Life Of Two Beat Friends: College CHPT 29

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 28


Jeremy and I were standing in front of the terminal sliding doors. Mom and Dad were across the street watching us from afar. They waved us inside. As I waved back at my family, I looked down at Mom’s belly that held my sibling. ‘I’ll see you in the future.’ Jeremy pulled me with him inside the doors.

“Sorry dude,” as Jeremy walked up to security, “I didn’t know if you were going to come if I didn’t drag you with me.”

“No. Thanks, Bro. I probably would have stayed out there and missed the flight if you were not with me,” I acknowledged that it probably would have happened.

As we stood in line for security, I thought about all that I would face in my future. College, swimming, olympics, and a new addition to the family. ‘I’m going to make my sibling proud. They will be proud of their older brother.’ I was determined. I had a new goal. I would win for my sibling. They would have a role model to look up
to in the future.

We entered the first check point of security. The beginning of our future.

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