Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 23

Life Of Two Best Friends CHPT 22


Normally I would skip over Sunday, but after church today we have an afternoon practice planned. Usually we don’t have practice on a Sunday, but since the big meet is coming
up Coach wants us to practice as much as possible.

Anyways church. Church is another aspect of my life I haven’t discussed yet. My family has always gone to our small town church. I say small because the congragation is only about fifty people. I know a generous percentage of the attendees.

‘Your Dad is a famous person; why a small church?’ Is something you might wonder. But we have never thought about leaving to find a bigger church, because this church has lots of memories for my dad. He started his career here; he started as a member of the church band. So our train of thought is, why mess with something that is perfectly fine. I guess I mention this, because the idea of changing churches was always my mom’s idea. Which doesn’t matter anymore.

Since Dad is a big name artist now, he can only occasionally be a guest performer. Which he totally understands; the pastor doesn’t want people to only come to church because of the music. Still Dad always wants to join in if possible; today must be one of those days.

If you, personally, attend a small church you understand the unspoken rule of seats: unless you are a newcomer you know whose seat is whose. Saying that I’ll quickly tell you where everyone is. The guys were sitting in the two rows behind me with their families. Jenny and Mrs. Bailey were in their normal second row spot. Brit was off to my left with her parents. Coach was sitting in the back with Lily; Lily was singing along to Grandpa Matthews.

As the congregation continued to sing, I scanned the singing faces around me. I was looking for her; she would occasionally be standing next to me. Even though she had disowned me and was going to divorce my dad, I still hoped she would come to church. No where to be seen; I turn my attention back to the band.

“Okay before we start practice I have some news,” Coach quieted us as we stretched. “I want to open with some of the details and facts of the situation. First, I have two new co assistants. Their jobs will be unpaid; the school budget can not supply more money for their efforts. Though I’ve already discussed it with the principal and has agreed on giving them an offical title so they can use it towards a college letter,” Coach paused to make sure we understood that we must regard the new assistants with respect.

We all nodded.

“Good. I’ll introduce them now. Come on out,” Coach yelled towards the office.

Three famillar faces exited the office: Jenny, Brit, and Lily. Lily ran from the office to my side, as the lifeguard blew his whistle at her. Coach acknowledged the lifeguard’s command and quickly explained the rules to Lily. Lily nodded but was still a little shaken from the loud whistle blowing; she quickly stepped up to my side grabbing onto my hand. As Jenny and Brit finally approached the team stretching area, we all gave them a round of applause.

“They will be helping in some aspects of the team. However, not too much because I don’t want to put too much pressure on them; because, I know studies will get harder as the school years continue. They will also be helping me with Lily; I cannot financially afford a babysitter for a whole season. Anyways, let us respect these young ladies and accept them,” Coach started the clapping again.

As the clapping dwindle away, “Alright, let’s go,” I shouted out to the teammates. Leading Lily behind my lane, “Everyone, again follow Llily’s command,” as an example Lily shouted ‘GO!’ and off I went into the pool.

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