Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 38


I wasn’t really speeding, but I was driving quicker. As I drove I thought about that crazy dream. That’s what I decided it was. Crazy. There is no way my dad could forget about me. If that was going to happen in real life, I would make the time to go his wedding or the birth of my siblings. I would have made time for the important occasions.

I got to Matthew’s house and he was pacing by the curb. We were not late, but I usually get him ten minutes earlier. I stopped next to him; and he jumped in.

“Sorry dude. I was…”

“No problem Bro. Since I didn’t get a text I assumed you were running late,” he was looking at me as I pulled away from the curb, “you don’t look so good? Are you still having trouble with your parents?”

“No. Thankfully. I just had a vivid dream, and I forgot to set an alarm. My dad woke me up and got me out the door in less than ten minutes.” While still focusing on driving I summarized my crazy dream to Matthew.

“That is complete nonsense. What did you eat for dinner last night that made your have a stupid dream?” Matthew laughed as soon as I finished. “First of all, your dad would not marry anyone without introducing you first. Second, you would have been there for all the big moments. Third, you will never come home to a surprise; you and your dad have the best father son relationship. He would tell you everything.”

“Very true. Thanks dude,” I say as we park in our normal spot and head to yard area to meet Ken and Jerry.

“No problem dude. But really what did you eat?”

Matthew told Jerry and Ken my stupid dream, and they reacted the same as Matthew.

“Is your dad dating again?” Jerry asked after the talking had died down.

“Yeah. He wants to be happy, and I want him to be happy,” relief in my tone, because I’ve now come to grips with the idea and I’m actually happy for him.

Ken intrupted my thoughts with a loud, “Ha!”

“What’s your deal?” I say trying to punch Ken for the sudden outburst.

“Nothing much. But your dad is on round two of dating and you haven’t even attempted your own round one,” Ken was trying to keep it together while he muffled his laughter.

Jerry and Matthew must have realized the truth in what Ken said, because they had started to silently chuckle as well.

Annoyed. “It’s not like I didn’t try. Jenny just was not into all of this,” I sarcastically gestured to my entire body. I too laughed at my idiotic behavior.


“Are you really okay with joking about Jenny now?” Jerry was shocked. “This is the first time you are actually joking about the situation,” Jerry seemed to be trying to keep the shock controlled.

I looked at Matthew and Ken and they too had the same reaction as Jerry, “Yeah. I have actually moved on a while ago.”

“Since when?” Matthew asked.

We were starting to walk towards our homeroom. “I guess since I found out about my parents getting a divorce. That day really showed me that you can’t force feelings, and it’s better to end one-sided crushes. My dad was trying to save his marriage all these years because he still loved the woman mom used to be, but he was suffering all alone as he tried to force feelings. It was my breaking point with the Jenny situation.”

“Wow. I didn’t know you have matured so much,” Jerry said as he draped his arm over my shoulder.

“Yep. I am going to focus on myself for the time being. I’m going to become the swimmer I want to be before thinking about dating. I probably won’t date until after college,” laughing at the thought, but was actually serious with that idea.

“Good luck to you bro,” Ken smack me on the back and laughed, “I will start as soon as a girl sees me as a man.”

“So you will be waiting until when, thirty?” Matthew punched Ken back.

We all started laughing at Ken. ‘Thirty. That was good. Thanks Matthew.’

“Wow. Jerks,” Ken stormed off out of “annoyance” but was only through the homeroom door a few seconds before us.

‘He’s just annoyed because he knows it’s true.’

The third bell rang and in walked Ms. Chaplen. “Hello class. We will be doing a pop quiz this morning.”

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