Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 50

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 49


Qualifying Champs was over, and had we just arrived at the school. Dad had dropped off my jeep earlier today; he had to be at the music studio late tonight. I guess we won’t be celebrating. ‘Bummer.’

“Great job today everyone. I expect to see you at practice tomorrow, but don’t worry too much. Now get out of here!” Coach walked off to his truck, but was unable to leave until everyone was gone.

We all dispersed. “Jerry are you still coming to my house?”

“Nah. My body is pretty much relaxed. I’ll take a long shower and then finish cooling down tomorrow. I’ll catch a ride with…” Matthew and Ken were driving away. “Well,
I guess I need a ride. Can I hitch a ride, dude? Ken left me; he is going to get it tomorrow.”

“No problem,” I motion to him to follow me to the jeep. Almost everyone was gone. “Just think of it this way, Qualifying Champs is over, we can hurt Ken now,” I laughed
thinking about many options.

“So true. I will be throwing him in the pool tomorrow. Hopefully he spazes and does a belly flop,” Jerry climbed into the passenger seat. “Dude, you’ve got a follower,” pointing through the windsheild.

Turning…Jenny. ‘I guess I am giving her a ride too.’ “Ride?”

Jenny smiled and nodded.

“Your spot was taken by this one,” thumbing at Jerry. Jerry smiled quite proudly. Then, Jenny and I climbed into the jeep. “I’ll drop him off first then take you. Is that good?”

“No problem. As long as I get home without walking, I’m good,” Jenny relaxed back into her seat.

“Seatbelts. Good? Let’s go,” pulling out of the parking lot.

We were almost to Jerry’s house. It had been another silent drive, but I assumed this time was because of exhaustion.

“So, George, have you thought about your prize?” Jenny interrupted the silence.

“What prize? Do I get one too?” Jerry perked up. Jerry is always excited for free stuff.

“Sorry Jerry. It was bet between George and I. You should have made one with Brit. But George, anything remember,” Jenny smiled at me in the rear view mirror.

“Anything? Okay explain to the clueless one, please,” Jerry twisted in his seat to see Jenny.

“I bet George that he would not get second or better in all his races, and if I lost I would… do anything,” Jenny paused slightly before finishing.

‘Wonder why the pause?’ “Yep. So now I need to decide on my reward. And it will be a good one. Becuase dude, it was not just my personal events it was relays too. I had to gamble
with you guys in mind. I was risking it all!” I said super sarcastically. I knew what Jerry was thinking, “Don’t punch the driver!” I point at him just as his fist came up.

“No fun. But what was your pentaly if you lost the bet?” Jerry looked at me.

“Oh. I never thought about that, because I was not going to lose. But what was my punishment?” I looked at Jenny through the mirror.

“The same as me. You would do anything,” Jenny gazed back at me and then away.

Silence again.

“Dude! You are so lucky. What are you gonna choose? You could choose anything,” Jerry softly side jabbed me and winked.

‘What does that mean?’ “I’m going to wait. I can’t think of anything at the moment. We will have to see what happens,” was the honest answer, because I really didn’t know what I wanted. Finally to Jerry’s house. I looked at Jerry, and his expression was almost…I don’t understand you… “Dude. You are home,” waiting for a response.

Jerry shook his head and gathered his gear, “Thanks for the ride Bro. I’ll see you tomorrow. See ya tomorrow Jenny,” Jerry yelled back at her as he left the jeep.

“You going to jump up here?” I point to the passenger seat.

“What? Oh yeah.” Jenny actually climbed to the seat instead of just going through the doors. She must be distracted. She lunged over the seat, “Yikes! George help me!”

I turned and saw Jenny pretty much doing the splits. I laughed and held her waist and arm up, trying to help stabilize her enough for her to get her other leg over the seat. Once she did, I let go of her.

“Don’t laugh. I though I was going to be stuck forever,” Jenny settled into the seat.

“Why didn’t you just go through the doors? It would have been much easier,” I muffled my laugh best I could but it was impossible. “That was awesome,” I let out a deep laugh as I pulled away from the crub.

“Zip it George. And this,” Jenny spun her hands around gesturing to almost the entirety of the inside of the jeep, “stays between us. I don’t need your guy friends reenacting my embarrassment. Got it?” She looked, almost glared, at me.

I laughed again, “I wasn’t going to, but now…” as I drove I looked quickly over to her with a smirk. “But don’t worry Jenny. I’ve got your back.”

“Thanks George,” Jenny changed her sitting position to face me. “Are you sure there is nothing I can do. Nothing that you’ve always wanted? Anything you wish for?”

I could feel the tension coming off Jenny. ‘What’s up with her?’ “Yeah. I really can’t think of anything. I’m currently good in life. You might be waiting a long time for me to redeem this prize.”

“Oh. Okay,” Jenny relaxed back into her seat.

‘Did she just sigh?’

“No problem George. When you figure out what you want let me know. It will still stand even if years pass,” Jenny turned her body towards the window. “I’m going to close my eyes for a bit, if that’s okay. I’m getting a random headache.”

“You do you. I’ll wake you when I get to your house. Sorry about the AC; are you comfy enough?” I was sweating, but I know she gets cold easily. She can rest; it was a long day for everyone.

“I’m fine,” she said before I heard the soft repettive breathing.

‘She must be out.’ I noticed that she seemed to shiver. ‘Why does she lie. I would have turned the heat on,’ I reach for the nob. I paused, because I was truly sweating, and I would probably get sick if the heater came on. Instead, I quietly pull over and dig my sports jacket out of my bag, and I drape it over her. Her body relaxed and she tugged the jacket tightly around her. ‘Good. She is now good.’ We are probably less than ten minutes from her house, but she should recoop if she needs to.

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