Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 30

Life Of Two Beat Friends: College CHPT 29

College was starting tomorrow. Our flight was quicker than planned. Our pilot got us to Montana almost an hour early; his explanation was that the skies were clear and calling his name to go faster. No prolem to me; it means we got to school a whole hour early.

“So, should we get some food delivered,” Jeremy asked as we entered our dorm, “we still have to pack up all our belongings?”

‘Right. I forgot that this wouldn’t be our dorm room in college as well; it was only for the two years of high school.’ “Right, I forgot about that part. Sure, what do you feel like eating?” Jeremy eyes lit up and I know he was about to say something super unhealthy. “Remember, practice starts tomorrow; also it seemed like tomorrow’s
practice will decide our futures on the team.”

Jeremy let out a sigh, plus a look of annoyance, “Why do you always steal my thunder; I was hoping to pig out our last day of freedom. We will be swimming robots for the next four to eight years.”

“Yeah so we should start now. Burritos?” I suggested because Chipotle sounded pretty good.

“Burritos? As in more than one?” Jeremy’s eyes lit up again.

“You can do whatever you want, but yeah,” I was planning on getting two myself, becuase my leftovers will be breakfast tomorrow.

“Sweet! I’ll order it right now,” Jeremy dug out his phone from his pocket and began searching for delivery services. “Same as yesterday?”

“Yep,” I answered him while continuing to pack our dorm room.

Packing done. Burrritos devoured. We were now just laying on our beds staring at the ceiling.

“Hey George,” Jeremy broke the silence.

I sighed before answering, “Yeah?”

“Are you nervous for tomorrow? We won’t be on the same level as the rest of the already team. We will be the fresh meat,” Jeremy’s voice revealed his own nervousness.

I thought about my answer first, “Yes and no. I am for the reason that we will be the “fresh meat” as you said, but I’m also not too nervous.”


“Because no matter what will happen in these first four years, I will make something out of my swimming. I will be going to the next olympics. I will be in the top,” I did believe this to be true.

“How do you know? Also where does the confidence come from,” Jeremy rolled onto his side to look at me.

“I just believe that noting is going to stop me. You just have to know that you will accomplish your goals. But,” I rolled to look at the confused Jeremy across the room, “you have to give it your all. Everything. You cannot backoff or hold back anything in practice. That has to become your attitude towards all practices and workouts.” ‘I know that was a little harsh, but we are no longer in the small leagues. We have to step up to the plate.’

“Don’t worry about me George,” Jeremy rolled back onto his back and stared back at the ceiling, “I won’t be like I was. I want to experience that exhaustion feeling of almost drowing at some point in my career. I will.”

‘Wow. That’s the first time I’ve heard jeremy say anything with so much determination.’ “Good. Because I will need my trusty sidekick with me as I continue down my path,” I chuckled rolling onto my back. THUD!! A pillow hit me smack dab in the face.

“Don’t,” Jeremy responded to my sudden action to throw it back, “just give it back to me. You know you deserved it,” Jeremy waved at me to nicely toss the pillow back.

I did, because I definitely deserved it. “We should go to bed, tomorrow is going to be a long stressful day. We have to talk to people besides swim people.”

“True. How will we survive,” Jeremy sarcastically said as he rolled his body away from me, and settled down.

I shook my head, but did the same. Jeremy has no trouble talking to anyone, whereas I can’t seem to be a normal seventeen year old and hold a conversation with someone who doesn’t understand swimming. ‘In the pool I’m confident. On land however, I have no confindence at all.’

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