Word Of The Day: Cerebral

Synonyms: analytical, intelligent, brainy, deep, scholarly, etc.

It’s a brain with feet;

Confident on the street.

People will stop and awe,

At the amazement of their jaw.

Intelligence is at its feet;

Challenging someone to beat,

But they will stay in their seat.

Thriving through life;

Taking it all in stride.

Who is this,

You may ask?

Not a chicken.

We have chickens this year. They are the dumbest animal I’ve ever raised. They just don’t understand the efforts the husband has made, to make their coop awesome. Instead of venturing outside; to discover the wonders of their space… they prefer to cower inside.

Eventually they will learn that when we open their door; they need to go out. Or they will learn that when we pick up the pool sifter pole…it means they have two options. Go outside willingly, or forcefully. Haha 😂

I don’t know what I was describing when I wrote the poem, because I only had chickens on my mind. I knew I wanted to throw everyone for a loop when I ended it the way I did.

Well. Enjoy your Friday! Weekend here I come! 😊

2 thoughts on “Word Of The Day: Cerebral”

  1. Ha! I have trained our chickens to go inside for the night with a green plastic garden rake. In the beginning I had to scoop them along and force them into safety, but now all it takes is for me to pickup the rake and they scurry along into the coop. 😁
    Recently, unfortunately, one of them has begun flying up high into a tree to roost and only William can get him down by climbing to the tipee-top of the jungle gym beyond hand holds and grab her and then balance his way down no hands 😳 (I have learned recently, that you also stood on the tippee-top of that jungle gym for funsies 🤨)
    Me, I just leave that rebellious chicken there and hope the local raccoons don’t come around for a look see.
    So yep, chickens are to stupid to know what’s best for them.

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