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Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 39

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 38


Practice was nothing. We got in and swam for about thirty minutes, and then coach stopped us. I was not complaining.

“Everyone, I hope to see you at the Matthews’ house for our annual carbo-load. I already discussed it with George’s father and he will have it all ready for us,” Coach yelled at us in the pool. “So get out, head home to change, grab your parents, and maybe grab something to drink. I don’t remember if I told Adam to get drinks,” Coach turned to me.

“This is all news to me; but yeah, maybe bring your own beverge,” I yelled over my shoulder as I climbed out of the pool. “We good to go, Coach?”

“Yeah. Get out of here. See you all at the Matthews’ by four-thirty,” Coach walked off.

“You heard Coach. Get out,” I wait as all my thrilled teammates hurry to the locker rooms.

Walking in the front door, I stop suddenly…the house looked like Party City exploded. I wandered through the party decorations looking for the culprit. There he was panickily running back and forth in the kitchen. ‘My poor dad.’ Instead of interrupting the “chicken with no head”, I decided to clean and set up the living room.

The living room was done; it was not too bad now. I did not use all the decorations that Dad had chosen. Some of them were questionable; meaning too young, not too old. As I set up, I kept an eye on the panicked one; he was somewhat better now. It was about four o’clock and I was setting up my final folding chair. ‘Wow. seventy chairs later and I am finished.’

“Son. When did you get here? You set up the living room,” Dad had come up behind me!

Turning I saw one happy Dad. I thought he might cry. “Of course. You looked like you might explode when I got home, so I decided to help you out. Is it to your liking?”

“What happed to the baby farm animals. I thought Lily would enjoy those,” Dad said as he scanned the room.

“That makes sense. I was totally confused why you got baby animals for a bunch of teenager guys. Lily will definitely like the farm animals. I’ll go get them,” before Dad could stop me I was off to the guest room to gather the farm animals. ‘Dad did choose something that Lily will probably take home with her. Sorry Coach.’ I hung them up around the designated kid area. “Good?”

“Good. Do you think you help me a bit more. I just need some help dicing some vegetables,” Dad said probably dreading having to go back to the kitchen.

“No problem Dad. While we work though, I want to hear about your date?” Shoving my Dad’s body back into the kitchen. ‘Gosh. I understand why he didn’t want to come back, the kitchen had also exploded.‘ “Wow, Dad…you really did a number in here. Hopefully whoever you end up with is a wizard in the kitchen.”

Dad just chuckled and move me in front of a cutting board; my new home for the next few minutes.

“I definitely agree with your thought of finding someone who does not know me. The woman last night was too giggly and only asked me about my fame and accomplishments. I was done within the first five minutes,” Dad said as he arranged the sandwiches on a platter.

“That sucks Dad. You will find someone. But dating without them knowing YOU will be difficult. Maybe you should look into online dating. You could just upload a profile without a photo. The woman would get a big surprise once she found out who you were though,” I chuckle, while turning to look at Dad. He was doing the sandwiches; I don’t think he heard a word I said. “What are you doing? It looks like you are murdering the sandwiches.” I walked over and looked over his shoulder, ‘He was, as I expected, murdering the food.’

“I was trying to make it look elegant. Do you not see it?”

“It looks more like an elephant ran through the food,” I ducked from the smack; reflexes… because I know my dad.

“Go get ready for the people coming. They should be here…” Ding Dong! “as I said, they have arrived. I’ll attempt to make it less like an elephant mess and more like an elegant mess.”

Dad practically threw me out of the kitchen. “No appreciation for honesty. I’ll go. I’ll go,” I laughed with my hands up, as I went to answer the door.

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 38


I wasn’t really speeding, but I was driving quicker. As I drove I thought about that crazy dream. That’s what I decided it was. Crazy. There is no way my dad could forget about me. If that was going to happen in real life, I would make the time to go his wedding or the birth of my siblings. I would have made time for the important occasions.

I got to Matthew’s house and he was pacing by the curb. We were not late, but I usually get him ten minutes earlier. I stopped next to him; and he jumped in.

“Sorry dude. I was…”

“No problem Bro. Since I didn’t get a text I assumed you were running late,” he was looking at me as I pulled away from the curb, “you don’t look so good? Are you still having trouble with your parents?”

“No. Thankfully. I just had a vivid dream, and I forgot to set an alarm. My dad woke me up and got me out the door in less than ten minutes.” While still focusing on driving I summarized my crazy dream to Matthew.

