Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 24

Life Of Two Best Friends CHPT 23


It is currently Thursday; only a few days have passed since my last talk with you all. Nothing exciting has happened for me or report, mostly school, practice, school, etc. I guess the only new thing is Coach has been “happier” at practices, now that he has help with Lily and the lower lanes. When I say “happy” I mean he is happy while we are unhappy; more personal time with Coach means harder practices for us. At least our big meet is about two weeks away. We do have a meet with another school coming this Wednesday, whereas our final meet, of the season, is two Thursdays from today. Jenny and Brit have been really great for Coach; as we get closer, it has been nice to have Coach’s complete attention.

Since our barbeque, this will be the first Thursday that Mom will not be picking me up to go somewhere. I haven’t been noticing the absence of Mom, but today it catches my attention as Jerry and I head to the Jeep; we have a Science project due tomorrow. Finishing touches only left.

“You just missed your street dude,” Jerry quizzically said as we drove by another street. “You good?”

“Yeah. Thanks Bro. Just lots on my mind,” quickly coming back to reality. “Just, this is the first official Thursday where I won’t be seeing my mom. It hasn’t been bothering me, but it is today,” I say flipping a U-turn at the next crossing.

“Yeah. It is weird. I’ve grown accustomed to your overbearing…ummm…your mom being how she is,” coughing realizing what he had said. “Sorry dude. I didn’t mean…”

“No worries. I am bugged it is not my choice to have an opinion about her; she decided for me, by disowning me. Just something I am going to have to get used to,” finally turning onto my street, after a few wrong turns finally home. We had to park on the street because there were two cop cars in my normal spot. “I wonder if there have been more robberies?”

Getting closer to the door, “Is there a woman shouting inside?” Jerry asked as we approached the door.

“What?!” I put the key in and open the door to a horrifying site. My mother’s back was towards me, while two officers were across the room holding…down…Dad! “What is going on?” I yell into the chaos.

Silence. My mother’s body tenses in front of me; Dad’s face shows concern, and the officers regard my presence. Jerry begins to slink away; I wish he would stay.

“Stay where you are young man,” one of the officers called to Jerry, who was almost away, “we will need a witness.”

Wish granted. A little more controlled, I ask again “What is going on?” Mom’s shoulders tense again. She must have done something she should feel guilty about; since she has yet to turn and look at me.

“We were called about a parent kidnaping their son from their spouse. We are currently holding, I assuming, your kidnapper away from their distressed spouse. Please, young man, stay back, and we will deal with him legally. You are safe now,” the same police officer who had stopped Jerry was speaking to me now, but it sounded more like noise. Complete utter nonsense….

“What are you talking about? Is this her doing,” I point at, the still faceless Mom standing in front of me, “whatever nonsense she spewed about my dad is all false. I personally decided to live with my dad during their divorce. I decided to live with the parent who respects me,” as I spoke I pushed by my mom, not looking at her, and then standing beside Dad, I turn towards her.

Mom was fuming, but also nervous. I expect she didn’t want me to be present for this gathering because she knew I would call her on her lies. “Officers, please release my dad; he has done nothing wrong.” Jerry had also came into the house, but he stood off to side, but on my side of the living room.

The officers let go of my dad’s arms and help him to a standing position again. Turning to Jerry, the officer previously asked, “Look only at me, is what he said true?”

“Yes, officer. What he said is the truth. I have all knowledge of what has happened between this family,” Jerry said confidently, but then looking down turning red at his statement of knowing all our secrets. However, he lifts his head again, keeping his head high.

I give him a slight nod to let him know, ‘Thank you bro.’

“Thank you. We apologize for actions towards you, Mr. Matthews,” the officers offered their hands to my dad; my dad accepted their hands and apology easily. “Whereas for you Madame, you need to come to the station with us. Lying to an officer is a legal offense,” they went towards Mom, grabbing her arms to escort her out of the house.

I was shocked. I really shouldn’t be. I shouldn’t be surprised at what my mom is capable of. I stood with Dad watching Mom be dragged away from us.

“We will be filing a report. Don’t quote me on this, but after the report is finalized you should be able to use it to gain full custody,” the younger officer chimed into the conversation.

Mom stopped suddenly, throwing the the younger officer off balance, causing him to almost fall. She forcibly turned around to look me in the eyes, “You will never be anybody. When your life is dull and you need help, I will not be the one to help you. We are through.”

Silence rang through the house. I was not about to let her have the last word, “You will no longer be anyone to me. When you get to a point in ‘your’ life that seems meaningless and lifeless don’t come looking for me. Because you have become a stranger to your own son,” I turn my back on a now complete stranger.

As it became silent once again, the younger cop regained his balanced and dragged that woman out of our house for the last time.

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