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Of course! Emily Elephant

Do you remember your favorite book from childhood?

My favorite book was called Emily Elephant. She cooks, she cleans, she picks flowers. My mom actually saved me the book, and I have read it to my own daughter.

I can’t remember being read the book. But I do remember wanting to clean, bake, pick flowers, have a party. I still do all these things, but I don’t know if I would say I want to clean.

Now, my daughter wants to do all these things with me. She loves to sweep, mop, and vacuum. She helps me with the dishes. She loves baking and cooking. (Her croutons are amazing!!) She is an excellent flower picker. I get to enjoy the wild flowers both inside and out. And she is only four.

If you have a daughter or niece or granddaughter; try the book Emily Elephant. It teaches you the great skills in life that you will always use.

Have a happy Wednesday!!🌼

The First Thing…

Jot down the first thing that comes to your mind.

Of course, when I read the prompt my mind went blank. Before opening up the app my mind was spinning….

‘What will today’s prompt be? Memories, school from the past, poem?’ But no when it came down to the prompt. “First thing that comes to mind.” Nothing. Even as I sat on the couch and straining to come up with something….my husband thought I was having an issue. Haha 😂

As I am writing, I am trying to come up with something. But I’m sitting in the living room, on the couch, feeding my son. My daughter is sitting at her small art table in a corner drawing thank you pictures. (Her friend just gave her some socks.) My husband is eating his breakfast at the table telling me about the various things that are happening in his friends lives.

And I am trying to think of something, while listening to all the voices.

I guess that would be my thing. Voices. I seem to be someone who can either sit in complete utter silence otherwise, I have to be enveloped by noise. Coming from a larger family it was never quiet. But now that we live states away my household can be quiet occasionally. On those days, where the hubby is out tinkering in the shop, my daughter is using her imagination to play with her figurines in her doll house, and my son is happily playing with a measuring cup and bowl; I have to turn on some music to fill the void.

But voices…I can often hear my mom’s voice when I’m pondering my options. God’s voice when I’m conflicted or worried. Husband’s voice when I’m doing something that he would give me the look of, “Really?” My own thoughts too; often when I’m trying to do several things at once. My siblings voices when certain topics come up in conversation; I can hear them chiming in as if they were actually there.

Voices. They all are a great comfort to me. Because I know no matter what, I am loved.

A picture just came to mind. Let me try and draw it. My son is currently asleep on my arm as I’m writing this post. Don’t know how my digital drawing will be.

Digital Art: “Stillness Within”
By: emily2jane

Even if it’s everything is happening at once…there can still be stillness.

Have a wonderful day.

Word Of The Day: Flounder 04-13-23

Synonyms: flounder, struggle, squirm, wriggle, splash, stumble, blunder, etc.



My eyes only flutter open,

When I hear the door creak.

She’s awake.


Brother lies still beside me,

Finally resting peacefully.

The night was a struggle.



My essences left my body.

I stand hollow and empty.

Yelling and chattering,

Never end with these two.


Food is out.

Why such a battle.

I squirmed and wriggled,

To get one meal done.

Please nap time come.



Chaos is constant.

Never a moment of peace.

Questions spewing, toys flying, emotions rising.

Will it ever be done?



Screams of protest.

Anger developing.

Stumbles, fumbles, thrash, splash.

Silence follows all those blunders.



Regrets and upsets,

Fill my brain.

Retrace your steps,

To learn again.





Being a mama is tough. One child is different than two. Especially when your first child is intelligent and stubborn. She is determined to do it her way. He way or the highway. Except that doesn’t work when it’s supposed to be my way.

Little man is so mellow compared to her. He is smart too, noticeably for his age. My life will be interesting; calm way to put it.

But I struggle. I don’t know what I’m doing. I try my best and always some part of the day seems to be….Blarghbaaaaaaaaaa!!! If you couldn’t tell, that was me having a meltdown.

And I know it will continue to be difficult if we continue to add to our family. But hopefully I can find that flow…a current of productive moments.

I do have those moments. And I need to try and focus on the happy sweet moments of the day at bedtime. It’s difficult. But I know they probably outnumber the bad moments.

To all young moms out there. You are doing a great job. And all grandma’s now, you did amazing job raising your kids. Because they decided to continue the line of family. Your kids feel comfortable and confident enough to raise kids on their own.

Thank you to my mom!❤️

“After A Storm” Digital Art
By: emily2jane

I will starting to paint soon. And some of the art from my blog will finally be on canvases!! I’m excited to get my art out into the world. 🎊

The word of the day today might be a negative word. But it helps show you the good in life. Like the picture above. Always after something bad, the good will come into focus, and shine in your life. Have a wonderful day ❤️

Baby Brain

It’s a real thing. Other husbands out there, don’t worry it is a temporary thing….through pregnancy and maybe the next 2 years. Haha 😆 Pregnant women get forgetful, slower, and zone out. Some might not, (some women might be lucky.)

But I definitely experience the baby brain.

It makes doing anything twice as hard. Also the hubby has days where he can’t talk to me. Haha 😂

But I’ve gotten better. I now can tell him when I’m having a bad baby brain day. He usually knows before I say anything and responds with, “Oh, I know.”

My mom throughout my growing up told me that with each child we stole some of her smartness. My mom is super smart!!! I’m not saying otherwise, but now I understand what she means. I’m on baby number 2, and I’m wondering how much my new baby will take. My daughter is scary smart. (I know that’s what most parents say) but to me for a three year old she is too smart. Haha 😂

So if she is so smart she probably took a 1/4 of my smartness; meaning I’ll probably be giving away another 1/4. Because he is similar to how she was during my pregnancy.