“That is complete nonsense. What did you eat for dinner last night that made your have a stupid dream?” Matthew laughed as soon as I finished. “First of all, your dad would not marry anyone without introducing you first. Second, you would have been there for all the big moments. Third, you will never come home to a surprise; you and your dad have the best father son relationship. He would tell you everything.”

“Very true. Thanks dude,” I say as we park in our normal spot and head to yard area to meet Ken and Jerry.

“No problem dude. But really what did you eat?”

Matthew told Jerry and Ken my stupid dream, and they reacted the same as Matthew.

“Is your dad dating again?” Jerry asked after the talking had died down.

“Yeah. He wants to be happy, and I want him to be happy,” relief in my tone, because I’ve now come to grips with the idea and I’m actually happy for him.

Ken intrupted my thoughts with a loud, “Ha!”

“What’s your deal?” I say trying to punch Ken for the sudden outburst.

“Nothing much. But your dad is on round two of dating and you haven’t even attempted your own round one,” Ken was trying to keep it together while he muffled his laughter.

Jerry and Matthew must have realized the truth in what Ken said, because they had started to silently chuckle as well.

Annoyed. “It’s not like I didn’t try. Jenny just was not into all of this,” I sarcastically gestured to my entire body. I too laughed at my idiotic behavior.


“Are you really okay with joking about Jenny now?” Jerry was shocked. “This is the first time you are actually joking about the situation,” Jerry seemed to be trying to keep the shock controlled.

I looked at Matthew and Ken and they too had the same reaction as Jerry, “Yeah. I have actually moved on a while ago.”

“Since when?” Matthew asked.

We were starting to walk towards our homeroom. “I guess since I found out about my parents getting a divorce. That day really showed me that you can’t force feelings, and it’s better to end one-sided crushes. My dad was trying to save his marriage all these years because he still loved the woman mom used to be, but he was suffering all alone as he tried to force feelings. It was my breaking point with the Jenny situation.”

“Wow. I didn’t know you have matured so much,” Jerry said as he draped his arm over my shoulder.

“Yep. I am going to focus on myself for the time being. I’m going to become the swimmer I want to be before thinking about dating. I probably won’t date until after college,” laughing at the thought, but was actually serious with that idea.

“Good luck to you bro,” Ken smack me on the back and laughed, “I will start as soon as a girl sees me as a man.”

“So you will be waiting until when, thirty?” Matthew punched Ken back.

We all started laughing at Ken. ‘Thirty. That was good. Thanks Matthew.’

“Wow. Jerks,” Ken stormed off out of “annoyance” but was only through the homeroom door a few seconds before us.

‘He’s just annoyed because he knows it’s true.’

The third bell rang and in walked Ms. Chaplen. “Hello class. We will be doing a pop quiz this morning.”








Mama’s brain…

Mama no more…

You are all probably thinking… “what just happened…???”

Don’t worry. I should be fine. Hopefully…

I went to mom’s group, left baby at home with dad, and then returned to a sweet baby.

But around 3pm…she switched into her chaotic terrible two disaster.

The poem above, I actually don’t know if it even counts…but it was the best my brain can manage.

Imagine everything going completely wrong in your entire life, while adding a screaming angry two year old. Then roll of of it into a single day, and you will achieve the second half of my day yesterday.

…I am happy it is currently bed time. Because that means I will soon have some alone, peace and quiet time! 😳

Enjoy your quiet time. Because once kids come into the mix you will miss it terribly. Don’t get me wrong I love her dearly, it’s just sometimes she pushes my buttons.

At least I’ve been told, that once they reach 5 years old that life changes for the parent…so meaning, I have 2-3 years of utter chaos to go….

Silver lining?? Anyone…anyone…

Digital Art by emily2jane

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 37

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 36

Chapter 37

‘A minivan, when did we get a minivan? ‘ I walk up to the front door and hear little giggles inside. ‘Huh?’ Opening the door I see dad sprawled on the floor with a little toddler crawling on him, and an infant rolling around beside his leg.

“Oh, welcome home George,” a female voice came from the kitchen. “Honey, your son is home!”

“George. I didn’t know you would be home today; I would have come and gotten you from the airport,” Dad said getting up and walking over to me for a bear hug. “What do think? The house might be little different, but we needed a change through these years.”

I didn’t really look around when I first came in, my eyes were still glued to the children in the living room. Looking around, ‘Wow! Nothing is the same.’ Every bit of furniture, decoration, etc. was different. Like every ounce of my childhood or mom’s influence was gone. I set my bag down in the entry like always,

“George, dear, please put your belongings in your room. I really do hate a clustered entryway,” the female voice said again from the kitchen.

