Word Of The Day: Hale 06-29-21

Synonyms: healthy, well, fit

Unknown conditions,

Can cause great fear.

Sending the heart on missions,

Desperate to hear,

“All is fine, all is good.”

Still you wait,

For the all clear.

There you stood,

Tall, strong, and straight.

You still have love;

You still have cheer,

And many you know as dear.

So wait until it passes,

Find that second gear.

Health and well-being,

May seem casual and free.

But many struggle often,

Looking for that key.

Diving into peace and bliss;

Will be dismissed,

For ones who live with uncertainty.

I know the word of the day is hale; meaning healthy. But I thought about all the people in the world who have to constantly live with the fear of unknown. Personally, not knowing is worse than knowing. At least when you know you have options. Yes, sometimes you might find out something that may seem to be worse to know, but in the long run it is better knowing.

So those of you in the world…living healthy and free. Enjoy and live to the fullest. Because, possibly that someday might come, and you will want to have no regrets. Complete that bucket list now!

Digital Art “Second Gear”
By emily2jane

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