Journey With Cookbooks #8

Another recipe!! Today is called Ranch-Style Chicken. From the Frontier Cookbook.

I actually looked through the recipe and decided to cut it in half. It calls for 6 chicken breast and will serve 12…so 3 chicken breast serving 6 is better for a family of 2 and a bigger smidge.

The only difference for this recipe is I have a horseradish mustard instead of Dijon…should be interesting.

To begin!!

Looks yummy!
Well I completely forgot to take pictures of the sliced meat…
Then I forgot to take pictures until now…it needs to marinate for about 2hrs in the fridge.

I was focusing on getting it done and in the fridge, that I totally forgot I was going to use this experience for my blog…see, this is what happens when I “read” the recipe…I forget other things…haha

My cheddar cheese…Costco…
And again I used what I have. I didn’t want to be wasteful so I used some already cooked bacon from 2 days ago.
The chicken is done! Smells yummy. Before putting the chicken in I tasted the marinade, it was good.
This is the second round of chicken. I…forgot about pictures again for the first round. My brain must be on baby brain currently.

Husbands…baby brain is a thing. If your wife is being really frustrating just remember part of our smartness goes to our children. Be happy for intelligent children. 😜

For the last 5 min you add the bacon and cheese.

The hubby went to help a friend so I’m going to finish them off by broiling when he tells me he is coming back.

I got hungry so I cut up an apple. Elizabeth decided to help me with that part.

She always helps me when there are apples present.

My little helper…see her hair is crazy and wild. I don’t make it up…it’s real.
Salad!! In the picture for the recipe there was lettuce. So I copied that idea.

We have leftover garlic mashed potatoes that the hubby will probably want with dinner. I’m not really a mashed potato type of person. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE potatoes, but not mashed. My older brother is that way too.

I made the “easy” rolls with dinner. The hubby likes them. Me not so much.
Preparing for the inevitable…Mwahahaha!

Let’s see the finished product…

Looks not too bad…taste?

Looks like picture: I would say 10. It looks pretty similar. Taste?

Taste: The hubby said…”give it an 8. It tasted delicious, just I was late getting go back and the bacon had been sitting too long in the cheese.” Personally, I think that’s an okay rating! I give it an 8 as well. It was good but nothing too exciting.

Easiness: the marinating part was the longest. So ignoring that, I would give easiness a 10. It was super simple. A good recipe for when I have baby brain.

This recipe was strange. It was easy, it tasted good, but I don’t know if I will make it often. We will have to see in the future.

Enjoy your Friday!!👋

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