Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 32

Life Of Two Best Friends CHPT 31


Turning onto my street, my phone buzzed from my bag behind me. Turning down the music, “Jenny can you dig out my phone and hand it to Matthew?”

“Sure,” Jenny said as she found the phone and stretched to hand Matthew the phone.

“Next time we all pile in the jeep, I get a primo spot; one without this fat idiot,” Jerry grumble as Matthew was showing me the phone.

“Be nice or I’ll let the cannon go,” Ken smirked sarcastically leaning.

Unable to focus on driving, reading a text, and listening to Jerry and Ken bicker, “Will you shut it. I can’t pay attention with you two talking nonsense. And Ken, don’t you dare. Not unless you want to walk to my house.”


“Thank you. Okay Matthew,” Looking at the message finally.

‘Credit card on island. Got inspiration. Sorry.’ -Dad

‘No problem Dad.’

We ordered the food as soon as we got to the house. Pizza, chicken wings, soda, etc. The normal healthy food that high schoolers eat. As we waited for the food to be delivered we decided to swim. I lent Jenny some exercise clothes while Matthew did the same for Brit. They looked hilarious in our baggy clothes; I think Brit more so because Matthew’s shorts looked more like pants. Jenny and Brit were chilling in the hot tub, while Jerry and I were finally finishing our cooldown. Jerry and Ken were
trying to mess with us underwater. The food arrived just as I started to feel relaxed. ‘Perfect timing!’

It was almost ten o’clock, “It’s amazing how fast time flies when you are having fun,” Jerry swung his arm over my shoulders.” I already called an Uber. It will be able to take all of us. We will take Jenny and Brit home first, and then we will be dropped off. You guys ready to go?” Jerry called to the living room as the rest headed towards us.

“Hold your horses. We have to wait for the driver anyways,” Ken said sitting down and leaning against the wall by the front door. “But I will say, I am happy to be going home. I am exhausted.”

Jenny and Brit were leaning against each other, while Matthew was leaning causually against the same wall as Ken.

“You all looked kind of awful. It is a good thing you all are heading home now; you all need your beauty sleep,” I said while Jerry laughed with me. Ken and Matthew completely ignored me as I expected; whereas Jenny and Brit fidgeted and stood more upright to seem more alert.

‘Beep beep, beep.’ Jerry pulled out his phone, “The driver is here.” He sent a message back, “I told him we would be out in a few minutes.” Taking his arm off of me, “Well see you tomorrow dude. Only one week until our future takes off. Let’s go, you four,” Jerry walked towards the front door.

“Yeah. See you all tomorrow,” Ken and Matthew gave me a fist bump. We were outside now, and they were heading towards the Uber; I watched as my friends walked away and I decided I would say what I was thinking. “I will say,” everyone paused, “it is a great feeling to have great friends. I guess I can call all of you my friends for life. Thanks for being my unofficial family.

Jerry came towards me with open arms, “Is this where I do a cheesy hug?”

“I think he definately needs a hug!” Ken ran up and squeezed the air our of me. “Come on Matthew, George needs a hug.”

Matthew slowly walked over and patted me on the shoulder. “I don’t think you really want a hug from me, because my arms would go around your head. You know because you are so short.”

Jenny and Brit who had moved closer laughed at Matthew’s statement. “Do you also need a hug from us, your new sisters?” Brit laughed as she walked up and gave me a crisp homeschooler style side hug.

I laughed, “Thanks Brit,” giving the side hug back.

Jenny had also came up to give a hug, probably not wanting to be left out of this cheesy hug fest. I accepted her approach by giving her a side hug as well. Jenny stiffly smiled and returned the side squeeze. Dropping my arm and moving away I shooed them towards the car. “Stop all this nonsense. The driver is waiting. See you all tomorrow.” I walked back to front door and was closing it just as they closed the car door. ‘Tonight was a strange, but great night.’

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