Journey With Cookbooks #4

Well the warmth left Montana, so I wanted something warm to eat!! Soup. Soup is always nice on a cold day.

Again I had to choose a recipe from my cookbooks but this one was not marked. Chicken Tortilla Soup.

Still going through the Frontier Cookbook

Reading through the recipe this one will only take 50min cooking time and only 20min prep. So not too bad!!( in the prep time i always add extra time incase Elizabeth wants to help)

Elizabeth helped mix the spices. My big helper!!
Chicken olive oiled and seasoned. I like it that the chicken will be baked…less time I have to watch. More time to make sure baby is not being naughty.
All the diced ingredients! I like to dice…Mwahahahaha 😂
Cooking the veggies. This recipes is super easy. It’s a lot of adding and waiting. I like this recipe 😎
The hubby had to taste it…it was approved.

I feel like every time I’m cooking something new, the hubby has to taste it. Which I guess is good; because I don’t like to taste test as I cook…It’s just a mystery when it’s done…🙃

Once again. Add rest of ingredients, chicken, broth, water, extra seasonings, and salt. Then let it simmer 20min. More waiting.

I think waiting is my favorite kind of cooking. I will be doing this recipe again….waiting…🤓

Last step was to add the corn tortilla strips.
Finished soup. Topped with sour cream, red onions, and cheese. Yummy!

As I said simple recipe!! This blog seems more relaxed than previous cooking posts because it actually is. It was so easy and chill.

And the family said yum! Elizabeth actually liked the soup this time!! To me that is an accomplishment in itself.

Look like picture: 8…it actually looks similar.

Taste: 10! Hubby went for seconds!! Elizabeth ate her whole bowl; the table had some too….

Easiness: 10! Sweetest and easiest recipe! 😎

I will definitely make this recipe again!! Especially when I am in the mood to be lazy. However next time I might fidget with the recipe and make less of it. It makes 8 servings. The hubby will get bored with eating soup before it is gone…so I guess I’ll be eating soup for the next few days.

Enjoy your Wednesday. Hopefully the snow is gone for good. I’m tired of the snow….🙃

I wrote this last night. Update on weather…no snow, but everything is froze outside. 😱

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