Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 9

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 8


-Same Day-

Jenny was still in the nurse’s office. Whereas, Matthew, Ken, and Brit stood in front of the Vice Principal’s desk. They were getting a thrashing for their behavior. The video evidence from various students were apprehended. Thankfully it was, because you were able to see what happened, but also hear what was said. Derek and Trevor were in the corridor outside. They would be on the chopping block next.

“I understand you were defending Miss Jennifer, but violence is never the answer; why is there always
violence within your group.” The vice principal just looked down at his desk and the various forms he would have to sign due to this altercation.

Matthew, Ken, and Brit showed no remorse, they did not falter and continued to look forward. ‘I would have, and I’m sure they would too, done the same thing again,’ Ken thought to himself as he side glanced his two accomplices.

“Of all days for him to take a day off,” the vice president looked to his superior’s desk. “I’ll have to punish you three, you understand that don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir,” all of us said collectively.

The vice looked up, “Do you regret it at all? Like you,” he pointed his pen at Matthew, “if I make this a bigger deal Mr. Matthew’s you could lose your perfect record. Are you so willing to do that for Miss Jennifer?”

“I would. Bullying should never be allowed,” Matthew answered without hesitating.

‘I was impressed,’ Ken thought to himself, ‘I forgot about Matthew’s scholarships…’

“Yes, yes. Bullying is awful. Alright. Since we have evidence that the fight was somewhat expected based on what the new students said, you three will recieve the same punishment that George had recieved. Volunteer in other clubs for one month. I will now deal with those two. If they stay here, they will have a pretty awful two years. Now leave my office, and get to class,” the vice shooed us to the door. “You two,” he pointed at Derek and Trevor, “Come in.”

Glares were exchanged between us three and them two. But their face changed to fear as soon as the vice started yelling at them.

“You two go to your classes, I’ll go check on Jenny,” Brit yelled over her shoulder as she skipped away and off to the nurse’s office.

We watched her until she was gone. I turned to Matthew, “Matthew, I agree with you a hundered percent; I would have reacted the same way, but you have worked so hard to go to a great college… would you have done the same if you had a chance to undo what happened?”

Matthew just stood there silently. He wasn’t responding as quick as he did before. “I would,” Matthew said calmly. “My goals for life should not just be based solely on academic achievement. I should have morals and take care of the people around me. So yeah, I would have acted the same; no matter the consequences.”

‘Wow.’ Ken was amazed at Matthew’s confidence.

“My parents are going to kill me, though” Matthew quietly stated as he started making his way to our next class.

‘True.’ Ken sprinted to catch up to him.

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