Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 35

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 34


Silence. It was a different kind of silence. Like she wanted to talk, but was holding herself back… Maybe since this is the first time, it has been just the two of us in the jeep, since my almost confession. ‘Wow! That was so long ago.’ Or maybe she was uncomfortable? Which I don’t understand. We are now just good friends, even family; I don’t see the issue. “You good? You seem uncomfortable.”

“Yeah. I’m good. Just trying to adjust to my new…title…but I’m fine. Really.” She answered while looking out her window.

‘Sure.‘ “Okay, good,” is all I could think of to say. So once again, silence began. Thankfully my phone started ringing bringing some noise into the jeep. “Can you hand me that?”

Jenny laid back to reach my bag behind me and dug out my phone.

Seeing the name as my dad I answered, “What’s up Dad? I am driving at the moment; I’ll put you on speaker,” placing the phone into the hands-free stand. I looked to Jenny, but she was already staring out the window. ‘Nevermind.’

“Son. Would you like to accompany me to a music party at my company? Some people I know have been asking about you, and I would like to introduce you to them if possible?” Dad paused.

“I would, except I have a mountain of homework. Also finals is in two days. I wish I could though; I would have liked to meet new people.”

“No problem Son. I must confess, one of my coworkers has a daughter, and they wanted to introduce you to her,” Dad chuckled.

“Oh. So now you are a matchmaker for me,” I laugh, “I know my dating life as been a bit nonexsistant, but I didn’t realize I needed a blind date.”

“I’m always looking out for you, Son. Maybe in my future I can expect to receive a daughter-in-law?”

Hopefully dad was not expecting one soon. Still, he did seem to use a honest tone. “Not now, and not today. Sorry, I’ve got to keep my grades up for my transferring. But please extend my apologies to my expected date. I’m almost to Jenny’s house; I was pretty much told by Coach to take her home,” laughing and turning onto Jenny’s street.

“Okay. No problem Son. I’ll relay your excuse. Bye Jenny. Bye Son,” and he hung up before either of us could answer.

Silence. ‘Silence is so boring…’

Putting an end to it, I pull into her driveway, “well, here we are; ask anytime, if you need a ride. You aren’t out of my way. See you at school tomorrow,” I had tried to say when she was in the car, but she exited as quickly as possible. ‘I wonder how much she heard?’

Jenny turns and smiles through the windshield and then walks towards her front door.

I was about go in reverse, when I noticed Jenny had stopped and was starting to walk back towards my window. Rolling it down, “You forget something?” I search the seat she was just in.

“No. Are you…really…are you…?” Jenny mumbled and then she let her head droop down looking at the ground.

Huh?’ “I didn’t get any of that? What’s up?” I reach out and touch her shoulder trying to get her to look at me. Jenny’s head raised and met my eyes; there “was” something bothering her, but I had no idea what. “You…”

“It’s nothing. Thanks for the ride George,” she stepped back letting my hand fall, “I’ll see you at school tomorrow,” and with that she walked to her door and went inside without looking back.

‘I still don’t understand girls. I don’t know if we guys are ever supposed to?Whatever…’ “Homework here I come!” pulling back onto the street and heading to my house.

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