Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 41

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 40


“Bee…” OFF!! ‘Shut it off before it could begin!’ I was already wide awake. Believe me, I slept through the night but maybe ten minutes ago I got a spurt of energy and it was go time. Today, May 5th, was the start of the rest of my life. Well technically Friday was the day that would decide my future, but one day at a time. Sitting up, I got up from bed. Today was going to be a great day; my muscles were completely relaxed but my mind was electrified with determination.

After finishing the carb-o-load dishes yesterday, I went to my room and just chilled. Think couch potato; it was great! Once Dad got back, I had planned to help him finish cleaning up, but Dad stopped me and sent me back to my room to relax. I did not argue. I went back to my room, packed up for tomorrow, and I ended up falling asleep on the bed around nine o’clock.

Gathering my gear, ‘Man its early. I’m not tired but its dark outside.’ These past few weeks, I’ve been waking up when the sun is already shining. Much to my surprise, as I head downstairs, Dad was in the kitchen; he was making me a hearty breakfast. “Morning Dad.”

Dad looked over his shoulder, “Hey Son. I thought you would enjoy having breakfast prepared for you.” He brought me over a egg and bacon sandwhich.

‘My favorite.’ “Sweet. Thanks,” I sat down and started on the food. “Could you get me a cup of milk?”

“Wow. You are taking this a bit too far. You want me to get you a glass of milk,” Dad zombie walked to the fridge and huffed when he opened the fridge door. “Yes Master. Whatever you say, Master.”

As Dad handed me the cup he even bowed. So I took it a step farther, “Thank you peasant.” Dad’s face was great; I laughed stupidly and started choking on the milk.

“Ha! That’s karma for you,” Dad slapped me on my back as I kept sputtering. “You good though?”

“Yee…aaahh,” I gained my composure again. “I’m good. Thanks Dad,” I continued to eat my sandwhich but carefully sipped the milk.

“As soon as you are ready, I’ll get the truck warmed up,” Dad started to clean up his mess.

My phone buzzed. ‘Dude. Can you pick me up? My parents left in the night for a conference. -Matthew’ Before I could ask my dad anything, buzz buzz. ‘Bro. Can you come get me? Mom got sick and Dad doesn’t want to leave her alone.- Ken’ I waited a second to see if I would get one from Jerry. Nothing. “Hey Dad, we need to leave now. Matthew and Ken need rides.” I gulped down the rest of milk and placed my dishes in the sink.

“No problem, Son. Let’s go,” Dad went off to get the keys and was out the front door.

I grabbed my gear and followed him, but pausing just long enough to lock the front door. ‘Qualifying Champs here I come.’ I climbed into the truck.

Arriving at five twenty-eight. Two minutes till the bus was going to leave. At the bus, Jerry was standing beside the swinging doors waiting for us. We all piled out of Dad’s truck. Matthew and Ken said a quick thanks and hurried to get on the bus. I knew they would save me a seat. I walked over to Dad’s window, “Thanks for the ride Dad. Will you be coming to the meet?”

“I am going to try and make it today. For sure I will be there Friday. Is that fine?” Dad seemed worried as he pulled out his phone.

“That’s fine. Friday is the most important day of my life; I would hope my dad would be there for it. But I’ve got to go. Coach will kill me if I’m late,” I walked around the front of the truck, turned to wave, and then booked it to the bus. The truck disappeared from the parking lot. I looked at all the faces on the bus; I saw everyone I needed to. Jenny and Brit were just in front of me, but they were both fast asleep. Coach was in the seat across from them.

“Find your seat George. We need to head out,” Coach did not look up from his tablet.

‘Great. I was in trouble.’ “I can explain…”

“No need. Matthew and Ken already did. You are all good. Just take a seat so we can go,” Coach had looked up for a split second and then thumbed behind him.

I nodded and headed to the middle row when Jerry had saved me the seat across from him. It was a big enough bus for all of us to have our own seats. “I’m good Coach.”

“Bus driver, let’s head out.”

The bus driver got up and gave us the safety speech. We all answered when we needed to and stayed silent when necessary. ‘It’s just the same speech every driver has to do.’ Finally the bus pulled away from the curb and we were off.

I leaned back against the window. Almost everyone was planning on sleeping on the drive. I didn’t want my mind to doze so I pulled out my phone and earbuds. I needed some pump up tunes to get me in the mood to dominate the pool. ‘George. You have to do this! Your future depends on it.’ I closed my eyes and listened to the music blaring in my ears; getting prepared for war.

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