave me. David!” I scream into the void. I don’t care anymore; I can’t be alone. “David!?!”

Only silence. Bitter awful silence. I fall to the freezing sand and sob into the drenched brown blanket. I’m alone…I’m alone…alone…

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