Life As A Mama #29

This happened last night…

So it begins…
Hiding in her animals and screaming at me…right after, out of anger, she threw all her animals everywhere…
Same with the books…
Proceeding to scream into the chair. She also pushed the foot stool into my foot and broke my toe nail…I put that up so no more of my toes would harmed.
Before throwing a temper tantrum she tried bite and scratch me out of anger….my angry little thing…
Save me…
She calmed enough to snuggle daddy. She only did soft whimpers into his shoulder. 😒
After about 10min she was somewhat sleeping in Daddy’s arms. Only whimpering occasionally.
Letting her fully fall asleep in mama’s arms before putting her in her bed. She is my sweet sweet again…❤️
Bed time!!

The hubby is back on day shifts at work, so it means I will not have his help tonight. 😳

Please let her do better tonight…🙏 All moms who understand what I am experiencing please pray for me and my sanity.

Original by enily2jane

Still…happy it is the weekend!! and when we woke up today she was once again my snuggling sweet sweet!! 🥰

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