Life As A Mama #28

…strange day…

Self explanatory…
Normal 8:30 alarm…
Elizabeth wakes mama up with sweet kisses…🥰
Going downstairs, making breakfast…sweet snuggles for mama…
I made her oatmeal and yogurt…she ate it all like a big girl…😳
While I got to eat my breakfast alone, and I was able to edit and post my story…🧐
I had a little cheerleader as I exercised. And whenever I complained or said “Owww” I would get kisses…💕
Mama had to make Pizza for lunch…my little helper got everything out for me…
Not only helping me prep, but she helped me roll the dough too…🤓
Then proceeded to eat the two slices of pizza I gave her! 😮 also her applesauce and cheese…
Mama got tired suddenly so…nap time…
Elizabeth came and gave me sweet snuggles and a blanket…❤️
She was such a little sweet sweet yesterday 💕🎊
Original by emily2jane

The second half of the day was…not worth mentioning and wouldn’t follow my statement above…but the first half of my day had never been that sweet in a long time…

I am wondering if this is a calm before the storm…or maybe it was just a mama day for the first half…

I don’t know what it was but I will take my sweet kisses, snuggles, and loves with a happy heart!!

Mama’s out there in the world…even if they give you a sweet half day enjoy it to the fullest!! 💕

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