“Okay.” So, I headed towards the stairs.

“Oh. Your father didn’t tell you. We had to take over your room for a nursery. All your belongings have been moved to the guest room. Honey. You should have told him.”

I was starting to dislike that female voice. I turn and head down the hallway to the guest bedroom. Opening the door…‘Really!?!’ She did say all my belongings were moved, but I thought they would have set my room up; instead everything was in boxes crowed around the bed. ‘Hold in the frustration.’ I realized that Dad had not followed me; exiting “my room” and going back to the living room, I see Dad once again on the floor with the little kids. “So are you going to introduce me?”

“Oh, right. Sorry Son. My time has been completely controlled by these two; they are precious but can be a handful.” Dad said just as the toddler crawled up and suddenly turned my dad’s head back in the direction of the toddlers face and whispered something. “That’s your older brother. No need to be worried.” Dad scooped up the toddler and came towards me.


“Son, this is your little brother Kyle Matthews,” the little boy looked at me like I was a stranger invading his home. “And that one down there,” Dad turned and pointed to the little blob of a person still wiggling on its back, “your little sister Alice Matthews.”

I was shocked. Why wasn’t I told any of this. It’s not like I was too far or too busy to come visit. If I had been told my dad was getting married, I would have left college for a bit, to have been there. If I had known my stepmom was expecting, I would have been there. But I wasn’t even a thought to my dad. ‘What is going on?’ “Dad. Why didn’t you tell me…about…any of this…”

“I thought I did. I probably thought you were too busy, and wouldn’t really care since you are grown up. Also your new mom said to not to disturb your new life with our issues. I thought her reasoning was good.” He walked away from me and back to the floor with the toddler and infant.

“Yes. George dear, we did not want to disturb your new life away from home,” again the female voice.

Don’t blow up at your stepmom!’ I was standing in the living room but I seemed to be invisible to my Dad. ‘How is it possible for my dad to be so happy without me in his life anymore.’ Everyone was still ignoring me. ‘Fine. Whatever. If I’m going to be ignored I might as well go see my friends.’ I grab my keys and wallet. “I’m heading out for a bit,” no response. “Dad?” Nothing. So I give up and head to the front door.

“Dear! Our daughter is rolling over. Come quickly!” Dad yelled for the female in the kitchen, completely treating me as non existent.

“I’m coming!” the female chimmed and I heard dishes dropping and scurrying feet.

Not wanting to see the face of the female that has turned my life upside down, I leave my home. Stepping out into the bright…

“Son! Wake up! You forgot an alarm! You need to pick up Matthew. Son!?”

I was being shaken, quite hard. So now my dad is concerned about me. I open my eyes to my dad pouring over my body with his hands shaking my body.

“Son. Why are you still asleep? You were mumbling about, ‘not wanting to be home anymore,’ but that doesn’t matter. You are late! Get up. I’ll get you some breakfast and get your jeep started,” and Dad dashed out of my room and it sounded like he ran down the hallway.

“What is his deal.” I sat up and looked around. I was in my room. My actual room. In my bed. ‘Oh. Crap!‘ It was a dream. That figures. ‘But why was Dad so panicked.’ Looking at my alarm clock I see why, seven-thirty. I had thirty minutes to get Matthew and get to school. I jumped up and threw clothes on, and packed my swim bag.

“Hurry up son!” Dad’s voice echoed into my room.

I grabbed my stuff and rushed down stairs. Dad shoved a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich in my mouth, handed me my keys, and ushered my out the door. “Bye…D”

Dad closed the door before we could say goodbye. ‘No matter. I’m late!’ I throw my stuff in the back, and jump in quickly to go pick up a probably very worried Matthew.

Life As A Mama #39

Just a nice day full of family time!

Since it was such a warm day…we walked to the store , Elizabeth and Daddy got ice cream. She got messy of course!
(Mine was at the house already.)
I asked for a smile and I got her go to expression…stick out tongue.
She asked for my sunglasses. She wanted to match daddy. 😂
Oh so cool! 😎
And then the sweetest thing happened!!
Wait for it….!!!!
My first flower from my baby 🥰🌸
Mama is happy 😊
Finish the happy day off with daddy, while watching the train fly by.❤️
Original by emil2jane

It was a beautiful day. Hopefully more like that to come! Have a happy Sunday! 🤩

Photo by emily2jane

Oh well…











Happy again.

Inspired by Elizabeth yesterday… It is finally warm outside so we decided to venture over and say hello to our new neighbors who moved in about one month ago. I asked Elizabeth and she said a very excited, “Yes!!”

