Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 12

Life Of To Best Friends CHPT 11


“Dude. She did what?” Jerry said standing up from shock.

We were in my room. Jerry had been sitting on the bed next to me. Ken was sitting in my computer chair, and Matthew was laying sprawled out on the floor. As I finished the recap of Jenny events, Matthew sat up, Ken scooted closer, and Jerry was standing next to me. I hadn’t expected this reaction.

“Yeah. She gave me hope and then crushed me; thankfully, before I could become an idiot in front of her,” placing my head in my hands because of the embarrassment spreading across my face.

“No Dude, that is really messed up. She should have given you a sign, or said something after the incident with John. Not continuing to wear your jacket and acting the same as always. I know you like her and all, but that was uncool of her,” Jerry finished as he sat back down and placed a comforting hand on my shoulder.

“Yeah, you shouldn’t waste anymore time on her. She doesn’t deserver anything from you, especially since she friend-zoned you.” Ken said as he spun in my office chair.

I lifted my head, “Thanks guys. I was dreading explaining because I didn’t want the jabs at my stupidity,” I said looking to each of them. Stopping on Matthew who wasn’t saying anything.

He quickly nodded, gesturing towards the guys, that they had already said what he was going to say. “What is your plan now? Are you going to treat her the same; like she is a special treasure to you?” Matthew said.

Laying down on the bed, looking at my blank ceiling, “I don’t know. I’m not going to completely blow her off, but I definitely don’t want to do anything extra like I’ve been. Like now that I know I’m forever in the friend-zoned, I won’t be there for her confessions. I really don’t want to sit through another one.

“You won’t have to worry about that so much,” Jerry interrupted, “in my other classes Jenny has been marked as not dateable.”

Surprised, “What do you mean?” I said jolting back up into a sitting position. Ken had scooted closer; he loves gossip.

Matthew nodded and laid back down and added, “yeah, in my classes too.”

I looked between Jerry and Matthew, “Why didn’t you guys tell me?”

Jerry answered for both of them, “we thought she was your girl; so, we just assumed when they said not dateable it meant she was taken. We were surprised that everyone knew you got her. But don’t worry, we didn’t interject any additional information when people were talking .”

Understanding I nodded, “Thanks guys. I wouldn’t want my humiliation to spread outside of this room. Remember Brit doesn’t know; Jenny at least had the decency to not spread it among her friends.”

“Don’t worry about it too much George,” Ken said getting up from the chair and sitting next to me, “since no one knew about your misunderstanding, no one will be talking about you behind your back.” Ken finished with a jab at my side.

I was still sore from practices, “Dude, ouch! If you don’t want to have me return the favor keep your hands off me.”

Putting his hands up in surrender, “No problem. I apologize,” he finished as he darted back to the safety of the chair.

The knock on the door abruptly brought me back to reality, Dad was opening the door, “Do you guys need a lift home or are you staying the night? The guest bedrooms are still made up if you want to just crash here.”

“No thank you Mr. Matthews,” Ken said getting up and wrapping his arm around Jerry’s neck, “I don’t think I can be in the same room with his one after all that meat he had. His farts will be killer,” Ken said as he quickly noogied Jerry and then swiftly stepped behind my dad. “However, I will be taking you up on the ride though; I think my mom will kill me if I take an Uber home again.”

Jerry looked like he was going to strangle Ken, but Matthew stopped him, “Don’t kill Ken. We need him for the swim meet coming up. You can kill him afterwards,” Matthew said laughing as Ken squirmed a bit.

“Yeah, don’t kill him. Sadly we need the little shrimp; if there was anyone else, Jerry, I would let you go ahead. Dad is on our side, “I wink at Jerry muffling a laugh.

“Sure he is,” Ken stepped out from behind my dad and looked up at him, “are you?”

“I shall not say a word,” Dad said putting his hands up. “Well George, I’ll give your buds rides home. You do your homework and get ready for bed,” He said as he stepped past Ken walked back into the hallway. “Come on you three. Let’s get going,” He called over his shoulder.

“Don’t think too much of what happened. You still have us and we will agree and follow whatever you deem necessary,” Jerry said giving my back a swat.

“Seriously ouch,” I punch Jerry back as he left my room.

“Ouch!” Jerry howled down the hallway.

Matthew was up from the floor, “Yeah, we are always here for you. We wouldn’t make fun of you when it truly matters. Maybe except this one,” he thumbed toward Ken who was still standing by the door. Matthew walked up to Ken, “don’t you dare rat on your bud; death before the swim meet is still an option,” Matthew said half jokingly, half serious. “See ya George,” He said as he left too.

“Don’t listen to Matthew. I’ve got my pal’s back; pal’s before gals,” he said as he stepped to me and clapped me on the back.

He was out the door before I could return the hit. ‘What’s with them and beating me up‘, “If my back hurts more than yours tomorrow I’m paying you all back tenfold,” I yell down the hallway. Only answered with laughter and the front door slamming shut.

I felt relief. The guys knew and they’ve got my back.

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