Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 49

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 48


We were actually kicked out of the pool, before we could finish what Coach told us. I guess Jerry would be coming to my house; amazing how Coach just invites people to my house. We four showered and changed quickly. The team had already grabbed our extra things and were probably heading to the bus. “Beep, Beep.”

Text message. ‘We are waiting for the bus. Head over when out. -Jenny’ “Jenny. She says they are waiting for the bus; we should hurry up and get out there.”

The moment we stepped out the door, we all stopped and looked back. ‘This is maybe the last meet we all will swim at together.’ Jerry rushed away to a random girl… ‘What?’ What he asked her she must have agreed because he handed her…his phone…?

“I know it’s cheesy. But let’s take a photo of our possibly last meet together,” Jerry drapped his arms over mine and Ken’s shoulders. “We are good,” Jerry yelled to the girl.

“Okay. One, two, three…smile,” then she came towards us. “I took a few. Hopefully one of them came out well,” she handed Jerry his phone back. “I know this is random, but could I get your number?” She directed her question towards… Matthew…

We all were stunned. Matthew didn’t say anything at first. Jerry was probably bummed. The girl seemed to be uncomfortable; I jabbed Matthew in the side.

“What!?! Oh. I’m sorry. I guess I answered in my brain again. You are very pretty, but I’m sorry; I’m not dating until after high school,” Matthew said to girl as politely as possible, after his outburst.

“Oh. No problem,” the girl walked away back to her friends. The group left shortly after; some of the others girls looked back at us as they left.

“Dude. Are you crazy? She was perfect,” Ken smacked Matthew.

“I thought she was talking to me at first,” Jerry said looking down at his phone. “I was going to ask her for her number, but I’m now glad I didn’t. That was a close call.”

‘Wow. The mood has become a downer quickly.’ “Let’s go to the bus. Everyone is probably waiting for us now. Come on,” I had to pull Jerry along, while he stared at his phone. Ken and Matthew were following.

Up ahead I could see Jenny and Brit. “They are, up there,” I pointed to the group of people on the small green hill of grass. But before we could make it there Jeremy stopped us. ‘Oh great.’

“What did you take? There is no way for you to get that fast that quickly. You must have cheated. You were so behind on Wednesday. What gives,” Jeremy was pissed.

‘Hold in the laughter.’ It was difficult to do, but I didn’t need a fist to come flying at my face. “I was not swimming against you today; you were not even on my radar. But thank you for beating me on Wednesday. It was great motivation for me to be faster today. Let’s go,” I said attempting to walk by Jeremy.

He held his arm up blocking our path. ‘Don’t touch the idiot.’ “What now? Can’t you just accept the defeat and move?” That seemed to rile Jeremey up and he changed his stance. ‘Keep an eye for the swing.’ Just as I thought a fight was going to come Jeremy regained his composure, but also Jeremy’s coach started to walk towards us. Jeremy’s back was to him. ‘Oh. He is toast.’

“Don’t give me that crap. You cheated and I will prove it. I will kill your goal of the Montana school. Just you wait,” Jeremy said smugly.

‘If you knew who was behind you; you would shut up.’ We didn’t respond. We just stood there silently.

“What? No response. You don’t care that I will ruin your life plan,” Jeremy was getting impaient. He was also digging his hole deeper; his coach was now right behind him.

Jerry and Ken seemed uncomfortable and looked away. Matthew chuckled quietly and he too looked elsewhere. ‘I wish I could keep this going, but I wanted to be with my team.’ I obviously looked over Jeremy’s shoulder. Giving him a clear hint that he might want to stop talking. He must of understood, because his smug expression was gone as he turned.

“Boys,” Jeremy’s coach grabbed Jeremy’s sweatshirt by the hood and dragged him towards their bus.

“He is dead,” Ken let out a whistle as Jeremy’s body disappeared onto the bus.

We all nodded and shook our heads, and continued towards our team. We were finally sitting down by Brit and Jenny.

“What was that all about?” Jenny asked pointing over my shoulder.

I grabbed her hand and lowered it down, “It was nothing, but just incase don’t point.”

“Coach said to wait here until the bus comes. He wanted to talk to some officals. Oh look its here! Come on everyone, the bus is here,” Jenny stood and took control.

At this moment she seemed like a coach. It suits her. “Yeah, come on guys. Get up and listen to your coach,” I said grabbing my bag, being the example. The others followed pursuit.

We were all on the bus, and in came Coach. “Everyone here?” He looked to Jenny and then me. Together we said, “Yep.” “Good. Let’s go bus driver.”

After the speech the bus pulled away. ‘Thank you Belfire Pool. You helped me succeed.’

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