Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 55

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 54


There we stood. Jerry, myself, Ken, Matthew, Dad, and Jerry’s mom. We were about to go through security.

I nudged Jerry and gave the signal. ‘We had planned, beforehand, to give Ken and Matthew painful hugs.’ We walked towards them, but they had something else planned. Ken and Matthew surrounded us and gave us a sandwhich hug, with Jerry and I squeezed in the middle.

“You guys done?” I squirmed my head around to get my question out.

Ken and Matthew sighed and let us go. Dad and Jerry’s mom were chuckling off to the side of us.

“We will come up and visit as soon as possible. Probably towards the end of summer,” Matthew swung his arms across our shoulders. Ken gave us a two thumbs up pose.

“Photo! Ken turn towards me,” Dad had busted his phone out. “Good. Good. Now, one..two..three..say cheese!”

Ken seemed to scream “CHEESE” as loud of possible, which caused us three to bust out into laughter.

“I got a good one, and the pretty ugly expression one of the laughter. But we should probably hurry this along. You guys still have to go through security and find your gate,” Dad came towards me arms stretched out.

I accepted the hug. ‘Probably my last hug until he drives the jeep up.’ “Bye Dad.”

“Good bye, Son. Enjoy yourself, but stay focused.” Dad was still hugging me.

“You too. Try and find me a stepmom while I’m away,” I pull away from Dad.

He was chuckling, “I will try, but no promises. Any advice for your old man?”

I step away swining my backpack on, “Maybe…be picky. Choose the right one, whatever that means,” I laugh.

Jerry was getting his hug from his mom. Jerry’s mom was smiling, but I could see the hidden sadness. For a slight moment, I missed my mom; just that feeling… Moment gone.

“Dad,” I hint and nod towards Jerry’s mom.

Dad turns, looks, and then winks at me realizing the situation. Dad gave me one last hug and he walked over to Jerry’s mom.

“You ready to go, Jerry?” As I pick up my carry-on.

“Yeah. Bye Mom,” Jerry scooped up his backpack and grabbed his carry-on from Ken; then headed towards me.

Dad placed his hand on Jerry’s mom’s shoulder; to comfort her but also hold her steady. She was already beginning to sway. “Goodbye, my son. I love you,” Jerry’s mom said, but it only came out as a whisper.

“Love you too, Mom,” Jerry said as he followed my lead; presenting his ID and walking through the first gate towards our future.

I looked back through the glass wall. There stood Jerry’s mom, Ken, Matthew, and…Dad. I am going to miss him. ‘Bye Dad.’ Jerry nudged me to make me move forward. My view of Dad was gone. ‘Move forward, George. Forward.’

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