Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 6

Life Of Two Best Friends Chpt 5


Let me tell you. It is not like the movies. After you act like a hero you still have to do things. Like homework, and your normal night routine. Its not like they say ‘cut‘ and move on to the next scene. Also, the bruises on my face and knuckles are not make-up. It is killing me; but I’ll wear my battle scars with pride. Well goodnight, I’m exhausted.

Heading downstairs to hopefully a quiet house, I’m ready for this new day. Maybe another grab and dash day…No such luck. Mom and Dad are siting at the buffet drinking their coffee. I’ll take this chance to describe my parents to you. My mom, you’ve met her. Her personality is as it was yesterday, dramatic; she cares in her strange way. She is about five foot four; however, she is always wearing three to four inch heels. She has blonde hair, rosy tanned skin, and dark brown eyes. My dad says she
has a bubbly but strict personality; I’ve never seen her bubbly side. She does the ‘my way or the highway’ attitude the best.

On the other hand, my dad is very laid back. Not about his music though, he is passionate about it; similar to me and my swimming. He has dark brown hair, a short beard mustache combo, and green eyes. Since he is
usually the one home, we have a great relationship. Think less like a friendship, and a bit more like a father and son.

“Hey Mom, Dad,” I say getting my quick breakfast and lunch together.

“Well done my boy. You have made the Matthew’s name proud,” Dad said as he came to hug me. “I’m so proud of you for taking care of Jennifer. I would have probably punched the other kid into outer space.”

“Thanks Dad,” I said accepting the hug.

“You need to be more careful. What if this tarnishes your father’s reputation or puts a demerit on your school file. I think you should stay away from Jennifer for the time being, and focus on your future.”

Yep that’s my mother. Always thinking about only us and casting others aside. “Mom…” I start, but my Dad cuts me off.

“Christine, he did nothing wrong. He was in the right. I will back him up a hundred and ten percent. If anything this might make me more popular. ‘Artist son defends family friend against crazed classmate,’ has a pretty nice ring to it,” Dad said ending it with a wink at me.

I knew he was joking. He loves Jennifer, and would never do that to her.

“True. That would help your career,” Mom said pondering it to herself.

“However, if that type of statement comes out, I will sue the piss out of them for slandering the innocent girl,” Dad said staring down Mom.

That was my cue to leave. Dad is pissed at my mom for even pondering the notion of using Jennifer for helping his career. “See ya Mom and Dad. I’ve got to go see Coach first thing,” I left without waiting for their response.

I picked up Matthew. His parents were not back from their trip. “What’s up dude?”

“Nothing. How was your night?” Matthew replied.

“You guys missed everything,” I told him everthing that happened.

“Yeah, right. Sure you confessed and she said okay. There is no way you had the guts to do that,” he said with disbelief all over his face.

“It’s true,” I insisted, but of course that’s what he focused on.

“Let’s wait and see what the other guy’s reactions are,” Matthew’s said knowing the other guys would say the same thing.

“Yeah, there is no way you did that,” Jerry said after I finished. “I’m sorry dude, but outside of the pool you are kind of a wimp, no offence,” Jerry finished with a punch.

“All I do believe is that you punched the guy and you got hit back. Note the bruise on your hand and face,” Ken added.

“Whatever guys. You don’t have to believe me. But I’ve got to go and see Coach; I’ve got to go give the keys back,” I said not wanting to hear any more of their jabs.

“Okay mister sensitive. We’ll catch you later,” Matthew said as they headed off.

I got to the gym and Coach was leaning against the glass door patiently. Coach is a tall, built man. He exudes toughness. He was wearing his normal attire: white hat, polo shirt, and kaki shorts. His head jumped up when he heard someone approaching; realizing it was me his body relaxed. “George.”

“Hey Coach,” I said as I handed him his keys. “Everyone did the workout. We were running out of time and they all decided to finish instead of quitting.”

“Good. That is good. I’m happy to know that I choose the right person to be my captain,” Coach said proudly, patting me on the shoulder. “I was, however, informed by the altercation that happened yesterday. I am glad you stood up for her, but next time don’t swing first. Note, I’m speaking from the school faculty stand point. This won’t be on your permanent record because Steven’s was in the wrong, but next time you will probably be marked up. The Montana school will not invite you if you have any demerits,” Coach finished trying to get the point across to me.

Loud and clear, “Understood Coach. Montana school is still my goal. I won’t do anything to ruin my chances,” I say knowing that I would still protect her, but maybe next time I’ll just shield her and myself and take the beating.

“Now, I will quickly step out of my faculty role,” Coach said as he removed his hat. Now knowing why he always wears the hat, his hair was untamable. “I am proud of you. As a coach, I don’t just want to mold outstanding athletes but I want you all to be outstanding human beings as well.”

Wow. When Coach wanted to he could make you feel ten feet tall. I was swelled up with so much pride that I’m sure my face was all smug with confidence.

Putting his hat back on, “Still, remember my words. The Montana school will be the best thing for you. I do hope I can hand you over to them at the end of this year.”

“I will not let you down Coach. But could I get that pass? I’m probably going to be late to homeroom,” looking at my watch realizing I have about five minutes until the last bell.

“You may have it, but I do believe you could make it without. If you use it will be an extra thousand yards today at practice for everyone. If you do not use it I will drop five hundred yards off everyone’s practice. It’s your decision,” Coach said as he handed me the pass, unlocked the door, and left.

“Coach loves to make my teammates hate me,” I say as I bust my butt to homeroom.

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