Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 53

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 52


Well things have been in a blur. I’ve forgotten to write everything down. Still…it is the last day of school! Finally Jerry and I’s goals will begin. Yep. Jerry is going with me; I super hyped I will have my best bud with me. His parents figured out the finances, and the Montana school helped out as well, but with the knowledge that Jerry will have to maintain a B avergae the next two years.

That day of fun at the pool, Matthew did call and tell Coach Jones he would not be joining, and to give his spot to another. I get it now. ‘I didn’t that day, but I do now.’ Also this way, Matthew and Ken will finish out the last two years of swimming together.

On the other hand, we will be leaving in two days. Dad will be driving my jeep up at some point, so that I have some wheels. I recieved my swimming schedule in the mail yesterday. It pretty much stated that I would not have any days off, except holidays or family engagements. So my dad gifted Jerry travel money. Assuring Jerry’s parents that whenever Jerry was needed home he would have the funds. Dad called it a congratulations gift for achieveing The Montana School. ‘Pretty sweet gift, if I must say.’

Today was a stange day. Classes were…whatever. But the thought of not swimming here or seeing Matthew, Ken, and Coach everyday…strange.

Jerry walked up next to me, “Does it feel weird dude? It’s our last day here for the next two years?”

“I was just thinking that. Also not to see Matthew and Ken everyday…will they make it to school everyday if their chauffer is not around,” I laughed, but actually thought about that.

As if they heard their names, Ken and Matthew sprinted towrds us. “Dude can I borrow your phone. My mom got ahold of the school and wanted to talk to me. My phone is dead,” Ken stretched out his hand pleading. I didn’t hesitate; I gave it.

“Me too. My parents need to talk to me and my phone is also out of batteries. Bro, can I borrow,” Matthew asked Jerry, not as severly as Ken but still somewhat urgent? ‘At least it was urgent for Matthew’s standard.’

“Sure,” Jerry too handed over the phone.

With that Matthew and Ken turned their backs to us and seemed to urgently call their families.

“Let us know if you need anything. We are going to head in,” I said backing away. Their hightened mannerisms made it seem like they were going to be dead meat from
their parents. I tapped Jerry’s shoulder waving to him to follow my lead.

“Yeah, lets us know,” Jerry followed.

Walking throught the doors it hit me again. ‘I won’t be walking through these doors for two years or longer.’ Like normal we proceed to the locker rooms. They were empty. Coach had told us to not change and be out on the deck at four-thirty. So we ditched our bags and head to the deck.

“Woo Hoo! Yeah!” applause, cheering, and whistles eruptted in front of us. There stood the team, Coach, Jenny, and Brit. ‘They were celerbrating us?’

“Wow. I like being appriciated!” Jerry draped his arm over my shoulders, relaxing his body.

Instead I was tense. Being celebrated is good, but not with this team. ‘I’m sure they have something planned.’

As if instantively, the crowd charged us, lifted our bodies, and tossed us into the pool.

‘Knew it.’ Jerry was spitting and sputtering like an idiot. I think he had his mouth wide open when he submerged. “You still happy to be celebrated?” I asked treading water.

“Dude. Ken and Matthew,” Jerry pointed to the deck, “that’s why they needed our phones. Those jerks.”

I busted out laughing, beacuse the look on Jerry’s face should scare the crap out of Matthew and Ken. He was pissed. Probably because he wore his brand new shoes today,
to celebrate himself. Yelling over to Ken and Matthew, “you guys are dead; not because of me,” I assured them with a shake of the head no, but turned and pointed to the fumming Jerry, “he is going to kill you two.” Ken and Matthew turned and hid behind the rest of the team. The others hid them and acted like nothing happened.

‘I’m going to miss this. The team, Coach, the guys…’ I knew what my goal was going to cost me, but the thought of leaving was settling in. Jerry and I finally made our way to the ladder and dredged ourselves out of the pool. I was drenched; Jerry looked all washed up. Jerry had also simmered down now; mostly because Matthew said he would buy him a new pair.

‘Last day.’

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