We shall have to wait and see.

But that’s why I haven’t been posting. Because these last months have been major baby brain months. Only one more to go!!

I hope you have a wonderful day, today!

The cover photo: a snap shot I took out our dining room window. To me it looks like the typical screen saver screen. The lushest green, with the blue sky. This was the first day of actually warm weather. “Spring” but it’s been raining for almost three days. Over 500 gallons of water later, it’s sunny. (We captured all the rain we could to use it for watering the garden. We ran out of ways to capture water, all that free water gone. 😞)

Happy 😊

Today must be a happy day.

I woke up and found my little sweetness still asleep. I selfishly woke her up for some snuggles. She whispered a, “Mama” as she climbed in beside me.

Must be a happy day.

We decided to not to get up, but instead we decided to nibble on each other’s sweetness. Haha! She said I tasted sweet.

Must be a happy day.

We got up with giggles and hugs; as I carried her to the kitchen to fill our bellies up with good food.

Must be a happy day.

My breakfast smiled back up at me. My little sweetness is eating her food. I’m enjoying some delicious leftover cut up strawberries.

Must be a happy day.

The sun is shining. It’s supposed to be a nice 70° day. With all the rain we have been getting it looks like Ireland here. I feel blessed.

Today is definitely a happy day. ❤️

Have a wonder day;full of sweetness, giggles, and hugs.

The honey made a smiley face. I caught it before smearing it. Haha 😂

The Year 2022

This year, so far, has been full. As you may have noticed, I’ve only been posting chapters of my story. That’s only possible because I can write multiple chapters at once and post them accordingly.

But there are many changes this year. My daughter is three years old, and I cannot believe how time has passed. Her shoulder now fits under the lip of our dinning room table. She is expressing herself with words. She helps and takes care of me as I would to her. Now with her little brother on the way, I can’t help but remember when she was just a small little thing in my arms.

Next… my niece is starting to walk. She will be one year old next month. I just watched a video of a confident little girl strutting down the carpet. Last time I met her was a tiny peanut. No personality, just a little ball of love.

And next… my nephew is turning 15 this year. 15!!! My nephew who is now taller than me by about an inch. My nephew who I remember how he used to chase my dog, Sammy, around the backyard in his onesie. RIP Sammy ❤️ He is turning 15! That’s crazy to me.

The final one for now, but definitely not the last: I haven’t competed in swimming in almost 10 years. I still have dreams about racing, and I remember all the struggles and successes I had in my swimming career. But I haven’t done that in almost 10 years… that’s just amazes me. Especially since I did it for 14 years.

Which is why I am loving writing this story of a boy’s life of swimming. Not everything is from my past, but I’m able to get my desires out of my heart and into a narrative. It’s my way of continuing to live the swimming life without giving up what I have gained in these 10 years.

My husband. My daughter. My expected son. My home. My family.

As much as I love the idea of competing again. It can not measure up to the amount of love I have towards my splendor in life.

Year 2022, has been full; to the fullest. But I’m excited for the years to come. My days competing might be over, but I’m excited for this new adventure!


The day we thought she was better…

That night she relapsed.

No sleep for the mama.

Unhappy baby belly.

When will it end?

Not really a poem. But sure. Just my thoughts of this morning. But I’ve been super mama!

Trying to think of things I’ve accomplished…?

I’ve help my baby 24/7! I’ve not gotten sick! And I finished her costume!

She will be a…Tiger!

It started off as just a long sleeved orange shirt. 8hrs later…😎 Sharpie pens are awesome!

Stay healthy! Have a nice Monday! ❤️

A Hello to Fall

The red cape,

Flies into the air.

Baby giggles and cheers,

Combine with,

The crunching of leaves.

Unusual outfit,

But uncontrollable smiles.

Layers mean colors;

Colors means glee.


Might be a crisp,

Crafty haven.

But to a child;

It is..



And vibrant,

To be free!

This poem is based, once again, on my sweet baby girl. On Saturday we were moving a bunch of things so I wasn’t present when additional selections were added to her outfit. A Santa hat and Superman cape. She already had cowboy boots on.

Super Santa is Off!
Photo By emily2jane

It was a sight to see. But as she played on the trailer and we busily moved things around; I stopped and watched her for a hot minute. She was laughing and catching the leaves while they fell to the ground. It was pure happiness in her smiles.

I hope your Tuesday is filled with Fall and big big smiles! Have a happy Tuesday! 🍁☺️

Hello To Fall
Photo and Edit by emily2jane

Art Today #2

Well I think my days of painting by myself are gone. I have a little buddy now.

Our new set up!

No longer am I in the carport with a huge tall table…nope. Instead the table is maybe 2ft tall. And I now share my work space.

This was two days ago. I finally added the base red.

I still probably have about 3-4 days to go before I’m done.

Baby has no trouble painting. She keeps asking for more. Her first painting looks like a waterfall. We will be keeping that one. The others I might gesso over them again, so that I don’t run out.

Running out is a definite possibility. Haha 😂


I’m such a proud mama! I just desperately hope those sticky painted fingers don’t come near my painting…or my brother will be getting a surprise… (later she decided to finger paint)

This was yesterday.

It’s coming along. I decided to let the red dry more and do the buildings in the background.

But I sadly only had enough time to do one side. She got bored with painting and started to throw gravel…😑

Probably only 2 more days! I want to give this to my brother is September. Because it’s his Christmas present; and I don’t think I will see him after. At least not for a while.

Well enjoy your Monday! May it be productive! Hopefully mine is too!