Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 22

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 21


“You are not giving it your all!” Coach yelled at us as we both clutched the wall like it was a saftey haven.

“Coach…the run killed…” I said as I gasped for air. My legs were on fire.

“That is no reason. I’ve given you worse sets before. Have you really become so soft?” Coach sipped at his coffee.

“Dude. Talking is pointless,” Jeremy slapped my shoulder, “Let’s just continue,” Jeremy coughed out, as he climbed once again onto the blocks.

‘Yeah. What am I saying. Maybe the lack of oxygen was clouding my judgement.’ I followed Jeremy’s lead and once again climbed the block. “Let’s go again.”

“Are you sure. You seemed to talk back a moment ago. Do you want to quit?” Coach stared at the two of us.

“No. Continue. I’m not done,” I took my stance, ready for the Go!

Jeremy nodded and followed my lead now.

“Fine,” Coach pulled his stopwatch out again and put his whistle back in his mouth. “Take your mark…Go!” The whistle sounded and we left.

My feet left the block. This was my thirtieth fifty. Coach was pushing us to be better but my body was dead. I stretched my arms, trying to capture as much water to propel myself forward. My legs were moving but I had no idea how quickly; they were completely numb. I knew I was breathing way too much, but my lungs were on fire. Turn; feet exploded off the wall. ‘Keep going. You need to do this. Coach is watching.’ My arms were failing me; they felt more like jelly than limbs. Ten yards to go. I took my last breath and put my head down. I was going to finish this. ‘Finish…no…’ My left arm cramped up; I could no longer feel it. ‘No, keep going!’ Five yards. Lack of oxygen must be the cause of my body dying. As if planned, my right leg cramped enough that it stopped moving. ‘Go.’ Five, four, three, two, wall!

I could hear voices, but it was all dark around me. ‘What’s going on? Jeremy? Coach? Hello?’ I could feel someone lifting my body up and placing my on a hard surface. ‘Really! What is happening? And why can’t I see anything?’ Finally I heard Coach’s voice distinively.

“How is he? Is he responsive? Do I need to call an ambulance?”

‘Responsive? Ambulance?’ “I’m fine,” I tried to say, but it must have been subconiously, because I was ignore.

“If he doesn’t respond in one mintue I will have you call 911,” the voice right above me said.

“Dude!” Jeremy coughed out panically, but then choked on his next words, “…wake up…dude…”

Jeremy must have given up talking since it grew quiet again. ‘What is that? Air?’

“Call 911. He is still unresponsive,” the voice said above me.

The puffs of air continued, and I could hear a panicked Coach voice speak on the phone.

“Yes. Male. He is seventeen years old. He passed out in a pool after an intense swimming set. Please hurry. Nothing can happen to him,” Coach’s voice seemed…panicked. “Thank you. They will be here in ten minutes or faster,” Coach said back in my direction.

“Understood. I’ll continue CPR. Micheal,” the voice yelled away from himself.

“Yeah,” another voice answered.

“Come help me,” the voice said as he continued the puffs of air. “Also, keep an eye on the other swimmer. He doesn’t look so good either.”

“I’m good…Just… my stomach is screaming for food,” Jeremy melted to the deck. He no longer had the energy to hold himself up.

“I got it,” Micheal said as he quickly dashed away and came back quickly with, I’m assuming, food.

“Thanks,” Jeremy said.

“Control yourself, or you will choke,” the voice above me said. “Come on, George. Wake up. You need to wake up.”

‘Believe me. I am trying, but nothing I’m doing seems to be working.’ Jeremy was talking about food and I could feel my stomach grumble with jealousy. Pretty much yelling at me to feed it too. Sirens began to blare in the background. ‘I don’t want to be taken off to a hospital. God, please wake me up! WAKE UP!’

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