Finally going to say something…I said, “Hi, finally we are able to come over and say hi…” then the water works and screaming began….


At least the neighbors have two little kids so they understand, but that was really the worst kind of first impression ever…😓

We will try again another day. Hopefully it stays warm, so that it will be another day soon.

Oh, the emotional roller coaster of a two year old…

Digital Art by emily2jane

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 36

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 35


Finally home. I headed into the kitchen to grab a quick snack before the crack down on homework. “Dad? Are you still home?”

“I’m upstairs,” Dad’s voice echoed down the stairs, “can you come up here a moment?”

Heading upstairs, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to just start. “Wow! Dad you look good.” Dad was wearing a nice fitted navy blue suit. He must have had a haircut and beard trim. “Why are you so snazzy for the party?” heading to the bed to relax as we talk.

“I have a date.”

I hesitated before sitting. ‘A date?’ I look up and Dad is looking at me. “What?”

“Are you good with me dating again?”

I didn’t really know. I know my parents will never get back together, and I wouldn’t want me dad to do that anyways. But do I want him to date? I looked up at the man I admire. He was worried; it was all over his face. Remembering Dad holding Lily that day, I remembered thinking it would not bother me if I had a little sibling. To do that you need a wife. Realizing my answer, I stood and walked over to my still worried Dad, “I am good with you dating again. I want my old man to be happy, and if that means I get a new mom in the process I’m good.” I turned him to the mirror and draped my arm over his shoulders; which was difficult to do since Dad is considerably over six-foot. I could still sense Dad was hesitating, “I am good Dad. After seeing you with Lily I thought it wouldn’t be so bad to have a sibling. If you go that route; you won’t have to be worried about my approval.”

Dad chuckled, “You are thinking way ahead of me. But sure, I could always try to give you a sibling if it works out.”

This talk was getting weird. “Okay. So you good?”

“Yes. Thanks son for the approval. I am nervous. This is my first date in almost twenty years. I know you don’t have experience, but any tips? For dating in the modern world?” Dad asked as he fixed his collar for the third time.

“You kind of have a trump card. Just introduce yourself and she will probably be happy. However, I will say it might be better to find someone who doesn’t know you; because, then you know she likes you for you and not your fame. Just a thought,” shrugging not really knowing if that is actually a thing in the real dating world. Just things I’ve seen from movies. Still, all this dating talk was strange for me to be talking about with my dad; making it seem like roles are reversed. Still, I was happy to help him. “You should probably get going, it’s getting late. You can never be late to a date or you never live it down.” I started ushering him downstairs and to the front door.

“But…son…I…” Dad tried to talk.

“No buts. Just go,” throwing his keys to him and pushing him out. I stood by the door until I heard his corvette start and zoom away. ‘Good.’ “Now. To my homework.”

I finished my homework and was getting ready for bed. I was brushing my teeth; looking myself in the mirror and I saw my expression. I couldn’t fool myself anymore. It bothered me. Not the idea of Dad dating so much, just that to me it seemed too soon. I just lost my mom. I know Dad has been losing mom for a while. So to him it’s been a long time. Also, I really shouldn’t be feeling this way with a woman who left me. I want to be happy for him, moving on after his toxic marriage. I just don’t really know how to describe what I’m feeling. ‘If any of you reading understand, I wish you could tell me.’ Well I can’t keep thinking about this. My bed is calling me. See you all tomorrow.

Is today the day?


Yes! Here I sit,

And wait…

Splash! Something?…



I see them…

Teasing me.

Splashing around,

Avoiding their fate…

I’m done.

Let’s leave.

Again not today…

Fishing must not be for me.

Today’s poem is inspired by my hubby. He has been trying to get some fish…but I think the fish can feel his wanting and are just trying to push him past his breaking point. He will probably give up for now, but just until his dad arrives this coming Friday. They are planning on fishing for the weekend.

We joke about the possibility of me trying fishing…and I would probably catch one within the first 15min. I really want to try and see if that truly does happen. 🤓 I will admit… I will be pretty happy if I can!! Mwahahahaha!

