Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 2

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 1


‘Well Coach Jones has made me a liar.’ He gave us a week off for a real vacation. We are allowed to travel home, but that we need to continue to train personally. Because when we get back, we are going to travel South to Bozeman.

Also Coach Jones said, “College is going to be fast-paced. Enjoy this vacation, because you will only get a handful of days off these next four years.”

‘Great…and great!’ I will take this time off and travel home! Since life has been so busy this last year I haven’t kept in touch with the guys as much as I wanted. I haven’t seen Jerry for about three months. ‘I’m actually pumped to go home.’

‘Got to call the old man’, “Ring…Ring…rin…Dad?”

“Hey Son. This is a surprise, how’s it going up there?” Dad’s voiced echoed.

“All is good. But I’m coming home for about a week. Will you and Mom be home?”

“What a treat!,” Dad voiced echoed louder, probably because he moved the phone away from his ear as he spoke, “Honey…George is coming home this week!” I heard a happy girlish sqeal in the background noise, and a very loud, ‘Yippee!’” Dad’s voice now was more clear and he chuckled before continuing, “I don’t know if you could hear her, but your mom is super excited. Be ready for a big welcome home party.”

“Sounds good to me, and yes I could hear her,” I laughed.

“Me too,” Jeremy said behind me, “in case she was curious how loud she can be,” Jeremy laughed as he too was packing his bags.

“Who was that, son? Girlfriend?”

I laughed and almost dropped my phone, “Nope. Its my roommate Jeremy. He said he could hear Mom too.” Dad just laughed and laughed.

“What’s your roommate going to do for the vacation?” Dad asked as the laughter died down. “If he doesn’t have anything, bring him along. I would like to meet the young man that you have been growing up with. And it’s all on me. But Son, I’m sorry, but I have to go. I only stopped by home for a quick lunch and I need to head back. Do you need anything else?”

“Nope… Well, are you going to pick us up? It will cost a fortune for me to get an uber,” I looking up prices as we spoke.

“Don’t worry about it. I will come get you, and if I can’t, for some reason, I’ll send someone. But got to go. Bye Son,” Dad said and hung up before I could reply.

‘It was good to hear his voice. It had been a while since I actually talked to him.’ Seeing him in person tomorrow is going to be awesome but also strange. Turning to Jeremy, “So what are your plans for this vacation?”

“I was going to spend it with my mom, but she is on a cruise with my aunt; for a ladies escape..I think that’s what they called it…” Jeremy continued to pack his bag. “So instead, I’ll be going home, and hanging out. At least it is a break.”

“Well your idea sounds interesting, but my dad was curious if you would like to come back with me?”

Jeremy stopped and turned to me, “Why?”

“His words, ‘I want to meet the young man I had grown up with these last two years,’” I hope my impression of my dad was great.

Jeremy laughed, “Your dad seems really cool. But are you sure? I would be coming along with you on your vacation.”

“No problem about it. And my mom is like, ‘the more the merrier,’ type of person. Do you want to come?” I say as I flip open my laptop to book the flights.

“I would, but the expense of it all. Yeah, I was already planning on flying to California, but the expense of room and board… I don’t think I can swing it,” Jeremy sat down on his bed.

“All expenses paid. My dad already said so. Are you coming? I am booking the flights now,” I said pointing at the screen.

“Wow. Okay. I guess I am coming,” Jeremy walked over to my bed and help me decide on the seats.

‘I wonder if it will be Dad or his assistant?’ We were already at LAX. We had somewhat agreed on the earliest flight. It was six-thirty in the morning now, and the sun was beginning to rise. Unlike Jeremy; he seemed to be slowly slinking down closer to the ground. “Dude, pick yourself up and look alive. LAX is busier than the airport back home.” ‘Home?’ Weird, that came out of my mouth about Montana.

“Uggh…fine. Why did I let you talk me into this early. I am so dead. When will the ride be here?” Jeremy said pulling his body up, but not his attitude.

“Wow. Whinny Jeremy is back. It’s like you gave gone backwards two years of maturity. But the ride should be here soon.” ‘Where is dad?’ I look down the line of cars. I saw arms flailing across the line of cars in the center divider. ‘Who…?’

Jeremy was now just beside me, “Isn’t that your old bud…what’s his name…the one that was always talking smack…”

“Ken.” Ken was here! Without Jeremy, I started walking to the crosswalk. ‘Why is this light so slow.’ I hadn’t seen Ken in almost a year and a half.
‘…Green!’ I was off to the other side. I just assumed Jeremy was following.

“Dude!” Ken left his driver side door and ran towards me.

‘Ken was almost them same.’ Yeah it had been two years, but Ken was still the same height. However, he had bulked up; as he lifted me into the air for a hug. “Okay. Okay. Let me down,” he was cutting off circulation to my limbs. Thankfully he listened and put me down.

“I can’t believe you are back! Your dad told me to pick someone up at the airport. I had no idea it was you, until I saw you,” Ken tried like always to swing his arm over my shoulders. “When did you get so tall? You weren’t this height at your dad’s wedding were you?”

‘I forgot. That is another change. I am six-foot one inch.’ Unless Matthew grew, I am the tallest of the guys, and according to the physician at school I will continue to grow until I am about twenty-two. “No. I have grown in the past year and a half, and I’m told it will continue,” I turn remembering I brought someone with me. ‘Where is he?’

“Who are you looking for…” Ken’s words drowned off.

I followed his eyeline. ‘Yep. He found Jeremy.’ “Hurry up will you?” I yelled at Jeremy, as he dragged his butt over to where we were standing.

“I didn’t realize you had left. I turned and you were not there anymore. Oh,” Jeremy realized Ken was staring at him, “hello Ken.”

Ken looked at me. I nodded. He looked back at Jeremy, “Hello Jeremy. Let’s head out,” Ken walked back to the driver door and climbed in.

“I guess, you didn’t tell your friends about me…” Jeremy and I started towards the car.

“Well we weren’t really buds until after my parents wedding. Let’s just get going,” I threw my bag in the trunk and climbed in the front seat. I didn’t know if Ken would wait for Jeremy, but thankfully he did. Jeremy got in the backseat, and we were off.

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