Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 7

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 6


Jerry was determined; he of course won. His reward was to throw Ken in the pool. I must admit it was hysterical. Ken splashed dramatically asking someone to “save him.” Jeremy was the one who reacted, but he used a floaty to fish him out.

“I was not about to get wet. It’s cold out here,” Jeremy pulled Ken up out of the water.

“I know now who my true friend is,” Ken attempted to drape his arm over Jeremy’s shoulder. He gave up after two failed attempts, because the moment was gone.

We were all walking back into the living room, as Mom and Dad came through the front door. “Wow!” Mom exclaimed, “It looks wonderful in here. Thank you so much,” and Mom once again was on her hugging spree.

We all just accepted them, except Ken who was still soaking wet.

“Oh, Ken,” Mom just shook her head.

‘She must be used to this happening.’

“Go shower and change like always. Who did it this time?” Mom gave each of us a questioning look.

Jerry proudly raised his hand; his smirk could be seen from outer space. “This was my doing; believe me he deserved it,” Jerry stood quite proud of himself.

‘I missed this. The guys. Mom. Dad. I will be sad to leave again.’ I looked over at Dad.

“Everything good?” Dad mentally asked raising his eyebrows.

“Yep. All is fine now,” I answered back. ‘Its cool that we still have that capability.’

“Well, am I taking you three home?” Dad picked back up his car keys again.

“Nah Mr. Matthews. I don’t know about these two, but I’m staying the night,” Ken said as he dashed up the stairs to probably go shower.

“What about you two?” Dad turned to Matthew and Jerry.

“I’m staying,” Jerry sat down on the couch. “You?” He asked Matthew.

“I wish I could, but my parents requested my presence. Probably wanting me to make a decision about my future again. So if you don’t mind Mr. Matthews,” Matthew swung his backpack over his shoulder.

“No problem at all,” Dad kissed mom on the cheek and headed back to the door, “I’ll be in the truck,” Dad left.

“I’ll see you tomorrow hopefully, unless my parents forcefully ship me somewhere,” Matthew gave me a quick hug. “See you Jerry,” Matthew waved. “Thank you so much for invinting me Mrs. Matthews,” Matthew called in the direction of the kitchen.

A loud, “Of course!” rang out; we all laughed.

“Tell the idiot I said bye,” Matthew, of course, was talking about Ken.

‘Ha. That’s fitting.’

“Bye Jeremy. It’s cool, one buddy came back and I gained another one,” then Matthew quickly disapeared out the door.

“He is a man of few words, isn’t he?” Jeremy said realxing down into a recliner.

“That was a lot of words for him,” Jerry and I chuckled.

“Well, let’s head up. Hopefully his majesty is done, and he didn’t use all the hot water again,” Jerry started towards the stairs as Jeremy followed.

I grabbed Jerry’s arm stopping him on the fifth step, “Jerry. If we are still awake do you think you can tell me what happened to Jenny?”

“Yeah. I was wondering when you would remember. Let’s get ready for bed first, and then I’ll finish her story. Without rattling this one,” Jerry thumbed at Jeremy.

“Cool. I would rather not be riled up again,” Jeremy shoved Jerry foward to continue up the stairs. “Come on, Geroge,” Jeremy said as he followed Jerry up.

‘I’ve missed this. The guys.’

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