Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 34

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 33


Even though we were all starting fresh, we still stayed in our beginning groups. Our assistant Coach Wayne said it was becuase, as we know, anything can happen in warm-up. This group has swam at meets together before, so we know our order and speeds already. If we were to mix with other groups for stretching and warm-ups, it would not be as efficient. We all now how much Coach Jones thrives for effienecy.

“Why are you all still stretching. Let’s begin. Upperclassmen do the normal meet warm-up, my newest freshmen follow Coach Steve’s command. George!”

“Yeah Coach,” I didn’t think anything of it; until all eyes stared in my direction.

“Lead them in the normal invitational warm-up,” Coach Jones didn’t even look up from his clipboard.

“Okay Coach.” I turned to make sure Jeremy and Timothy were in their normal positions, first and second. “Get in the normal order.” I called to the other athletes, “If you were never at an invitational meet, ask your teammate in front of you for the next set.” ‘I was right at home now.’

“Dude, look at them;” Jeremey mumbled under his breath, “they do not look happy.”

“No need,” I responded, “what’s the point. We are all going to be teammates in the future.” I did not look towards the upperclassmen. As Coach said nothing was set in stone, and I am determined to take a spot on the A-String. I put my goggles on and continued to warm-up my muscles. ‘This is the start of my future.’

The whistle sounded and I was in the pool.

It was great to be back in the pool. I felt a little out of place since its been about two days since I trained, but I still was able to keep ahead of Timothy. I have to keep up my best. The only difference between normal meet warm-up and invitational warm-up was about six hundred yards.

Flip-turn, push off the wall. ‘Man its great to be back in the pool!’ I don’t understand why the upperclassmen were annoyed that Coach Jones called me out personally. I have swam for him for two years now; I was the lead on that team. It is normal for Coach Jones to give me orders. ‘Whatever.’ Flip turn; one more turn and we start the set.

“George,” Coach Jones stopped me before I began the next part of the warm-up, “scoot over a lane and continue the warm-up leading this lane.”

Before moving, I looked over to where Coach Jones was pointing. and it was the third lower lane of the upperclassmen. I didn’t hesistate; I ducked under the lane-line and took up the small section on wall meant for the first person. ‘Nothing but glares acknowledged my presence.’

“George,” Coach Jones pulled me back into focus, “use your normal speed; do not speed up, you will be fine unless Kevin decides to speed up.”

Coach Jones must have been reffering to the guy behind me. Because I heard a sudden huff as Coach spoke.

“No problem Coach,” I got ready to leave on the sixty.

“Both the third lane of the A-strings and the top lane of the B-strings will continue warm-up together,” Coach Jones finished speaking just as the sixty came.

I was off.

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