Life As A Mama #32

Another day at our house…

Shocked, frazzled, and terrified all at once…
Due to the stress of 2 yr old and puppy…I took the night off of my mama duties…😳 why does it seem like we use every dish possible when I take a day off…
Adding to the stress…we payed extra because he was coming to us potty trained…all lies.
If you ever think this to yourself…it is going to happen…
Let the dog back in… Cleaning up his pee…and the pup decided to hold Elizabeth down by her hair…
😡 her screams caught my attention right away. Out went the dog.
Elizabeth doesn’t understand. The pup is trying to claim the top spot…what the pup doesn’t understand is Elizabeth fights her daddy for that spot everyday…She was okay. Just shaken.
Finally Daddy is home, and brought the goods. I’m so done…I want peace and quiet…
The piece of resistance…gloves…
I’m all good now. Daddy is in charge of pup and baby. I now have gloves for my dish washing. So happy and refreshed! Now to the dishes!!

Yep. You all were probably expecting some grand gift…but to me the gloves are a grand gift.

Our water is harsh and this is what my hands have been like for a while.

They are redder and more painful looking in person. Lotion does nothing…

So truly the hubby got me exactly what I wanted!! He knows me so well!! Thank you Hubby!!😍

Enjoy your Monday. It is super windy here and we lost power, a moment ago, for about 20min.

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