Word Of The Day: Gormandize 07-01-21

Synonyms: binge, devour, gobble, gulp, guzzle, overeat, stuff, wolf

Can I devour it all?

Stuffing myself to the brim.

As I desperately crawl,

In search of… nothing.

Why do I feel grim?

Everything is dumping,

Into my brimming gut.

It’s greasy or slimy,

Still I swallow it whole.

Am I in a rut?

My skin feels grimy.

Full is always my bowl.

Should I go for a stroll?

Overeating…everyone has done it at one point. I’ve done it with various foods. Recently…spicy fried chicken… chocolate chip cookies… ketchup with fries… all the non healthy foods.

For me it is spicy, sweet, or salty. So the normal categories of the occasional overindulged person.

I know it’s different for others, but I always feel awful afterwards. The worst part about overeating recently, is I’ve been trying to lose my extra weight. Not too much, but just a bit….but I will binge food. Makes no sense. My goal and bad habits contradict each other.

But enough about the negative…But did you overeat on the 4th? I know I did.

Digital Art
by emily2jane

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