Life of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 1

Introduction: You might have heard a similar story like this before; however, this story came from a dream. I have no recollection of how or why I dreamed this dream, but it was interesting enough for me to write down.

Hopefully you will enjoy, or even more so I hope I can complete a story for once. Completely fiction! Not based on people or real places.

Chapter 1

I’ve been best friends with Jenny since preschool; she has always been there. I guess I should just tell you right off the back, I am totally into her. I think I fell for her the first day she offered me the play dough; of course the big part of that story was the other kids were being mean and she ignored them and gave it to me anyways. That was the first time someone other than my dad cared; after that day I was hooked.

Back to Jenny, Her full name is Jennifer Bailey. Jenny is beautiful. She has steel green eyes, freckles over her nose, a shiny red-tint hair, and the softest looking lips. She is currently the same height as me; even though I do attempt to stand in ways so that I can seem taller. She is probably the nicest person; but that also means she is super popular. “Popular with the guys” is what I really mean, which means I get to listen to stupid confessions day in and day out. She keeps me around just in case the guys get ruff or creepy, which in turn makes me their next punching bag. Whatever, if she needs me there I’m there.

Maybe I should have started with myself, but Jenny is always one of the first things in my mind. My name is George. George Matthews. Yes, my dad is the famous country singer Adam Matthews. My mom’s name is Christine Matthews. She is some kind of manager, I only see her once or twice a month. I love my mom, but she seems more like a visitor than a mom.

Back to me, I am roughly five foot eight, blond hair, tanned skin, a nerd in school, a swimmer, and other than those to hobbies I am Jenny’s friend. You are probably thinking I am lame, and you would be correct, but its only the middle of sophmore year. I can grow and expand my horizons; I can be more than just a swimmer nerd, who loves a girl. Anything is possible.

Back to Jenny. Jenny has a widowed mom; her dad died when she was little. Car accident. Even with those circumstances, Jenny has been loved by her mom, Mrs. Bailey, enough to cover the loss of love from a father. Also my dad has taken over the title of replacement dad, which I’m happy for Jenny, but it makes me more and more like a brother and less like possible boyfriend material. Jenny is an only child, which is probably why she is super popular. Some kids make up not having siblings by having lots of friends.

Unlike me, I have no siblings but I am content with Jenny and my three swimmer friends: Jerry Roberts, Ken Peters, Matthew Wu. The guys are great company. Jerry Roberts is the typical swimmer: long, lean, built, short brown hair. You would think approcable, but not so much. Other than me or the guys he doesn’t like to talk or interact. He is a lot like me, nerd, swimmer, only child, hopeful olympic swimmer, his specialty is backstroke though, etc. Ken Peters is a swimmer not by choice. His parents found out that I swam so he also was roped into swimming. He is probably five foot six. This might come off mean, but pretty much average; other than his height. However he is a dynimte breaststroker in the pool. Back to Ken, he is pale skinned, red hair, pretty much normal. Matthew Wu. Another quiet friend. Other than swimming he does school and then goes home. He is just focusing on graduating and moving on to bigger better things; however, keeping freesytle swimming front and center. There is no reason to mention the guys’ parents. They are just average parents, and the gang have pretty much unoffically been adopted into my family.

So, that is the gang. I am the butterflier of the gang. Which if you don’t know swim lingo I’ll tell you the gist. Four strokes: Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle. We can all swim all the strokes but like all swimmers you have a specialty. It worked out prefectly that we all each had one of the four. We create a medly relay, but we also compete in the all freestyle relays, also various solo races. Again if you don’t speak swimming no problem. I won’t be going into details too much, but I wanted non swimmers to know the basics. Moving on.

Our plan is to all go to college together and keep our dream team going, all the way to the olymipics. However, it all depends on their parents. My dad says, “Follow your dreams. “My mom says, “Sure whatever you say, honey.” Again I love my mom but wow. So yeah for me I’ll be continuing swimming until i’m old and unable, then maybe I’ll coach. There is a two year highschool in Montana that is fully swimming structured; however, you have to be invited personally. That would be awesome, but I have to wait until juinor year; they only want somewhat mature students. By that year of school you know if you want to continue swimming or not. The school load plus swimming load is unbelieviablly huge.

See I can talk about things other than Jenny; believe me if I didn’t know her my vocabulary would consist of only schooling and swimming jargon. The guys hate it when I go all mush when talking about her. They tell me to grow a pair and just tell her, or shut up about her when I’m in their presence. Which I opted for the latter. The first option will only happen if I needed to. So, when I talk to you about Jenny you can assume that my buds are not around.

I’ve pretty much summed up my life story; I’ll tell you more about my dad when you meet him later. If you meet my mom I’ll tell you what I know. I’ll introduce other people that are vital to this story when I need to, but for now you know the important ones in my life. This year is half way over, let’s head out to school so that we can see what a day in the life of two best friends is like.

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