Life As A Mama #31

My earlier post about my frazzled brain. This comic will explain why…

All drawings are from actual interactions between the two…

What you expect when getting a puppy. Not the complete truth. And you have to know we got him 2 weeks earlier than expected…I was not mentally prepared yet.
Elizabeth gives him super hugs. She does love him ❤️
Hubby and Elizabeth only saw the happiness of getting him early…the hubby had work the next day…😒
Elizabeth has a buddy to chase around and to be chased now…she gets all her giggles and wiggles out when we go outside now!
Usually while cooking dinner I have two things behind me snuggling on the floor.
However, puppy + 2 yr old is somewhat of a nightmare for mama.
Elizabeth got really mad when all of her toys disappeared. She doesn’t understand that when she runs around with her toys it’s teasing him. She also doesn’t understand he will destroy anything he can get.
I was dealing with a naughty baby. Then suddenly I heard his howling. Look out the window and his head is stuck in the gate. 😓
They do snuggle behind me while cooking dinner, but sometimes he wants to nap and she was to super snuggle. So sometimes the snuggling turns into fighting.
And it continues under the couch as well…😒
As it says…she loves him so much.
Snuggling on the couch watching a movie at night.

Unless he is outside going potty she is always with him. When he sleeps on the floor under the table…when he chills on the couch…when he hangs with me in the kitchen…

But still a 2 yr old and puppy do not mix well. Also you have to know that Elizabeth has been in the terrible 2s even before 2. And he is not fully potty trained…😖

So saying, “pray for my sanity” you will now understand why…

My sweet sweet and her’s. ❤️

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