But I am hoping the hubby can have patience when he goes fishing with his dad… he said he almost threw the pole in the river…haha 😅 I suggested we get him a pair of those waterproof overall fishing pants; so that he can just walk out into the river with a net and try to catch a fish that way…

He was not impressed with my idea… I thought is was an awesome idea. Haha 😆

I wish you patience in whatever hobby you are trying out, that might not be going as planned. 👍

Digital Art by emily2jane

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 35

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 34


Silence. It was a different kind of silence. Like she wanted to talk, but was holding herself back… Maybe since this is the first time, it has been just the two of us in the jeep, since my almost confession. ‘Wow! That was so long ago.’ Or maybe she was uncomfortable? Which I don’t understand. We are now just good friends, even family; I don’t see the issue. “You good? You seem uncomfortable.”

“Yeah. I’m good. Just trying to adjust to my new…title…but I’m fine. Really.” She answered while looking out her window.

‘Sure.‘ “Okay, good,” is all I could think of to say. So once again, silence began. Thankfully my phone started ringing bringing some noise into the jeep. “Can you hand me that?”

Jenny laid back to reach my bag behind me and dug out my phone.

Seeing the name as my dad I answered, “What’s up Dad? I am driving at the moment; I’ll put you on speaker,” placing the phone into the hands-free stand. I looked to Jenny, but she was already staring out the window. ‘Nevermind.’

“Son. Would you like to accompany me to a music party at my company? Some people I know have been asking about you, and I would like to introduce you to them if possible?” Dad paused.

“I would, except I have a mountain of homework. Also finals is in two days. I wish I could though; I would have liked to meet new people.”

“No problem Son. I must confess, one of my coworkers has a daughter, and they wanted to introduce you to her,” Dad chuckled.

“Oh. So now you are a matchmaker for me,” I laugh, “I know my dating life as been a bit nonexsistant, but I didn’t realize I needed a blind date.”

“I’m always looking out for you, Son. Maybe in my future I can expect to receive a daughter-in-law?”

Hopefully dad was not expecting one soon. Still, he did seem to use a honest tone. “Not now, and not today. Sorry, I’ve got to keep my grades up for my transferring. But please extend my apologies to my expected date. I’m almost to Jenny’s house; I was pretty much told by Coach to take her home,” laughing and turning onto Jenny’s street.

“Okay. No problem Son. I’ll relay your excuse. Bye Jenny. Bye Son,” and he hung up before either of us could answer.

Silence. ‘Silence is so boring…’

Putting an end to it, I pull into her driveway, “well, here we are; ask anytime, if you need a ride. You aren’t out of my way. See you at school tomorrow,” I had tried to say when she was in the car, but she exited as quickly as possible. ‘I wonder how much she heard?’

Jenny turns and smiles through the windshield and then walks towards her front door.

I was about go in reverse, when I noticed Jenny had stopped and was starting to walk back towards my window. Rolling it down, “You forget something?” I search the seat she was just in.

“No. Are you…really…are you…?” Jenny mumbled and then she let her head droop down looking at the ground.

Huh?’ “I didn’t get any of that? What’s up?” I reach out and touch her shoulder trying to get her to look at me. Jenny’s head raised and met my eyes; there “was” something bothering her, but I had no idea what. “You…”

“It’s nothing. Thanks for the ride George,” she stepped back letting my hand fall, “I’ll see you at school tomorrow,” and with that she walked to her door and went inside without looking back.

‘I still don’t understand girls. I don’t know if we guys are ever supposed to?Whatever…’ “Homework here I come!” pulling back onto the street and heading to my house.

Life As A Mama #38

These days do happen, but rarely…
Baby’s breakfast is prepared and looking yummy!!
Making our breakfasted has become just a routine…I can be done in less than 10min now. 😎 I decided to eat my peanut butter honey toast in the kitchen standing up.
As I finished my last bite…Elizabeth had finished hers…WOW!
She also…put her dishes in the sink and counter when she was done…
I was surprised but also quite proud…
Now this I think is the biggest surprise for me…!
Like always doing the dishes after dinner. When a sudden, “Mama!” told me it must be that time.
Potty time!! When she was finally done going potty and ready to go back into the kitchen…I saw this…😳
The hubby…was doing…the dishes…🤯
Almost exactly the face I had after I saw this…I took a picture when it happened. Just because I knew this would be great comic content.
Beware people…beware…
Original by emily2jane

Elizabeth now clears her dishes and puts them in the dishwasher. 🥰 It’s so cute!! Also whenever we are watching a movie while eating out ice cream on the couch, she will take our bowls and spoons and put them in the sink. She takes care of mama! 😍

And I really shouldn’t be so shocked about the hubby doing the dishes…but it’s been almost four years since I saw that sight…

I guess… husbands in the world… if you want to confuse your wife do the dishes one night without saying anything… She, like me, will wonder if the world is ending.

Haha 😂 well enjoy your day!