You see me in the sunshine,

Especially in a sunset sky.

I sometimes peek through clouds,

Stretching to touch everywhere.

I shimmer around children’s smiles,

And even color their hair.

If you think of happy,

You will probably find me there.

Elizabeth’s outfit yesterday was my inspiration for the poem. Just a happy poem for a happy day.

Yesterday was the day to pick up Grandma!! So I decided Elizabeth would wear her new yellow dress.

I am so jealous because I love the color yellow, but I am unable to wear it.

But as I see Elizabeth in her dress, I think about a poetry book I used to read in my younger days…Ride A Purple Pelican. If you do not know this book, I definitely recommend it.

I sadly do not own it myself, but I will soon now that I remember.

Elizabeth is my very own Molly Day today. (Reference to the book)

Just a post of remembering memories. Watching my daughter’s childhood and remembering my own…❤️🌸

Have a great Thursday 🌼

My sweet sweet

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